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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sober Band @ Paul Wong Rockestra Concert


Day 1 @ Ming Pao Clip

Day 1 @ ontv Clip

Day 2 @ Ming Pao Clip

Day 2 @ Apple Daily Clip

Kenny Wong, Paul Wong, and Moses Chan singing "Young Ignorance" sets off climax.

Paul Wong's two-day Hong Kong Coliseum concert kicked off last night. Apart from inviting many orchestra members, fusing rock and classical music, he also invited Kenny Wong and Moses Chan as guests. Paul said, "Because of you guys, many more housewives have come". After hearing this, Kenny laughingly said, "It is because of these 'band buddy' housewives that I am able to sing with you at the HK Coliseum". Soon after, the three of them sang "Young Ignorance" together.

Moses Chan, Kenny Wong & Paul Wong 《年少無知》 (Day 1)

Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong & Paul Wong 《年少無知》 (Day 2)

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Personal Note: Nice to see that Paul invited Sober Band as guests! Glad that Bowie was able to make the second night! :D Ha ha.... Moses and Kenny were surprised to see Bowie, as Bowie was not scheduled to appear due to filming in Mainland.

Moses and Kenny were not as nervous on the second night. :)

Bowie said that he has Paul's solo version (most likely the demo) of "Young Ignorance"...funny how Paul told him not to upload it! :P

Moses is chubbier now! :P It's weird seeing Bowie have more hair than Moses and Kenny! :P

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, and mosesmchall

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