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Friday, July 27, 2012

"TV Funny" Episode 5

Part 1

Part 2

"Scoop" Clip

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Elvina was in the original 1988 skit! :D

Ha ha.... Kristal and Ron were so sly, as they were putting talcum powder on the slanted stage! :P

Kiki and Vincent were the only ones who dribbled the basketball before shooting it and getting it in, even though Vincent's was a clutch shot! :D

Thought that Jazz's comment about Bosco hugging another girl would have been edited out....


  1. I liked this skit and I laughed every time someone fell, and especially when Mandy slid down as she was doing the splits. haha

    Kiki seems to be in a lot of the skits! I hope this means that she resigned with TVB?

  2. Haha! Kristal's scream and Kiki and Mandy being hit in face with the basketball was so funny!

  3. this skit is the best one yet in my opinion.I laughed whenever someone got hit in the face with the ball.:D so funny thanks for uploading this.

  4. feel bad about the Boscolie thing, but overall the skit was funny.