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- "The Exorcist's Meter 2.0" Blessing Ceremony
- Competing for an Award at the Canadian Screen Awards, Selena Lee: Have a Chance to Fight a Bit!
- "I Bet Your Pardon" Week 4: averaged 21.7 points.
- "Love in Troubled Times" (Duet Version) - Leo Ku & Nancy Wu
- Selena Lee Nominated for 'Best Supporting Actress' at the '2019 Canadian Screen Awards'
- "The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clips 1-8 & The Making of Promotional Clip
- Has Seen Carina Zhang! Ron Ng Waiting to Be a Page Boy When Raymond Lam Gets Married
- Disregards Jacqueline Wong's Presence! Kenneth Ma Invites Ali Lee Over to His House
- Akina Hong Makes Singing Debut
- Moses Chan Becomes a Master of a Generation While Doing Wing Chun in the Snow

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List updated on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

Friday, February 22, 2019

"The Exorcist's Meter 2.0" Blessing Ceremony


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Romance with Mandy Wong Intensifies, Kenneth Ma Wants to Add Passionate Scenes

TVB series "The Exorcist's Meter 2.0" held a blessing ceremony at Tseung Kwan O TVB City. Actors in attendance included Kenneth Ma, Hubert Wu, Mandy Wong, Moon Lau, C Kwan, et al. Kenneth and Mandy are continuing their fate in the series. Mandy said that the story is a continuation of the first season; the two's romance has also intensified like the feeling of loving anew. Kenneth praised the scriptwriter for writing the script really well. The sequel does not seem like a new story; the stories and the characters have their own developments, but there is a strong coherence with the first installment. When asked whether there were intimate scenes, Kenneth said, "I will add it. Certainly not in the style of lightly touching the water. Have to be slightly more passionate. We are mature...no longer the love of 18 and 22 [year olds]".

When asked whether the series would be following the seasonal format of American series to continue on, Kenneth said, "I also asked the producer if he wanted to film a third installment because, looking at the script's ending, there are a lot of underplots...very suspenseful. However, the producer gave me no answer with a smile. (Do you want to film it?) Still looking at the producer and the copywriter. If the story can go on, I do not mind. However, as an actor, I myself do not really want to film a sequel because new characters are a lot more fun, but if the series is not popular, a sequel would also not be filmed. Thus, the feeling is very contradictory". Mandy believes that the series can follow American series by pulling out some characters to shoot independently.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Competing for an Award at the Canadian Screen Awards, Selena Lee: Have a Chance to Fight a Bit!



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Actors Selena Lee, Angie Cheong, Ada Wong, Dominic Ho, Connie Man, Winnie Leung, producer Wong Jing, et al. attended a New Year dinner for the series "I Bet Your Pardon" in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Selena, who previously became a double film queen in non-local places, recently received a 'Supporting Actress' award nomination at the '2019 Canadian Screen Awards' for the third season of the series "Blood and Water". This awards ceremony is called the 'Canadian Oscars' and is considered the awards ceremony with the highest honour in Canada...really impressive.

In an interview, Selena expressed that she is currently filming a series. At the end of March, she will do her best to take time out to attend the awards ceremony. Recently, she and good friend Nancy Wu have been choosing outfits together; she is happy that the two have been nominated for awards outside of TVB at the same time. Selena expressed, "While filming 'I', it was coincidentally the audition for 'Blood'. Connie was the one who used a phone to help me film a clip for the audition. Because a smoking scene had to be filmed, I smoked a full pack of cigarettes that night...almost ended up throwing up. Later found out that the audition was a success. Wong Jing can be said to be my lucky star. (Do you have confidence?) Already great to be nominated because there are only five candidates. I am also the only Chinese person, and no Chinese person has ever received this award before. Have a little bit of confidence...can fight a bit".

Selena has been praised for taking care of herself well, beating out the actors born in the '90s. She laughingly said, "Also have to take care. Rely on soups and fish maw to moisturize, as well as the mental condition. Although I do not have moisturizer from romance, [I] do have moisturizer from a group of sisters". Regarding romance, Selena said that she is leaving it to fate, and laughingly said that she welcomes everyone giving her 'good introductions'.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

"Love in Troubled Times" (Duet Version) - Leo Ku & Nancy Wu


亂世情侶 (合唱版) - 古巨基/胡定欣

作曲/編曲/監製: 陳輝陽
填詞: 林夕

古:為愛下去 過下去 我們才想工作萬歲
胡:那代價不過是疲累 在電影院的美夢裡
古:可惜結局也未到已沉睡 平常極奢侈的樂趣
合:抱著你一夜閒談 明日是假日再也無懼

合:快樂趁青春去追 樂極偏會心虛
胡:這麼普通的情侶 古:未來又怎麼敢想下去
合:但求學會 吃苦的樂趣

古:當你 仍然信我 胡:愛情 沒有輓歌
合:未相信情懷輸給世道 仍在亂世中開花結果

#古:不理 誰能夜夜笙歌
胡:別管 世界艱辛的錯 古:艱辛的錯
合:如果 這一生只要找得到
誰陪我每餐青菜淡飯 有哪關闖不過

就這麼一輩子 胡:一輩子
古:浪漫的講聲我願意 胡:我願意
胡:一起要預了挨世界不易 古:挨世界不易
胡:樂業安居早已 古:安居早已
胡:已令送花是重大樂事 古:是重大樂事
古:現實會逐吋逐呎擠壓當初情意 胡:當初情意
胡:但更要感激這測試 古:感激這測試
合:牽手須要心懷壯志 成就了愛侶變烈士

合:當你 仍然信我 愛情 沒有輓歌
未相信情懷輸給世道 仍在亂世中開花結果

Repeat *

胡:得你仍然信我 可會 像在浮沙掙扎過

"Scoop" Clip (021419)

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Complies to Public Opinion in Doing a Duet! Leo Ku Finding Nancy Wu to Be a Concert Guest?

Singer Leo Ku's new song, 《亂世情侶》, already surpassed a million views on an online platform early on. He and the MV's female lead, Nancy Wu, saw fans commenting with the suggestion of creating a duet version, so [they] immediately decided to give everyone a surprise on Valentine's day, wishing all the lovers in the world a happy ending.

In order to promote the new song, the two agreed to work together to make a Valentine's day dessert, soufflé pancakes, on the TVB programme "Scoop". Unexpectedly, the half dozen eggs that were bought to use all had double yolks, which made the two scream in surprise. Leo happily said, "Good things really kept coming in pairs. Very awesome". The two clumsily accepted an interview while making pancakes. In the process, a lot of laughs were created. In the end, when Leo was trying the pancakes, he highly praised, "Wow...Nancy's skills really stand out from the crowd. Very delicious, but it doesn't really resemble a pancake. Resembles the feeling of a Chinese-style, sweet-flavoured oyster cake. Would be best to have it with white rice!"

This time, the two complied to public opinion and made a duet. Nancy said, "Really decided in a short period of time. Had dinner with Leo on the 3rd; he suggested this collaboration. I also like to sing, so [I] tried it out". Leo highly praised Nancy for singing extremely well: "She really sang very well! On the day of the recording, already recorded the song very quickly and smoothly. She not only sang well but was so incredible that she even personally sang the harmony!" Nancy said, "Perhaps it was because I previously filmed the MV. Heard it so much that [I] became familiar with the song. Afterward, I also constantly re-watched the MV; thus, upon entering the recording studio, practically did not have to look at the lyrics. Could already sing it. Quickly immersed into the song's character. When singing it, it was very easy to put all the feelings in. When re-listening to the recording in the recording studio, when singing to the part "當你仍然信我, 愛情沒有輓歌, 未相信情懷輸給世道, 仍在亂世中開花結果", was really moved to the point of getting goosebumps and my hair standing on end. If you ask me how many points I give myself, I really don't know. Did my best. Hope that everyone likes it".

When Leo was asked whether he would be inviting Nancy as a guest at his Hong Kong Coliseum concert in April, he laughingly said, "Will tell everyone then, or I tell Nancy to come and make soufflé pancakes for everyone...ha ha". The tickets for the last additional day of Leo's concert will be selling to the public on the 20th.

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*Credits to Leo Ku 古巨基, on.cc, bastillepost, gztv, UMagazineHKOfficial, hk01, and NIF

Friday, February 8, 2019

Selena Lee Nominated for 'Best Supporting Actress' at the '2019 Canadian Screen Awards'


Instagram Clip

The year before, TVB fa dan Selena Lee won 'Best Actress' at the 'European Cinematography Awards' and the 'Los Angeles Film Awards' for the American short film "Once More", becoming a double film queen. Afterward, she filmed the third season of the series "Blood and Water". Recently, Selena was notified of her 'Supporting Actress' award nomination at the '2019 Canadian Screen Awards' for the series.

Regarding being nominated for 'Supporting Actress' for her performance in the Canadian series "Blood and Water", Selena feels excited and feels that it is the new year's big, happy news. She expressed, "Very happy because this is Canada's biggest awards ceremony. Also very excited and happy to be able to be one of the five nominees. The team also feels that it is very rare for me to be nominated for my first time filming a Canadian series. Everyone is also happy for me. Also hope to attend this then". When asked whether she was confident in winning the award, Selena laughingly said, "Really don't know the chances of winning the award because [I] have not watched the other projects. Heard that no Chinese person has won this award yet; hope to be able to break through this and win honour for Chinese and Hong Kong actors. Certainly already very happy to have been nominated because [I] learned a lot of things during the filming experience; it was a rare experience in my life".

*Credits to instagram and on.cc

"The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clips 1-9 & The Making of Promotional Clip

"The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clip 1

"The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clip 2

"The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clip 3

"The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clip 4

"The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clip 5

"The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clip 6

"The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clip 7

"The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clip 8

"The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clip 9

The Making of "The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady" Promotional Clip

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*Credits to tvb, helenptpt, and adiachanfanpage

Friday, February 1, 2019

Has Seen Carina Zhang! Ron Ng Waiting to Be a Page Boy When Raymond Lam Gets Married




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Artistes Bosco Wong and Ron Ng attended the completion banquet of Shaw Brothers' web drama, "Flying Tiger". Bosco, who has a foot injury, was still walking with a cane. He revealed that there was still a day of shooting a big scene. Although there will be a body double substituting then, he also has to be present: "Actually, pretending to fight and run while sitting in a wheelchair is also a test of acting skills. (Do you want to film a third installment?) Have to follow Michael Miu's lead!" Ron, who was beside him, expressed that everything depended on Michael's decision, and said that [he] was certainly happy to film while playing. However, if there is a third installment, would be best to not film in the summer.

It has been said that the two's friend, Raymond Lam, announced happy news to his good friends at a gathering; is Raymond getting married? Ron, who was present that day, said, "He did not say it to me. That day was to congratulate Oscar Leung on receiving an award. Raymond did not talk about marriage matters, unless he has kept it very hidden and did not say it to us. (Will be a groomsman when he gets married in the future?) I want to be a page boy. (Raymond and his girlfriend are in a stable relationship?) Don't know. Let them develop these themselves. He hasn't really talked about it, but [I] have seen his girlfriend". Ron said that, on the first day of the New Year, he and Elaine Yiu will be flying to Canada to do a stage performance. When asked whether he would be singing his classic song, 《別怪她》, he laughingly said, "Will only be practicing once [I] am on the plane. Have not decided on which songs [I] will be singing. Should be singing New Year songs".

As for Bosco, he expressed that, if Raymond gets married one day, he wants to be the wedding car. When asked whether he would travelling to another country on Lunar New Year, he said, "Made an appointment with a physical therapist. Did you think I would be playing basketball and soccer in this condition?!"

*Credits to on.cc, rononline, 丨勥, mingpao, and moreforms