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Monday, January 29, 2007

《我們這一家》 "ATASHI'nCHI"

I have been addicted to "ATASHI'nCHI" lately. "ATASHI'nCHI" in Japanese means "At My Home" or "My Family". It is a Japanese cartoon show adapted from its Japanese manga. The cartoon is about a "normal" Japanese family that consists of a housewife mom, average salary-man dad, and two teenage siblings. It is just regular everyday life stuff, but it is very hilarious. Plus, in the TVB dubbed version, the mom keeps singing Ron Ng's "Don't Blame Her". The episodes just crack me up!

"We Are Family" - Angela Tong

We Are Family 《我們這一家》 主題曲 - 湯盈盈

作曲: 伊藤俊吾
填詞: 陳詩慧

*We are family 無聊日子
都有意思 很多趣事
傻笑真趣緻 尤其樣子
古怪我知 再添趣事

#I love my Mama Daddy 愛她快樂吧
是我家 笑吧
歡笑吧 溫馨我家

Repeat *

@原來仍未說話 已叫每位快樂吧
就是我家 笑吧
歡笑吧 溫馨我家

Repeat #@

Fa Si Nai Singing "Don't Blame Her"

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dayo Wong to Play 'Evil Kin'


TVB held a costume fitting for the new pre-modern series "Evil Kin", produced by Lam Chi Wah. Dayo Wong will play Evil Kin, while Dominic Lam will play Wong Fei Hung. The other cast members present for the costume fitting included Cecilia Yip, Benz Hui, Vivien Yeo, Kwok Fung, Suet Nei, Al Wai, Eileen Yeow, Byron Pang, Chan Wing Chun, Lau Kwai Fong, Simon Lo, Lee Ka Sing, Lam King Kong, Charmaine Li, Bowie Wu Fung, Jazz Lam Tze Sin, Sin Ho Ying, Lai Suen, Chan Ka Yi, and Leung Bo Ching. The media didn't reveal too much about the characters. The series will be a comedy, and Dayo's 'Evil Kin' will have a lover in the series. Dayo has already came up with one saying for the series: 『損人必利己、打贏靠暗器!』 (suen yan bit lei gei, da ying kaau ngam hei). The saying literally means, "Harming others will definitely benefit oneself. Must use concealed weapon in order to win".

Personal Note: TVB loves re-making Wong Fei Hung series. I believe that this series will do well because it has such a refreshing cast. Plus, Dayo's series always have great ratings. I'm guessing that Benz will play 'Porky Wing', while Al Wai will play 'Leung Foon'. I have no clue who will play 'Ah So'. Probably Lee Ka Sing? Too bad Catherine Tsang couldn't get Dayo to be in Esther's new sitcom...now, that would be the best dream team for comedy. :P

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2006

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Favourite Leading Actor: Moses Chan "The Gentle Crackdown"

Final Five:
Julian Cheung "Shades of Truth"
Moses Chan "The Gentle Crackdown"
Kevin Cheng "Food for Life"
Bosco Wong "Wars of In-Laws"
Ron Ng "Revolving Doors of Vengeance"

Favourite Leading Actress: Myolie Wu "Wars of In-Laws"

Final Five:
Maggie Cheung "The Conqueror's Story"
Charmaine Sheh "Food for Life"
Myolie Wu "Wars of In-Laws"
Liza Wang "Wars of In-Laws"
Kenix Kwok "Revolving Doors of Vengeance"

Favourite Drama: "Wars of In-Laws"

Favourite Theme Song: Raymond Lam "The Last Breakthrough"

Favourite Scene Stealer: Raymond Cho "Healing Hands III"

Favourite Couple: Moses Chan & Bernice Liu "Love Bond"

Unforgettable Moment: Gigi Lai "Healing Hands III"

Favourite Bizarre Character: Bosco Wong "Wars of In-Laws"

Favourite Characters:
01. Raymond Lam "Food for Life"
02. Julian Cheung "Shades of Truth"
03. Moses Chan "Love Bond"
04. Nick Cheung "The Last Breakthrough"
05. Bernice Liu "Love Bond"
06. Roger Kwok "Scavengers' Paradise"
07. Charmaine Sheh "Food for Life"
08. Ron Ng "Revolving Doors of Vengeance"
09. Myolie Wu "Wars of In-Laws"
10. Sonjia Kwok "The Last Breakthrough"
11. Bosco Wong "Wars of In-Laws"
12. Kevin Cheng "Food for Life"

*Credits to BAPEangel

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Esther Kwan Returns to TVB


TVB held a costume fitting for its '07 situation comedy (i.e., sitcom) 《嫲辣甜孫》 (literally translated as "Spicy Grandmother, Sweet Grandchild"). The cast members present included Esther Kwan, Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling), Elvina Kong, Angela Tong, and foreign newbie Brian Thomas Burrell (Bo Wai Kit).

Esther has stopped work for two years because of her daughter. Now that her daughter is a year old, she feels that she should get back into working because she does not want to lag behind with society. Esther explains, "When Catherine Tsang first called me, I immediately agreed [to film]. She gave me a good card because I can stay in HK to film. Also, since it is a sitcom, the schedule is stable, and it enables me to spend time with my daughter and work. The timing is perfect; if Catherine had called me earlier, I might have not taken the offer".

Elvina will be playing the boss of an advertisement company and will be required to wear a lot of brand name clothing. She will be bringing her own clothing to filming.

Angela will be playing a police officer, and she will be considering getting her hair cut short for the role. In the series, she will have a foreign husband, Brian Thomas Burrell, who not only speaks fluent Cantonese, but also knows how to read Chinese, and this puts Angela to shame. Despite working in HK for so long, she still cannot read Chinese. She laughs, "It's a good thing my husband knows Chinese. Then I can ask him".

Personal Note: Since filming doesn’t start until the end of the month, I wonder if Bobby is going to guest-star in a couple of episodes.... It would be great to see them on screen together again.

*Credits to mingpao and singtao

Saturday, January 13, 2007

J.S.G. Best 10 Awards Presentation 2006 Results

EEG again buys many of the music awards at "J.S.G. Best 10 Awards Presentation". Joey Yung has now won the 'Most Popular Female Singer' four consecutive times. Kelly wasn't big this year, and Miriam had no music company to back her up. There is no one to give it to, so they gave it to Joey. Joey wasn't even famous this year. Oh, I forgot she filmed the sequel of "The Academy" for TVB this summer. Vincent Wong and Hailie Leung win the silver award for 'Most Popular Duet' for the song "Love and Be Loved". That song was so not famous in HK.

TVB did give an award to their own people, but it wasn't Kevin Cheng because I forgot he is in Japan filming. They gave some newbie award to Bernice Liu and she doesn't even have a record out. There were rumours going on earlier speculating that Go East Music was going to negotiate a top 10 song award for Kelly, but Kelly only won 'Asia's Most Popular Female Singer'. Thus, I've concluded that only EEG buys their awards. I don't know why TVB is so afraid of EEG. Duh! EEG bought a channel from TVB this year called "EEG Channel". TVB can't upset EEG because they are paying TVB. All EEG-ers bought their awards this year, except for Vincy Chan. She deserved 'Most Popular New Singer (Gold)'.

J.S.G. Best 10 Awards Presentation 2006 Results

Most Popular Male Singer: Eason Chan
Most Popular Female Singer: Joey Yung
Asia's Most Popular Male Singer: Andy Lau
Asia's Most Popular Female Singer: Kelly Chen
Best Gold Song: "Belated Love" - Leo Ku
Most Popular New Singer (Gold): Vincy Chan
Most Popular New Singer (Silver): Kelvin Kwan
Most Popular New Singer (Bronze): Jill Vidal

Best Top 10 Songs

1. "Red and Green Lights" - Stephanie Cheng
2. "The Best Bad Friend" - Eason Chan
3. "Belated Love" - Leo Ku
4. "Open Your Eyes" - Andy Lau
5. "Heaven and Water Fortress" - Hacken Lee
6. "Love Song" - Justin Lo
7. "Grand Encounter" - Joey Yung
8. "Run Away From Home" - Janice M. Vidal
9. "Brightness Club" - Denise Ho
10. "You Are Not a Good Lover" - Twins

I'm too lazy to translate all the other awards. Click on first picture to view the whole list.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Thursday, January 11, 2007

《生日快樂》 "Happy Birthday"


《生日快樂》 is a HK movie, starring Louis Koo and Rene Liu. The storyline is adapted from Rene's novel by Sylvia Chang and directed by Jingle Ma. The film is a real tearjerker. Even Eric Tsang cried 3 times after watching the movie. Eric praises Louis and Rene as 'Movie King' and 'Movie Queen' (best actor and best actress). "In recent years, Louis has very much improved in acting. He has the potential to become a big league actor (heavenly king actor)".

改編自劉若英的短篇小說《Happy Birthday》,張艾嘉編劇,導演馬楚成最新浪漫感人作品。



他們就像是兩種奇怪的生物,如此的相互需要、相互吸引,卻又是如此的不能共存。小南往外國升學後,二人分手了,卻仍然保持著相互取暖、比好朋友好的朋友關 係。無論小米和小南身邊出現多少情人、無論小米怎麼口口聲聲的說她不會嫁給小南,身旁朋友都深深感到,小米只愛小南,小南也只愛小米,總有一天他們會名正 言順的走在一起。


"Happy Birthday" - Rene Liu

Sunday, January 7, 2007

A Blast from the Past: "Trio Delights"

This picture was taken on September 26, 2002, on TVB's "Trio Delights". The guests on that episode included Moses Chan, Ada Choi, Steven Ma, Anne Heung, Gordon Liu, and Mimi Chu. In this segment of the show, the females were to make a pose that, if captured by the media, would ruin their reputation. Thus, the females required help from their partners. If Ada was caught in that position with another male, it would so destroy her reputation ("reputation sweeps the floor"). Ha ha. This episode was actually the funniest of the entire season of "Trio".

Here is the news on the recording for "Trio Delights".


馬仔(馬浚偉匿稱)出場時,擺出一個單手按東西的姿勢,志偉見狀即說:『你想抱住郭羡妮呀?』當馬仔在『吾系講笑話』中,表示沒有笑話講時,志偉說:『你做真人表演啦!同郭羡妮直接對話。』林曉峰更上前說:『專講人馬浚偉Take One!』



Tuesday, January 2, 2007

《突圍行動》 "The Brink of Law"


法庭檢控主任唐志高(馬浚偉飾)受人誣陷,輾轉進入一時裝集團任職法律顧問,並與集團主席童展龍(岳華飾)侄子童日進(吳卓羲飾)成為摯友。高重遇初戀情 人徐穎(廖碧兒飾),卻發現她與龍關係非比尋常。龍妻子金枝(米雪飾)意外發現進的身世秘密,誓要置他於死地。


馬浚偉 飾演 唐志高
吳卓羲 飾演 童日進 
廖碧兒 飾演 徐 穎 
徐子珊 飾演 殷向晴
岳 華 飾演 童展龍 
米 雪 飾演 宋金枝 
楊思琦 飾演 宋嘉兒
馬國明 飾演 殷向明
"The Brink of Law" will begin airing on Monday, January 8, 2007. I am very excited about this show because I love the male cast in here. You have Steven, Ron, and Kenneth. Too bad Kenneth's character is going to die, since he is only a cameo in the series. This has to be his best looking series so far.