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List updated on Friday, January 24, 2020.

Star Sightings

與陳豪見面 Meeting Moses Chan

May 4, 2006

Location: Hong Kong

Second Pic :D
Around 3:00 p.m. we took a taxi to Tseung Kwan O. We arrived at TVB City's front entrance at approximately 3:45 p.m. The taxi fare was $170+HKD. Connie told us that we were to leave at 4:30 p.m.
There was a teenage girl standing by the entrance door waiting. May姐 went up to her and asked her who she was waiting for. She tells May姐 that she was waiting for Mr. Hong Kong. I asked her, "Are you waiting for Matthew Ko?" She said yes. We had a TVB Weekly magazine with us so I showed May姐 who Matthew Ko was.

At approximately 4:10 p.m. I see Iris Wong Yat Tung (黃泆潼) come out of TVB's entrance/exit with a reporter and an assistant. They took pictures and told her to look sad. You can tell that she was there 'making news.' She went to her black mini cooper that was parked right behind us and [we were standing right in front of TVB's entrance] grabbed a suitcase out. The reporter told her to look sad and get into the cab. Later the reporter told her that she walked too fast and he missed the shot and told her to walk slower the second time so he could get better shots. After about 15 minutes later, they were finally finished with the shots. Iris Wong got into her car and drove away. At that time, 2 more teenage girls showed up but they were both standing further away from the entrance door. I told May姐 to go over to them and ask them who they were waiting for. May姐 went over to them and quickly yelled out, "Who's Vin Choi?" I explained to her as she walked backed over to where Connie and I were standing but she still didn't know who Vin Choi was.

4:30 arrived shortly and I told Connie and May姐 that we should wait for another 10 minutes. 8 minutes later, I saw a white car drove by the empty parking space behind us. I said out loud, “Park here la!" The car reversed for that parking space. As the car was reversed half way, I saw the driver. I yell out, "Chan Ho ah!" and I slapped Connie on her shoulder very hard. His female assistant was in the passenger seat. When he was fully parked, he grabbed his bag form the backseat and took out some scripts and puts the bag back. Moses stayed in his car for a while and then he stepped out. He was holding scripts in one hand and a drink in the other. We said hi to him and asked if we could take pictures with him. He agreed. May姐 asked him, "Do you remember Ivy? You talked to her on the phone before". Then he replied, "Yes, I do. Canada's Ivy". Moses was very nice to let us have his picture taken with us. There was a reporter there when I had my second picture taken with him. For some reason, both Moses and I didn't look at my camera and we both looked at the reporter's camera. We took 3 more pictures after that. I can tell that he was in a hurry because his assistant's expressions were rushing him. Then he had to leave. He smiled, said thank you and left.

After that, May姐 got into a taxi. I told Connie to take a picture of me standing beside Moses' car. After that was done, we got into the taxi and drove away. The cab fare back to our destination was $180+HKD, so our trip to TVB was over $350HKD. Ha ha!

When we were leaving, we told the taxi driver that we saw Moses and he said that was a good time to see artistes because a lot of them start work at that time. Aw, if we stayed longer we could have met Yoyo Mung Ka Wai, too.

I was so happy when I saw Moses pull up. I just yelled out, "Chan Ho ah!" I never would have thought that I would see him. I was already very happy to have seen Derek Kwok. I had the weirdest feeling that I would see Lee Ka Sing but to see Moses was unbelievable. I was so excited that I forgot to give him a hand shake.

First Encounter w/ Moses :DThird Pic!Moses' carMoses' car_2Me standing beside Moses car :D

與郭政鴻見面 Meeting Derek Kwok

May 4, 2006

Location: Hong Kong

On the exact same day I met Moses for the first time, my friends and I saw Derek Kwok coming out of TVB city. We arrived at TVB City's front entrance at approximately 3:45 p.m.

Twenty minutes later, May姐 cries out loud, "How come that person looks like Derek Kwok Jing Hung?" I look up and say, "It is him!" We stopped him and ask if we may take a picture with him. He was very nice and agreed to let us have his picture taken with us. He must have just finished filming because he looked very tired. After taking 2 pictures, he took a left in a taxi.

Encounter w/ Derek Kwok
Too bad Derek's eyes were closed. I can honestly say that I'm a better photographer than my friend, Connie, at least his eyes were open when I took their picture! ;)

與鍾嘉欣李亞男見面 Meeting Linda Chung & Leanne Li

March 26, 2009

Location: Hong Kong

 At 3:00 pm, my friend, Sue and I took a taxi to TVB City located in Tseung Kwan O. We arrived at 3:20 pm and the taxi fare was only $118 HKD (cheaper than 3 years ago). The first person we saw was Bak Biu. He arrived on a bus with a bunch of people. For some reason, I wasn't able to come up with name. At the time, he had his head down and he was walking and talking to a young man beside him. By the time "Bak Biu" came to my mind, he had already walked in the entrance.

The next person I saw was child actor, Jeffrey Wong. He arrived in a taxi and he was still in his grey school uniform. Behind him was his school bag on wheels. He didn't bring his entrance pass with him, so he had to wait beside the TVB security guard. The distance between us was about 5 feet. I wanted to call him over so we can take a picture, just as then, he decided to blow his nose! When he was finished, he walked into TVB.

The next person I walking into TVB was Hugo Wong Chi Hang. He is very skinny in person. I bet his waist line is no more than 29 inches! If he had made eye contact with us, I would have asked him to take a picture.

The time was 3:50 pm and my friend, Sue sees ??? walking towards the exit talking on her cell phone. I tell her, "It can't be! ??? is way taller and whiter!" ??? continues to talk on her cell and walks into the waiting area or information area and sits down. Minutes go by and Sue says, "At this angle, it does look ???!" I walk over to Sue's angle, "It is ???!" The person talking on her cell is Linda Chung!

Meeting Linda Chung
At exactly 4:00 pm, Linda gets up and leaves the information area. She walks past the security guard and walks past us. I call her quietly trying not to interrupt her phone conversation, "Linda! Linda!" She looks over her shoulders and looks at us. "Can we take a picture?" She nods and turns around. Linda tells the person on the cell to hold as Sue and I take turns to hold the camera. When we were done taking the pictures, she says gently, "Thank you". And of course, I thanked her back. Linda climbed into a taxi and left.

I always knew that Linda has bad skin, but her skin tone is a lot darker in person. I have always thought that she'd be whiter than that. Too bad she was talking on her cell or I would have had a conversation with her. Just kidding!

Meeting Leanne Li
At 4:20 pm, I saw Leanne Li step out of a taxi. I tell Sue, "Hey, that's Leanne Li!" Leanne makes eye contact with us and smiles. I call out to her, "Leanne, can we take a picture?" She says ok. Originally, Leanne and Sue was standing right in front of TVB's entrance, but a gust of wind came from behind them. Leanne says quietly, "My hair is all messed up". She tries to fix it. I then suggested to her, "Why don't you two shift over to the right?" Leanne and Sue takes a few steps to the right and I take their picture. Sue and I switched spots. When Sue was done taking the picture, Leanne and I said "Thank you" at the same time. She then pulled out her pass from her LV wallet and walked into TVB.

Leanne is very nice and she looks no different in person than on-screen.

The weather became very windy and cold. I was still sick coming back from Guilin and Xiamen. We were hoping for a male artiste to go to work or get off from work, but no luck. Sue and I waited until shortly after 5:30 pm and jumped into a taxi and left. The taxi driver was driving super fast. Even though we had our seat beats on, Sue and I were still shifting left to right. It seems as if we weren't going to have enough to pay for the fare at the speed he was driving. The taxi fare back to our hotel was $108 HKD.

Final Thought: If the weather was better, I would have waited longer because at 6:00 pm is when a lot of artistes get off work and start work. However, I am super happy to be able to see Linda Chung and Leanne Li. There are a few things that I have in common with them. The 3 of us are Canadian and we are all born in 1984. The only difference is that they are prettier (MCI winner), skinner, and that they both work for TVB. I am not at all sad because there is one thing I am super proud of and that is my teeth are whiter than their's! He he...