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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cast Change for Ron Ng's New Series: Netizens Complain



In TVB's Sales Presentation, it featured "Back to the Three Kingdoms" with Ron Ng, Steven Ma, and Fala Chen, which is scheduled to film next year. However, there are reports indicating that Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung will be starring instead, becoming the sequel of "The Mysteries of Love". This has caused many netizens to complain on TVB's website, as they believe that this is unfair to Ron.

Reporters called Ron yesterday, and he admitted that he heard about the 'cast change': "The cast that films the promotional clip does not necessarily take part! When 'Back' starts filming, I have to film 'Forensic Heroes III", so it basically does not fit into my schedule! (Disappointed?) No! The story of 'Forensic' is also good. I will play a cop, so I am also anticipating it!"

Personal Note: Based on this article, Ron has not taken on "Back" yet. Don't know if TVB will rearrange his schedule such that he'll have to film both at the same time. "Forensic" will film until April, and since "Back" starts filming at the beginning of March, he could end up having to overlap for a month.

*Credits to the-sun

2010 Top Ten Highest Rating Series


2010 Top Ten Highest Rating Series

1. "Can't Buy Me Love" 34 points
2. "No Regrets" 33 points
3. "The Mysteries of Love" 32 points
4. "A Pillow Case of Mystery II" 31 points
5. "A Watchdog's Tale" 31 points
6. "When Lanes Merge" 31 points
7. "Every Move You Make" 31 points
8. "Gun Metal Grey" 30 points
9. "Ghost Writer" 30 points
10. "A Fistful of Stances" 29 points

2010 Lowest Rating Series

1. "My Better Half" 25 points
2. "Growing Through Life" 26 points
3. "The Comeback Clan" 26 points

Personal Note: The peak is based on a one-minute interval. Also, sitcoms and mini-series were not included.

"Home Troopers" Opening Theme Video

"Blissful Rhythm" - Stephanie Ho

幸福節奏 《居家兵團》 主題曲 - 何雁詩

作曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 陳詩慧

細聽幸福節奏 就算偶然吵架沒有隔夜仇 像塵埃給輕輕抹走
愛予人的富有 父母愛極深厚 還有溫馨的一對手

由新可變舊 餐枱破舊會搬走
惟有情共愛 是永恆在駐守
擋風也讓我避雨 在我失意時 為我吃苦也會樂意
從來在意 絕對也真摯 無止境的愛世上誰願意

"Home Troopers" Episode 1a

"Home Troopers" Episode 1b

Personal Note: In this song, Stephanie Ho sounds a little bit like Vincy Chan.

Leanne Li on "The Green Room"

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Blast from the Past: TVB 2005 Christmas Ad

Merry Christmas!

Narration: Wong Cho Lam
Vocals: Linda Chung & Fala Chen

"My Only Wish (This Year)"

Linda Chung: Santa can you hear me?
I have been so good this year

Fala Chen: And all I want is one thing
Tell me my true love is near

Linda Chung & Fala Chen: He's all I want just for me
Underneath my Christmas tree
I'll be waiting here
Santa that's my only wish this year

FYI: Britney Spears is the original singer of "My Only Wish (This Year)".

Personal Note: Will be away from the 25th to the 28th. Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

*Credits to roncafes

"A Great Way to Care" Promotional Clip 2

Kate Tsui: "What are their motives for committing crimes? The suspect's mentality is the key to solving the case?"

Alex Fong: "That's correct. Must see through the patient's mentality in order to solve the riddle".

Narrator: "'A Great Way to Care". January 10th @ 9:30 pm".

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

"Home Troopers" Promotional Clip 4

Narrator: "When one has difficulties, the entire family has to support".

Liza Wang: "I'm asking you once more. Do you really have to run this company?!"

Ha Yu: "Our family has a motto: 'When one has difficulties, everyone from eight sides comes to help'".

Ha Yu: "It's really heavy! Can you really do it?!"

Narrator: "Many lines of development. Well-rounded home service".

Liza Wang: "Well, housewives are not equivalent to stupidity. In terms of practical intelligence, there are many who are college-educated".

Ha Yu: "Thought that it would help the son, but may actually end up harming him".

Bernice Liu: "Someone in the company has already filed for bankruptcy!"

Liza Wang: "Bankruptcy?! What happened?!"

Narrator: "'Home Troopers'. December 27th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: It is quite evident that this series is tailored for the sponsors.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wong He Gives Linda Chung Aroma Diffuser



Because of "Twilight Investigation", Wong He and Linda Chung became good friends. Although Linda has to film her series, and thus has been unable to make money with He as a couple partnership, He specifically returned to TVB City to give Linda an aroma diffuser as a Christmas present. Linda, who has been throwing up from a stomach flu, was stunned; however, after receiving her present, she immediately gave him a hug. She said, "When I had insomnia, I was planning on getting this--never thought that He and I would think the same. He is really attentive; he is my most compatible partner!" When asked what she would getting He, He immediately interrupted, "Free your schedule. Mainland is asking for us to do some stage performances!" With excitement, Linda said that she will have time in the beginning of January, laughingly requesting to 'reconcile' with He.

Personal Note: Nice to see that He and Linda have become friends, and that their couple partnership is quite well-received! Linda already praised He numerous times during the promos of "The Gem of Life". Anyway, very sweet of him to get her such a thoughtful gift. :)

*Credits to the-sun

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"A Great Way to Care" Promotional Clip 1

Kate Tsui: "What are their motives for committing crimes?"

Alex Fong: "Must see through the patient's mentality in order to solve the riddle".

"A Great Way to Care". January 10th @ 9:30 pm.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... 'Kate lips'.... :P

My sister really enjoyed this series. Hope that the HK audience will enjoy it, too.

Heard that the first and second cycles of "Rooms to Let" will air on Astro, so no TVB series should be warehoused.

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Links to Temptation" Theme Song MV & Full MV

"Links to Temptation" Theme Song MV

"Links to Temptation" Full MV

"Transferred Connection of Love" - Fala Chen

愛情轉駁 《誘情轉駁》 主題曲 - 陳法拉

作曲: 鄧智偉/梁弋文
填詞: 余皓文
編曲: 葉肇中
監製: 鄧智偉

*風輕吹紅裙調情 手機響鈴來留名
在沿路上 遇見到 動情在背影
為我你心跳人醉倒 感覺猶像浮游夢境國度 將你神暈兼癲倒
轉駁感情可應該 充滿猜疑緣何來
但還是在 在等待 待情幻化開
若你已將我留腦海 把這唯美凝住萬分按捺 可以和我忽然愛

Repeat *

Love and sensation beckoning to me darling
Such a temptation following with me baby

Personal Note: Don't think Fala is ready for the music industry. Wonder what image she will take....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Home Troopers" Promotional Clip 3

Narrator: "Sons and daughters grow up and have their own world".

Liza Wang: "Seeing her get close to Ah Jing is unpleasing to the eyes!"

Kevin Cheng: "As long as I'm holding onto you, I'm not letting go".

Liza Wang: "You're not even finished school, so you're not qualified to make your own decisions!"

Daniel Chau: "I won't get into university anyway".

Liza Wang: "If a man wants to trick you into bed, obviously he would say he has no feelings for his wife!"

Narrator: "In order to complement family growth, there needs to be more understanding".

Ha Yu: "There are times when you show excessive care, which makes them feel as though they're being controlled".

Kevin Cheng: "At home, she accommodates everyone. Outside, she has to be the ugly person, but she just does it for us".

Narrator: "'Home Troopers'. December 27th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: The way that Kevin Cheng said "外邊" sounded so odd...never heard it in this context before....

Liza's character seems annoying in here....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Melissa Ng - Past Ultima II Ads




Personal Note: Melissa was the spokesperson of Ultima II products for many years. Believe it was from 1998 to 2007.... Really miss Melissa!

Friday, December 17, 2010

"Links to Temptation" Promotional Clip 4

Personal Note: Not going to translate this clip, since the series is already airing.... However, this clip is more about Yoyo.... :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Home Troopers" Promotional Clip 2

Liza Wang: "With 'Mama Treasure', everyone listens to me".

Kevin Cheng: "Dad, I don't want it to be like this".

Ha Yu: "Understand. Understand".

Kevin Cheng: "Actually, this industry is doable".

Liza Wang: "Enough!"

Adrian Chau & Daniel Chau: "Really can't take it!"

Mandy Wong: "I also have to rebel!"

Daniel Chau: "I was not born for school".

Mandy Wong: "You have to manage everyone! Can't you show some respect?!"

Liza Wang: "Why would they rebel?!"

Angela Tong: "It says that it is only appropriate for those who are aged 0 to 3. They are now grown up, and you are still using it like this. Be careful of it blowing up!"

Liza Wang: "Then using 'Mama Treasure' would bring more worries?!"

Narrator: "'Home Troopers'. December 27th @ 8:30pm".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Funny how Angela was speaking with an accent....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

"Home Troopers" Promotional Clip 1

Liza Wang: "This 'Mama Treasure' remote has many functions. Want your husband to be more steady? Just push the 'obey' button. Son's future can be programmed, and he'll be set. Sticky Girl getting too close to useless people? Disappear! Just focused on playing and dating? You guys sit still and study! For the sake of your family, you must have 'Mama Treasure'".

Narrator: "'Home Troopers'. December 27th @ 8:30pm".

Related post: "Household Army" Costume Fitting Pictures

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Kevin Cheng is wearing a wig underneath his hat!

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

《九江意醲》 "Jiujiang's Wine" Costume Fitting Pictures


"Scoop" Clip



- 25 episodes long.
- The Leung family will consist of Nancy Sit, Bowie Lam, Sunny Chan, Casper Chan, and Cilla Kung.
- Nancy will play the mother of Bowie, Sunny, Casper, and Cilla.
- Bowie will play Leung Ching Kiu, Nancy's son; however, he later becomes a part of the Sung family and becomes Sung Ching Kiu.
- Casper will be married to Cheung Hon Ban.
- Cilla will play Leung Sau Yin (梁秀妍), Nancy's daughter who is rather crude.
- The Sung family will consist of Suet Nei, Ngo Ka Nin, and Linda Chung.
- Linda will play Sung Chi Ching (宋子澄), a girl with a three-inch leg length discrepancy. At that time, it was difficult for females with a defect to get married. She will frequently get set up on blind dates. In the end, she and Sunny will become a pair.
- Ngo Ka Nin will play Sung Chi Chun (宋子駿), Linda's brother. He was thought to have been murdered when he was young, but he was saved by thieves who brought him up and taught him how to steal and snatch things. Later, Linda wants to reunite with his brother. He and Sire will play a pair.
- Elena Kong will have a romantic storyline with Bowie.
- Sire will play Tsang Yuk Fong (曾郁芳), Lau Kong's daughter. She is kind, clever, and dares to love and hate. She will have a romantic storyline with Ngo Ka Nin.
- Tsui Wing will play the boss of a wine business.
- Tina Shek will play Sire's maid. She and Sire will run away from home.

Tina Shek's TVB Blog

Clips (costume fitting):
Bowie Lam's TVB Blog
Bowie Lam's TVB Blog
Sunny Chan's TVB Blog
Cilla Kung's TVB Blog
Ngo Ka Nin's TVB Blog
Sire Ma's TVB Blog
Evergreen Mak's TVB Blog
Mason Chiu's TVB Blog

Clips (blessing ceremony):
Bowie Lam's TVB Blog
Sunny Chan's TVB Blog
Cilla Kung's TVB Blog
Sire Ma's TVB Blog

Blessing Ceremony @ TVBE Clip

FYI: The Chinese title of this series has been changed to 《九江十二坊》 (literally translated as "Jiujiang's Twelve Mills"). The official English title is "River of Wine".

Related post: 《九江意醲》 "Jiujiang's Wine" Costume Fitting
Related post: 《九江意醲》 "Jiujiang's Wine" Info

Personal Note: Ha ha.... I see recycled costumes from "Ghost Writer". :)

*Credits to headlinedaily, tungstar, takungpao, the-sun, mingpao, tungstar, Linda Garden, bowielam.com, and tvb.com

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

《九江意醲》 "Jiujiang's Wine" Costume Fitting


Date: December 15, 2010

Temporary Chinese title: 《九江意醲》
Pinyin title: Gau Gong Yi Nung
Temporary English title: "Jiujiang's Wine"
Producer: Wong Wai Sing

Attending Cast: Bowie Lam, Nancy Sit, Sunny Chan, Linda Chung, Ngo Ka Nin, Elena Kong, Sire Ma, Lau Kong, Yu Chi Ming, Lee Ka Sing, Evergreen Mak, Oscar Chan, Cilla Kung, Jazz Lam, Suet Nei, Chun Wong, Kwok Fung, Lily Li, Cheung Hon Ban, Cheng Ka Sang, Chan Wing Chun, Casper Chan, Lo Chun Sun, Tina Shek, Deno Cheung, Judy Tsang, Chiu Shek Man, Li Kong Lung, Tsui Wing, Chan Tik Hak, Lam King Kong, Chan Min Leung, Mason Chiu, Ngai Wai Man, Lee Hoi Sang, Milkson Fong, Jason Cheng, Jimmy Au, Lau Tin Lung, Peter Pang, Dai Yiu Ming, Bruce Li, Kim Wai, Russell Cheung, and Hui Ming Chi.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One

Personal Note: Many of the actors in here are also filming "The Frightening Thunder of the Forbidden City"...I guess they are already bald....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fala Chen Pole Dance @ "Links to Temptation"

Personal Note: Really not a fan of Fala's dance clothes in here....

After watching bits of the first episode, Steven's character seems quite ignorant (無知)....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Asian Television Awards 2010

Asian Television Awards 2010 Nominations


Congratulations to Ho Cheung Hing Bowie Lam and Empress Dowager Susan Tse for winning at the 15th Asian Television Awards!

Bowie won 'Best Drama Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role' for "Sisters of Pearl", while Susan won 'Best Drama Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role' for "Beyond the Realm of Conscience".

*Credits to Weibo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Show Me the Happy" Opening Theme Video

"Show Me the Happy" - Bernice Liu & Various Artistes

依家有喜 《依家有喜》 主題曲 - 廖碧兒/群星

同心 是種福氣
全家 有乜禁忌
衝突之後 隔夜沒仇悲
情真 做乜鬼戲
隨心 說天說地
有我撐你 甘或苦味
人生 太多好戲
人間 太多勝地
到處太美 天下之大

Personal Note: The video is quite blurry, but the sound is quite clear. Also, I can only hear Bernice's voice in the song.

"Half of a Lip" - Louis Yuen

半邊咀 - 鄧大巧

臘肉和臘鴨 實在如垃圾
食二頭大鮑 先至有面
花膠常遇見 立誓唔食蜆
剩食松露菌 超貴官燕

極有錢好驚要怕食啲cheap嘢 只因此半邊咀一咬住便會腫
醫生睇症知我病 一張咀半邊脹還勁過胸

萬勿歧視我 患病唔係錯
舊患如臘腸 咀會噴火
日夜搽藥膏 都冇好過

Related post: "Some Day" Full MV

Personal Note: Finally found this video! Laughed so hard when I first saw it!

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Twilight Investigation" Theme Song MV

"Use the Brain" - Wong He, Raymond Wong & Johnson Lee

食腦 《囧探查過界》 主題曲 - 王喜/黃浩然/李思捷

作曲: 鄧智偉
填詞: 陳詩慧
編曲: Fergus Chow

王: 眉頭在皺著全為某些怪事
合: 憑食腦探索哪個可疑
黃: 無謂浪費力逃避我的注視
合: 其實答案我也會知
李: 做乜都應該要TRY多幾次
合: 人愈係HEA似一張廢的紙
王: 無論係各樣名字各種姓氏
黃: 憑食腦這兩字 (李: 破案也太易)
合: 始終一天得志

王: 人人亦也是懷著某種秘技
合: 憑食腦破案有幾出奇
黃: 尤其是記住凡事要花心機
合: 誰亦無有怕要去比
李: 別O嘴我擅長玩捉心理
合: 情形就似心虛總怕屈機
從來未怕你要是潛水捉硬你 我曉得去飛
無論係各樣名字各種姓氏 憑食腦這兩字
破案也太易 始終一天得志

Personal Note: This full version is quite short! It sounds as though Raymond and Johnson's voices were added in at a later time. I like the song, but it sounds very similar to the theme song of "OL Supreme". :)

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

"Chok" Look


"Chok" Look

Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Steven Ma, and Kenneth Ma's "chok" look at TV Awards Presentation 2010 during the 'My Favourite TV Male Character' top five segment.

Definition of "chok":

"Chok" is derived from the English word "choke". It is used to describe one's exaggerated behaviour, attitude or voice such that it makes people feel asphyxiated.

Personal Note: Raymond and Moses looked the most "chok". Ha ha.... However, Ma Ming's was the most funny! :P

Wong He on "The Green Room"

"Afraid to Find You at Your House" - Wong Cho Lam

Wong Cho Lam's parody of Raymond Lam's "Love Searching for You in Memory". The lyrics are about a couple living far away from one another. Hilarious!

怕去屋企找你 - 林窿

我要你 今晚黑 去我屋企
你嗌遠 聽朝早 怕要早起
你住~香馬灣 我住~火炭
喂 我其實無say

你說過 筲箕灣 近你屋企
我卻說 尖沙咀 至有Neway
買定晒西鐵飛 遠亦要搵你
走一轉 為陪伴你 我就要死

*如果搬近就你 無奈對住你
媽媽都怨恨你 同事責備你

送過你 返屋企 似搭飛機
我決意 哩一哩
你勁似張栢芝 我亦唔鍾意
Honey呀 我期望你會住近D

Repeat *


"Change Eyes Phone" - Johnson Lee

Johnson Lee's parody of Jay Chou's "Tornado". The lyrics are about the iPhone having too many versions, and not having enough money to buy them. So funny!

換Eyes Phone - Phone Chow

愛上了Eyes Phone 買完它就走
沒有錢交租 我都要買一部
買了新Eyes Phone 我口袋淘空
常常出新型號 我被它拖著走

陷入了破產邊緣了 Baby~~
我很久沒有吃過鮑魚 Wu~~~~~

*Eyes Phone變得太快 就像龍捲風
我不能再換 我不能再換
我不 我不 我不能

Eyes Phone變得太快 就像龍捲風
我不能再換 我不能再換
我不 我不 我不再換手機

Eyes Phone 1 它已經離開我
Eyes Phone 2 它已經離開我
Eyes Phone 3 它已經離開我
Eyes Phone 4 它已經離開我*

陷入了饑荒邊緣了 Baby~~
我餓得快要入去醫院 Wu~~~~~

Repeat *

Eyes Phone玩嘢 Eyes Phone玩我

"Links to Temptation" Promotional Clip 3

Narrator: "A sudden encounter. From then on, has been in an endless pit for love".

Steven Ma: "Run!"

Narrator: "Money, benefits, and temptation".

Fala Chen: "What is it that you want me to do so that you'd be willing to give me money?"

Narrator: "Fall into a trap for the sake of love".

Steven Ma: "Is money really that important to you?"

Fala Chen: "If you'd like, I can sleep with you for money".

Narrator: "'Links to Temptation'. December 13th @ 9:30pm".

Personal Note: Wonder if producer Tsui can pull off this type of series....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Sunday, December 5, 2010

TV Awards Presentation 2010

Best line of the night goes to Johnnie To when he was announcing the award for 'Best Series'. "If it's not rigged, it should be that one. Oh, it's not!"

Red Carpet Entrance

Best Actor: Wayne Lai
Best Actress: Sheren Tang
My Favourite TV Male Character: Raymond Lam
My Favourite TV Female Character: Charmaine Sheh
Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak
Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen
Most Improved Male Artiste: Raymond Wong
Most Improved Female Artiste: Natalie Tong
Best Host(s): Liza Wang, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee & Wong Cho Lam
Best Series: "Can't Buy Me Love"
Best Variety Enrichment Programme: "The Voice 2"
Most Admirable Variety Programme Award: "HK ARTchitecture"
tvb.com Popularity Award: Raymond Lam
Best Professionalism Performance Award: Moses Chan
Lifetime Achievement Award: Louise Lee

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Personal Note: The awards are expected, but can't believe that TVB actually gave Wayne this award consecutively. There are speculations about Bowie no longer being a TVB-managed artiste, so it seems likely that TVB is pushing Wayne to take over Bowie's position. Wayne mentioned recently that he is in talks about signing with TVB, so he has either already signed with TVB or TVB is persuading him to sign with them.

Raymond received the same awards that he did two years ago. The character Kingsley is a popular character, but there is nothing special about it.

Can't believe that TVB gave Fala 'Supporting' again, especially for this particular performance! Thought executives would actually look at the acting. The other four nominees would have definitely been more deserving! Guess that Fala is not big enough to win 'Female Character'....

In Raymond Wong's acceptance speech, he announced that his wife is pregnant. Congratulations to the both of them!

The 'Best Series' award has been demoted to a consolation prize! Surprised that "A Fistful of Stances" and "When Lanes Merge" didn't make top five, but happy that "A Chip Off the Old Block" did.

Louise is the youngest recipient of the 'Lifetime Achievement' award. Would have expected TVB to award it to either Lee Heung Kam or Lau Siu Ming....

*Credits to tvb.com

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Running Through Red and Green Lights" - Louis Yuen

Louis Yuen's parody of Stephanie Cheng's "Red and Green Lights". The lyrics are about losing points when violating traffic rules.

衝紅綠燈 - 爛瞓融

又要等 邊揸車邊放蚊
見塞車我就瞓 我這揸車的女人

係冇心 啱啱幾時轉燈
個差佬叫住我 我今次實在頭痕

*明明十分 轉眼變成零分
衝燈必須扣分 點解有紅綠燈
係我衰 揸車都敢再恰眼瞓
來又往 最黑仔我又笨過人

明明十分 轉眼變成零分
停牌唔易過 每日打的我都好抆
後悔緊 差佬捉到我好無能*
無辦法 我必須努力地更新 戒爛瞓

Repeat *

唔掂喇 我即刻決定就熄燈 瞓鑊甘

TV Awards Presentation 2010 Promotional Clip 2

Artistes (in order of appearance): Ron Ng, Evergreen Mak, Wayne Lai, Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Nancy Wu, Linda Chung, Toby Leung, Moses Chan, Raymond Wong, Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, Elena Kong, Elaine Yiu, Derek Kwok, Ngo Ka Nin, Johnson Lee, Kiki Sheung, Kate Tsui, and Louis Yuen.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My AOD Favourites 2010 Results

My Favourite Top 10 Drama Characters
01. Tavia Yeung ("The Mysteries of Love")
02. Raymond Lam ("The Mysteries of Love")
03. Steven Ma ("Ghost Writer")
04. Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")
05. Linda Chung ("Ghost Writer")
06. Kevin Cheng ("A Fistful of Stances")
07. Wayne Lai ("No Regrets")
08. Kenneth Ma ("A Fistful of Stances")
09. Moses Chan ("Can't Buy Me Love")
10. Sheren Tang ("No Regrets")

My Favourite Villain
Dominic Lam ("A Fistful of Stances")

My Favourite Actress in a Supporting Role
Fala Chen ("No Regrets")

My Favourite Actor in a Supporting Role
Ngo Ka Nin ("No Regrets")

My Favourite Actress in a Leading Role
Charmaine Sheh ("Can't Buy Me Love")

My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role
Moses Chan ("Can't Buy Me Love")

My Favourite Drama Series
"Can't Buy Me Love"

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*Credits to 泡芙小妞、