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Monday, July 2, 2012

Alice Chan Loses Six Pounds to Film in Swimwear




When Alice Chan was filming a water scene in swimwear for TVB new series "Justice Attack", she brought her own swimwear. She expressed that it has already been five years since she has filmed a series in swimwear...quite a lot of pressure: "This time, I specially took the opportunity to keep fit. Weight is also lighter than before...lost six pounds...currently 110 pounds.

Derek Kwok Reveals Filming Bed Scene in Boat Cabin

Derek Kwok and Alice Chan were filming for "Justice Attack". This scene was about Alice, who was swimming in a pool in swimwear, seducing barrister Derek. Derek said that he and Alice have an ambiguous relationship in the series.. Heard that the filming of a bed scene in a boat cabin is rather intense...already communicated with Alice beforehand...hope that the filmed outcome will be good. When mentioned that the applying sunscreen scene for Fala Chen generated discussion back then, he laughingly said it was only the help of angles.

Personal Note: Alice is still fit at the age of 37!

Ha ha.... Already forgot about Fala's sunscreen scene in "The Family Link", which made audiences familiar with her.


*Credits to the-sun, headlinedaily, and appledaily

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