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Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Season of Love" Theme Song Preview

"Little Something" - Mag Lam

Little Something 《戀愛季節》 主题曲 - 林欣彤

作曲: 鄧智偉
填詞: 鄭櫻綸

愛到這世間末日 示愛根本不需大氣氛
悄悄撫心自問 原來平凡都可以動人
仍難忘那微細聲音 難忘微雨下那街燈

*Nothing more could ever be the same
You kissed me through the rain
And then whispered something
Little something All I want to say

Everything could never be the same
I kissed you on that day
I still feel the same way
My sweet nothing You're my everything*

偶有些憾事 沒過去今天失掉意思
與你轉身會面 為何猶如相擁了十年
原來人已在我身邊 如何能靠近你一點

Repeat *

日夜路上遇十萬途人 你妳你他跟她即將步近
就像沒預料地覓著同行 你我看似不懂被哪一位吸引
路上靜待著是誰人 帶我到跟他相識的月份
若是在路上沒留神 你我也最終可共某一位相襯

Repeat *

Love is something I first felt with you
Love is something I first felt with you

Personal Note: The song is not bad, but was never a fan of Mag's voice...too breathy, and her enunciation is not clear.

Selena Li and Katy Kung Keep Eye on 'Hot Property' Kenneth Ma



TVB8 Clip

Apple Daily Clip


Yesterday, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, and Katy Kung attended a public event in Ho Man Tin. Selena and Katy, who are both former girlfriends of Patrick Tang, were not awkward at all despite being at the same event. Selena even joked around with her previous rumours with Kenneth, laughingly saying, "My fans said that Kenneth is 'hot property', telling us to date. I told him that, if we are single in five years, should get married!"

Afterward, Katy also joined the 'fight', laughingly saying that she also thinks that Kenneth is 'hot property', and also revealed that Kenneth just got her number: "He told me to tell everyone that he just got my number. We have known each other for a long time". Kenneth explained, "I just exchanged numbers because I don't have her number...not wanting to pursue. Everyone says that I am 'hot property' in front of reporters, but don't care about me behind the scenes". Regarding good friend Elaine Yiu's insinuation that Patrick loves to eat pork chops ('Pork Chop Miss HK' Kayi Cheung) seeming to be standing up for her, she said, "She (Elaine) has a good heart. We are very good friends. Thanks to her for speaking up for me. (Do you know whether Patrick is dating or not?) No contact. Don't know".


Selena Li: "I didn't say get married. I initially said date...this is a joke between me and Ma Ming for many years...everyone does not need to be too serious!"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... How come Ma Ming and Selena didn't make this promise five years ago? :P

Katy has always been a fan of Ma Ming...remember her choosing him as her favourite constable in "The Four" on a webisode from a few years ago where she invited him on a 'date'.... :)

*Credits to kennethma.org, the-sun, appledaily, mingpao, and Weibo

Clips from "Inbound Troubles" Episode 13

Oh Baby writes lyrics to Chi Ching's composition.

Chi Ching and Choi Sam perform Jacky Cheung's "I Am Really Hurt" (我真的受傷了).

FYI: Ivana Wong composed and wrote the lyrics to Jacky Cheung's "I Am Really Hurt" (我真的受傷了).

Personal Note: The made-up lyrics are so funny! :P

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 13

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

《On Call 36小時II》 "The Hippocratic Crush II" Costume Fitting Pictures



TVB8 Clip


- 25 episodes long.
- Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung will continue to play a married couple. In the beginning, Tavia is already pregnant; they struggle about whether they should keep the baby, since the baby threatens her life. Apart from having to face his wife's relapse, Kenneth's mother also becomes ill, causing his usual calm self to develop anxiety.
- Tavia has switched to the Department of Pathology.
- Lawrence Ng will play Lok Man Sang (洛文笙), a calm and negative higher-ranked pathologist. He studies difficult and complicated cases. His main job is to answer any difficult problems typical doctors encounter. After his wife passed away, their daughter followed aunt Louisa So to live overseas. He is a person with poor sleep. On the surface, he is a modest gentleman and is friendly. When he works, he is calm and serious, but is a tragic character on the inside. His self-protection awareness is strong, and he is a particularly lonely person, which was caused by a trauma he experienced when he was young. He was an orphan. When he was young, he witnessed his parents dying from a fire; thus, he seals his inner world and intentionally keeps a distance from the world, making it difficult to get close to him. He has a gentle and cultivated appearance, but has unbearable pain in his heart. He has many problems, and is basically a schizophrenic patient. He and Ku Ming Wah have a brotherly relationship that stems from when they were young; although they are not biologically related, he is the only person who understands him the most. In the beginning, he is already said to have a terminal illness, so his perspective on life and death is very different from normal people. In the end, he will perform surgery on Kenneth.
- Louisa will play Suen Man Yuet (孫曼月), a writer who gets close to Ku Ming Wah to look for topics. She will have a comedic romantic storyline with Ku Ming Wah. She is Lawrence's sister-in-law; because of misunderstandings, there is animosity between the two.
- Mandy Wong wants to become Kenneth's successor. She will yell at the new housemen, but it is for their own good. She will continue to be with Benjamin Yuen, but there will be a love triangle with Grace Wong. She and Benjamin are like soul mates; in the middle, Grace will enter their relationship, so the two will break up, but they will get back together in the end.
- Him Law is a cardiothoracic surgeon. He will have a romantic storyline with Eliza Sam and Crystal Li.
- Eliza will play Che Hiu Tung (車曉彤), a hospital volunteer who is chronically ill but has a cheerful personality.
- Ku Ming Wah will play David Mo Yung Chung (慕容衝), a leisurely and carefree wealthy person. He comes from a wealthy family. He and Lawrence grew up together; he greatly understands his good friend's personality and thoughts. After meeting with Louisa, he gradually develops admiration for her. Facing the person he likes and his good friend, he becomes the bridge between the two, hoping to resolve any mutual misunderstandings. He is Lawrence's roommate.
- Tracy Chu will play Heung Chin Yi (向芊兒), a medical intern with a stubborn and aggressive personality. She is loyal in love and extremely stubborn in love. Her boyfriend went missing; to take care of the baby her boyfriend left behind, she falls at odds with her parents. Lawrence does not understand her views on love; the two also have different attitudes toward life, but unintentionally influence each other. She frequently gets yelled at by Lawrence. She and Lawrence are initially not a pair. She will have a romantic storyline with Lawrence.
- Raymond Cho will guest-star.
- Ben Wong will guest-star.
- Crystal will play Chung Chi Ting (鍾紫婷), a houseman. She is Him's pupil.
- Cindy Yeung will play Ngai Ka Ka (艾嘉嘉), a houseman.
- Chan Kwong Yiu will play Lee Ka Kuen (李家勛), a houseman.
- Aaryn Cheung will play a houseman.
- Alan Tam will play Ting Chi Kit (丁志傑), a houseman.
- Grace will play Amber.
- June Chan will play a pediatrician.
- Amy Ng will play a nurse.
- Lee Sing Cheung will play Tracy's father.
- Sarah Song will guest-star as Lawrence's cousin.
- Jacqueline Wong will guest-star for one or two episodes as a patient.
- Candy Chang guest-starred in two episodes to mainly explain her relationship with Him.

Kenneth Ma's Tencent Weibo

Visit @ TVB8 Clip (041013)

FYI: Candy Chang's character is temporarily arranged to have gone overseas so that she can join the series later.

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Personal Note: Can't wait to see Yat Kin Tau and Yue Jai again! :D

*Credits to appledaily, headlinedaily, tavia.org, tvb.com, Weibo, and Tencent Weibo

Wong Cho Lam & Joey Meng on "The Green Room"

Part 1

Part 2

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... "Today, I really learned a lot!" :P Loved how Chan Wing Yip brought up Cho Lam's imitation of him (Tau Leung Yip)! :D

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Reality Check" Promotional Clip 1

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... Using Google Maps! :P

Such a cheesy promo clip....

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

"Season of Love" Promotional Clip 3

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Clips from "Inbound Troubles" Episode 11

Sima Suk Ching seduces Ng Ka Yi.

Mung Lo sings Maria Cordero's "Ma Ma I Love You".

Ng Chi Ching sings Jacky Cheung's "Your Name, My Surname" (你的名字 我的姓氏).

Personal Note: Ha ha.... The "bra" interruption was hilarious! :D

He he.... Wong Kwong Leung looked like Cho Lam when he was resting his hands on his face! :P

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 11

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 12

《On Call 36小時II》 "The Hippocratic Crush II" Costume Fitting


Date: January 30, 2013

Temporary Chinese title: 《On Call 36小時II》
Pinyin title: On Call 36 Siu Si Yi
Temporary English title: "The Hippocratic Crush II"
Producer: Poon Ka Tak

Attending Cast: Lawrence Ng, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Louisa So, Mandy Wong, Him Law, Eliza Sam, Ku Ming Wah, Tracy Chu, Benjamin Yuen, Raymond Cho, Ben Wong, Derek Kwok, Paisley Hu, Bak Yan, Henry Lo, Crystal Li, Cindy Yeung, Chan Kwong Yiu, Mary Hon, Janice Shum, Marcus Kwok, Candice Chiu, Aaryn Cheung, Nathan Ngai, Owen Ng, Brian Tse, Alan Tam, So Yan Chi, Kyle Tse, and King Lam.

Time: 12:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Media Centre

Personal Note: Yay! Nathan's still in here! :)

Bak Yan will be retiring after completing this series.

Eliza Sam Indirectly Praises Herself When Praising Mimi Chu


"Scoop" Clip



Artiste Eliza Sam attended an event. Regarding her playing the young version of Mimi Chu in the TV series "Inbound Troubles" receiving praise, Eliza laughingly said, "During filming, I also thought that there was a slight resemblance! (Is it good to look like her?) Mimi is a very happy person. Her eyes are also sharp. Certainly good to look like her!"

Personal Note: Definitely not a bad thing to look like Mimi Jeh!

Can see that Eliza's right arm is bruised from filming "Sniper Attack".

*Credits to the-sun

Monday, January 28, 2013

Clip from "Inbound Troubles" Episode 10

In the 10th episode of "Inbound Troubles", Yik Suet Fei walks the runway in a dress designed by Sung Wai Chiu.

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Personal Note: Definitely agree with the cast.... Joey is a 'goddess'...very pretty, and the dress looks even more nice in motion! :)

Funny how Mimi covered Cho Lam's eyes when Louis and Whitney were on the runway, and said that it wasn't suitable for children! Ha ha.... :P

Loved Siu Po's line, "嘩! 我覺得佢好狐狸精囉!"...so funny! :D

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 10

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Selena Li Character Cartoons

Selena Li had a birthday party with her fans, celebrating her 10th year in the industry.


Top left: Miss Hong Kong, "The Four", "Slow Boat Home", "The Master of Tai Chi", "Gloves Come Off", "A Change of Destiny", "The Herbalist's Manual", "Face to Fate", "Love Is....", "When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West", "A Fistful of Stances", "To Grow with Love", "On the First Beat", "Forensic Heroes II", "The Last Breakthrough", "Life Made Simple", "Real Kung Fu", "Just Love II", "Beyond the Realm of Conscience", "The Seventh Day", "Survivor's Law II", "Can't Buy Me Love", "The Life and Times of a Sentinel", "Wish and Switch", "The Confidant", "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", "Awfully Lawful"

Fans also created a clip, which included birthday messages from Aimee Chan, Patrick Dunn, Christine Kuo, Sharon Chan, Benjamin Yuen, Kenneth Ma, Angela Tong, Wong Wai Sing, and Roger Kwok.

Personal Note: The character cartoons on the banner are all very cute! Also very thoughtful of Selena's fans to re-create a cake Choi Yuk gave to Vincent in "Survivor's Law II" (episode 13)! Wishing Selena an early birthday!

*Credits to selenaliofficial

Tavia Yeung @ "My 2012"

Part 1

Part 2

"Scoop" Clip

Promotional Clip

Personal Note: 2012 was definitely a fruitful year for Tavia!

It was hilarious seeing Tavia place the square plate on the wok! :P

Really like Tavia and Griselda's sisterly relationship...very touching!

*Credits to taviayeung.com

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Roger Kwok Has Acting Abilities, Not Afraid of Script Changing


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip


Roger Kwok, Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, etc. were promoting the new series "Inbound Troubles". As for indications of being unsatisfied and at odds with Cho Lam for constantly changing the script, Roger supported Cho Lam and said, "Everybody's screen time is very equal. May Chan and Corinna Chamberlain are newcomers, so their characters must stand out. We rely on acting ability in order for the audience to relate to it. The ratings for the series are good because of the contribution of the entire cast and crew". Joey said, "The good feedback for the series after releasing is expected". (Also expected your schoolgirl look to be praised by viewers as being pure and cute?) Not this one. I also did not really dare to watch it, but a friend called me saying that it was very good. I went online again to use myTV to re-watch that episode". Roger, who was on the side, laughingly said that it had a childhood memories feel: "If you filmed that commercial back then, definitely would have been more popular than that girl".

On the other hand, regarding girlfriend Leanne Lai saying that she would immediately marry if the ratings of "Inbound" reached 50 points, Cho Lam laughingly said that it was impossible: "Fifty points? Then 5,000,000 (actually 3,210,000) viewers would not be going out to watch television. Impossible! Unless there was SARS!"

Reuniting in "Slave for Food"

"Inbounds" producer Wong Wai Sing will also be filming the new series "Slave for Food". He expressed that many actors who took part in "Inbound" will also take on prominent roles in "Food": "Bob Lam and Cho Lam will also film. Linda Chung is taking a two-month break to return to Canada, so found Joey. Ron Ng is also busy, so replaced by Louis Cheung. Previously, Raymond Lam turned down the emperor role...I found Ben Wong as a replacement".

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Personal Note: Fifty points would definitely be very difficult to achieve....

Saw this clip yesterday.... Never expected Cho Lam to have taken a picture with Veronica Yip when he was young.... So funny...at a young age, Cho Lam was already playful! :D

*Credits to the-sun, orientaldaily, ihktv, and Weibo

Friday, January 25, 2013

Qing Dynasty Version of "Inbound Troubles": Ben Wong Takes Over for Roger Kwok



- Wong Wai Sing is using the original cast and crew of "Inbound Troubles" to film a Qing Dynasty version.
- Wong Cho Lam, Joey Meng, Louis Cheung, and Bob Lam are all returning.
- Joey was originally going to pair with Roger Kwok again; however, Roger already accepted Catherine Tsang's Qing Dynasty series, so Ben Wong will be taking over.
- Louis will play a character who is both good and evil.
- Cho Lam and Bob will continue to be funny.
- Angela Tong wants to guest-star.

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Personal Note: Thought of Ben Wong as a possible candidate, but didn't want it to be him....

Such a pity that Roger already agreed to film Lee Yim Fong's series...since he is shaving his head, definitely would have been nice to see him collaborate with Joey again!

*Credits to mingpao and ihktv

"Heterogeneity" - Corinna Chamberlain

異種 - 陳明恩

作曲/編曲/監製: John Laudon
填詞: 王祖藍

在這一身膚色中 或有點不太類同
其實是哪樣人種 我也不懂

誰亦沒法聽得懂 謠言未能操縱
寧願放下惶恐 與你溝通
怎麼你 未聽懂

為你改 被撇開 仍然難有愛
漸揭盅 無需改變求相擁
太不同 為世不容
其實誰要 由你護送

寧願活得不平庸 愛可異常出眾
能在這地球中 遍滿芳蹤
始終會 被抱擁

Repeat **

Sudden Weekly Clip

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Personal Note: Really like the song! The melody and the lyrics are easy to follow along.

*Credits to dancingcorinna and suddenweekly

Joey Meng on "Pleasure and Leisure"

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Joey forgetting that she had driven herself to the location filming site...indeed very 'classic'! :P

Already knew that Joey can cook, but was a bit surprised to hear that she hasn't stepped into the kitchen for five years.

Joey's vegetarian burger seems to be lacking a sauce...probably didn't have time to make it. :P

"Season of Love" Promotional Clip 2

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Clip from "Inbound Troubles" Episode 9

In the ninth episode of "Inbound Troubles", Oh Baby performs Jacky Cheung's "Messy Hair" (頭髮亂了) and "Blessing" (祝福).

Personal Note: Really enjoyed Oh Baby singing these Jacky songs! :)

Ha ha.... The drawing of Mimi Chu actually looked like her! :P

Noticed the hand doubles when the drawings were given a close-up! :P

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 9

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clip from "Inbound Troubles" Episode 8

In the eighth episode of "Inbound Troubles", Mung Lo, Ng Chi Ching, Lip Siu Sin, and Sai Sai Lap dress up to get past the security guard.

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Personal Note: Ha ha.... This scene was quite funny...liked Ivana's broken Mandarin! :)

Ha ha.... The "English Poem" is used once again! :P

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 8

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wong Cho Lam Becomes Lucky Star: Leading "Slave for Food"


Wong Cho Lam, who has gained more popularity and has become a topic focus recently, along with the high ratings of "Inbound Troubles", have caused him to become the new generation 'Lucky Star'. TVB has decided to let him carry "Slave for Food". Because TVB sees Cho Lam's comedic abilities, will arrange for him to play a humourous imperial chef who is always by the emperor's side. Accordingly, the character is slightly similar to 'Wai Siu Po', and the screen time is very heavy. As for Joey Meng, who has recently joined TVB and is heavily used, she will play 'Lui Sei Leung' in the series!

Regarding the shuffle of characters, "Food" producer Wong Wai Sing was asked for confirmation. He frankly said that many series are like this...hope to use the actors in the promotional clip, but cannot help it when there are schedule conflicts sometimes. He also admitted that Raymond Lam had already officially rejected the series, but did not see him...only received the company's notification, so must look for another candidate. As for Ron Ng, who was originally confirmed to star, he will be on holidays until the end or March...not able to accommodate the schedule. Fala Chen and Sharon Chan, who were also in the promotional clip, will also not be starring. When asked about the candidate for the female lead, he expressed having initially considered Linda Chung; however, because she is taking a two-month break to return to Canada after finishing "Brother's Keeper", cannot accommodate the schedule, but has already invited Joey to play heroine 'Lui Sei Leung'. When asked whether letting Cho Lam lead was because of the good ratings of "Inbound", the producer frankly said that the role is very suitable for Cho Lam. Additionally, viewers have not seen him with a shaved head.

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Personal Note: Didn't expect Ron to also pull out of the series. Cho Lam's role sounds like the one that Ron played in the Sales clip.

Joey already filmed a comedy and played a villain in "A Change Heart". If she accepts this series, she will fulfill another wish to film an ancient series.

Wonder who will be playing the emperor.... Sunny Chan and Roger Kwok should be good candidates....

*Credits to singtao

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Clips from "Inbound Troubles" Episode 6

Yik Suet Fei reminisces her first love.

Lip Siu Sin gets hit on by Leonardo.

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Personal Note: Joey looks very young in the schoolgirl look...so cute! :)


Ha ha.... The "English Poem" was hilarious! :D

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 6

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 7

Eliza Sam Gets Attacked by Butterfly



"Scoop" Clip

ontv Clip

Sohu Clip


'Homebody Guy Goddess' Eliza Sam attended a Macau event as a ribbing cutting guest. During the ribbon cutting, a butterfly flew by and 'attacked' Eliza, which scared her and caused her to jaw-drop! She expressed that she never tried gambling in Macau before, and she also does not like to make money bets. Mainly trying delicious food when going to Macau. When asked whether she was afraid of gaining weight, she laughingly said that she is currently filming "Sniper Attack 2013". Because there is a lot of action scenes, can conveniently keep fit, but carelessly scraped her arm the other day...must rely on long-sleeved shirts to cover it up.

In addition, when it was mentioned that last night's "Inbound Troubles" aired her playing the younger version of Mimi Chu, she laughingly said that Mimi previously played her mother...have great fate, and also laughingly said that they both felt that they resembled each other when seeing each other for the first time.

Charmaine Sheh Wants to Film Series with Dayo Wong

Charmaine Sheh attended a Macau event as a ribbing cutting guest, laughingly saying that it was her first time taking a picture with Eliza Sam. During the ribbon cutting, the two were attacked by the same butterfly. When Charmaine was asked about it being rumoured that TVB is inviting Dayo Wong to film series, using her collaboration with Dayo to entice her to sign a contract, she said that she still has a contract with TVB, but also wants to collaborate with Dayo again. As for Bowie Lam making a jab at TVB for not having enough people, so even singer Ivana Wong is filming series, Charmaine feels that the two don't have any relations because singers filming series can create additional sparks. Back then, she also collaborated with Ekin Cheng.

In addition, when it was mentioned that it is rumoured that Emperor Motion Pictures has invited her to join, she frankly said that there was indirect contact, and also said that she would film if there's a good script...quality over quantity.

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Personal Note: Already thought that Eliza and Mimi looked like each other when they were in "Divas in Distress", but the resemblance was even clearer in "Inbound"!

Charmaine said that she is definitely filming a series for TVB this year, so hope that her new series is confirmed soon.

*Credits to the-sun and sohu

Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu Make Money as 'Couple Partnership'



ontv Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Sohu Clip



Yesterday, Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu attended an event at Landmark North as a rumoured couple partnership...had a harmonious performance. When asked whether they were accepting a rumoured couple partnership fee this time, Kenneth laughingly said, "Of course! But just had one job after being rumoured for so long. Really don't know if it's a good price. It's rumoured that couple partnerships tend to be more expensive. I didn't ask about the fee. Everything is handled by the company. Also do not mind continuing to make money like this. (When upgrading to a real couple, the fee would be more expensive?) Should be about the same. Just making money. (If see each other more, would there be sparks?) Already had sparks when filming the series. All in all, more events and make more money".

Rebecca, who was on the side, expressed not minding doing shows as a couple partnership. The most important is that there is money to be made. As for whether she would be paying his house a visit on Chinese New Year, she laughingly said, "Must work on New Year's, but remember Kenneth giving me a red pocket last year".

Personal Note: Funny how the reporter in clip said that they're waiting for Ma Ming and Morning to hand out red pockets together! :P

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, appledaily, sohu, and cntv

'Sai Sai Lap' Siu Po Does Not Admit to Being a Goddess




May Chan (Siu Po), who has become known for playing 'Sai Sai Lap' in "Inbound Troubles", and Corinna Chamberlain went to a radio station to accept an interview. The two expressed that many people notice them when they go out. When May was asked about being labelled as a goddess by netizens, she insistently denied: "Which part do I look like one? Goddesses have looks and a good figure. I do not admit to it!" Other the other hand, Corinna brought her new song. The lyrics of the new song were written by Wong Cho Lam: "I am very grateful to Cho Lam. I cried after reading the lyrics. Really expressed the feelings in my heart".

"Inbound Troubles" in Mongkok @ TVBE Clip

"Inbound Troubles" in Mongkok @ "Scoop" Clip

Related post: "Heterogeneity" - Corinna Chamberlain

Personal Note: Happy that Siu Po and Corinna are getting recognized! Really like their characters in "Inbound"! :D

*Credits to the-sun

"Inbound Troubles" Theme Song MV

"Everybody" - Ivana Wong & Wong Cho Lam

大家 《老表, 你好嘢!》 主題曲 - 王菀之/王祖藍

作曲: 王菀之
填詞: 梁栢堅
編曲/監製: 何山

謝謝大家 謝謝大家 我最愛家
我有個爸 我有個媽 還有那個他
一屋數口 爭吵也手拖手

莫問是非 善待自己 也要愛彼
這裡有喜 這裡有悲 團結去撐起
這一對手 安撫你來問候
今生不會走 關愛就是富有

*一朝到晚 忙忙慢慢靜靜逛逛
不要裝扮 無瑕如白色簡單

走錯過 誰人原諒我
摔破過 人誰無犯錯
天隨緣挑選過 我來和你坐

得到過 誰人來賀我
失去了 誰來回贈我
小綿羊總走錯 你會牧養麼
還幸有 你兩手 一起走過 (共我渡過)*

Repeat (*)

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*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Season of Love" Promotional Clip 1

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Personal Note: Ma Ming definitely looks much more handsome in the promo clip than in the actual series! :P

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

"The Day of Days" Opening Theme Video

"Fai Chun Revelation" - Fama

揮春啟示錄 《初五啟市錄》 主題曲 - 農夫

作曲/編曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 宋沛言/陸永權
監製: 葉肇中/鄧智偉

大年初一 忘記過去錯失
一到初二 祝你可以
Say sorry 赤口都唔駛門氣
你就我 我就你 又就嚟初四
所有貴人call你 初五六七
以後每一個節日祝你假期 多五六日

句句綽頭又稱心 提升你運氣福氣就近
拍拍膊頭就放心 平安會令你十倍精神
個個笑容又夠真 純真嘅面相一笑合襯
老友過年大變身 有我陪你發憤

恭祝你在這新春愛可相傳 讓世間充滿無限美
願各種喜慶永保存 共慶祝新歲傳播溫暖



Sunny Chan & Sonija Kwok on "The Green Room"

Raymond Wong on "The Green Room"

*Credits to ihktv and TVBUSAofficial

Clips from "Inbound Troubles" Episode 5

Siu Sin and Sai Sai Lap sing Chinese opera while drunk.

Mung Lo finds out about her relationship with Choi Sam.

Young Mung Lo sings Kenny Bee and Benette Pang's "A Relationship" (一段情).

Personal Note: Funny how Corinna and Siu Po were singing Chinese opera! :)

Funny how Choi Sam's original name is Choi Fung Wah! :P The reason his father changed his name was even more hilarious! :P

Knew that Eliza mimed to Mimi Chu's voice, but didn't know that Ivana Wong also sang for her. :)

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 5

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jacky Cheung @ 35th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award Concert

Jacky Cheung received the newly added 'Gold Songs 35th Honorary Award', which was given to the singer with the most 'Top Ten Gold Songs' over the years.

Personal Note: Jacky is truly the 'God of Songs'! Definitely has the best vocals and the best songs! :D

*Credits to Musicfantasy3

'Young Ignorance' Wins Song Award at RTHK



Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, and Bowie Lam received the last 'Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Award'. On the stage, Moses was again teased by the host for his Mandarin, requesting for him to say his acceptance speech in Mandarin. Pretending to use broken Cantonese, he laughingly said, "Actually, my Mandarin is okay!" On the other hand, Bowie 'challenged' the singers below the stage: "We've decided to not act. Joining the music industry. You guys must be more careful". As for Kenny, just like a singer, he thanked the fans for their support.

"Scoop" Clip


ontv Clip

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Personal Note: Congratulations to Sober Band once again! :) "Young Ignorance" is such a well-received song, yet it wasn't even nominated at JSG! o_O

*Credits to Musicfantasy3 and the-sun

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bobby Au Yeung Says That Esther Kwan Is Basically a Big Shot


ontv Clip

ontv Clip


There have been reports indicating that Esther Kwan is unsatisfied with Bobby Au Yeung frequently NG-ing, causing her to not make it home on time to take care of her daughter, which led to the two being at odds! The new series "Love Reverses Three Lifetimes of Fate" continued to film today. Bobby seized the chance to clear that he and Esther are like brother and sister: "Crazy! Nonsense! Saying that we had no communication...it is because I didn't have any dialogue that day. (NGs getting in the way of Esther getting off work?) No, her daughter is so grown up and so clever...no need to be taken care of. Also, there is an auntie looking after her. (Esther said that you don't have much hair, but it takes you longer to get your hair set compared to her?) Mine is an ancient hairstyle! How is it little hair? That means that it's made up! (Esther acting like a big shot?) One day, the series crew was on lunch. Esther led the group to Sai Kung to eat, and she paid the $10,000 bill. How is she acting like a big shot? Also, she doesn't need to act like a big shot. She basically is a big shot! (Esther receives $50,000 per episode?) That cheap? How would you be able to afford her with $50,000...at least $500,000 per episode!"

Personal Note: Ridiculous! Bobby was one of the reasons Esther accepted this series!

Remember reports back then saying that Esther received $7,000 per episode during her prime...$50,000 per episode would definitely make more sense!

Funny how Ram did not know that Bobby was bugging him while he was resting! :P

*Credits to the-sun

Eliza Sam's Cantonese Shows Improvement


Ming Pao Clip

Apple Daily Clip


When Eliza Sam attended an event, she expressed that she went to Australia to film a travel programme earlier. There, she ate a lot of delicious seafood. When asked whether she had gained weight after returning to Hong Kong, she laughingly said, "No. Actually lost a pound. Because currently filming a series, reminded myself to hold back". When it was mentioned that her Cantonese seemed to be better, Eliza expressed that she would continue to work hard, laughingly saying that doing interviews is also a learning opportunity.

Personal Note: Glad that Eliza's Cantonese has improved! In the clip, she did seem quicker in her responses. :)

*Credits to headlinedaily, mingpao, appledaily, and orientaldaily

Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Inbound Troubles" Sub Song Preview

In the fourth episode of "Inbound Troubles", Chi Ching sings the song she wrote for her brother.

"Brother Song" - Ivana Wong

哥歌 《老表, 你好嘢!》 插曲 - 王菀之

哥哥呀哥哥 愛與你一起 遊戲旅行看戲
天光到天黑 滿佈的驚喜 是最簡單最美

不敢太壞 不愛太乖 手挽手 就算惹禍也不賴
假使有日 想結婚並有小孩 仍記得破舊那雙皮鞋

哥哥呀哥哥 愛與你一起 勞氣不失讚美
天光到天黑 仍樂此不疲 朋友和伴侶 最好是你

Personal Note: Such a lovely song! :) Enjoying the series so far...quite like the characters! :D

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 4

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"The Day of Days" Promotional Clips 4-5 & TVBI Trailer

"The Day of Days" Promotional Clip 4

"The Day of Days" Promotional Clip 5

"The Day of Days" TVBI Trailer

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Inbound Troubles" Opening Theme Video

"Everybody" - Ivana Wong & Wong Cho Lam

大家 《老表, 你好嘢!》 主題曲 - 王菀之/王祖藍

作曲: 王菀之
填詞: 梁栢堅
編曲/監製: 何山

謝謝大家 謝謝大家 我最愛家
我有個爸 我有個媽 還有那個他
一屋數口 爭吵也手拖手
今生不會走 關愛就是富有

一朝到晚 忙忙慢慢靜靜逛逛
不要裝扮 無瑕如白色簡單

走錯過 誰人原諒我
摔破過 人誰無犯錯
天隨緣挑選過 我來和你坐

得到過 誰人來賀我
失去了 誰來回贈我
小綿羊總走錯 你會牧養麼
還幸有 你兩手 共我渡過

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 1a

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 1b

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 1c



Mimi Chu on "The Green Room"

Angela Tong on "The Green Room"

Wong Kwong Leung on "The Green Room"

Corinna Chamberlain on "Pleasure and Leisure"

Premiere Dinner @ TVBE Clip

Premiere Dinner @ "Scoop" Clip

FYI: The first episode of "Inbound Troubles" averaged 31 points, and peaked at 33 points (close to 2,120,000 viewers).

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Personal Note: Can expect the series to have more complaints....

Don't like Cho Lam's fake accent....

Funny how Siu Po is playing a fitness coach! :P

Ha ha.... The kimchi version of "Taxi".... :P

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 2

"Inbound Troubles" Episode 3

*Credits to TVBUSAofficial

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jessica Hsuan Filming Series Without Being Tied Down: Enjoys Freedom



Artiste Jessica Hsuan, along with her two dogs, attended an event. The two dogs were actually rescued by Patrick Tang in a public washroom four years ago. When discussing about work, she expressed that she will be going to Singapore and Malaysia to film a Mainland series. When asked whether TVB or Ricky Wong's HKTV has approached her to film series, she said, "There is a bit of a clash with TVB...still have not confirmed to film the sequel of 'Tiger Cubs'". On the 16th of this month, she and model Coco Chiang will film a programme together. She emphasized that she enjoys the freedom right now, and temporarily has no plans on signing a long contract or a fixed-term contract.

Personal Note: Although Jessica has turned down "Tiger Cubs II", I can't see her signing to HKTV, so I hope that she'll return to TVB next year or so. :)

He he.... Jessica's rottweiler still looks the same after two years. :P

*Credits to the-sun

Tavia Yeung @ 《舊日的足跡》

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

*Credits to tavia.org

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Making of "Inbound Troubles"

Part 1

Part 2

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Personal Note: Indeed a refreshing cast combination! Looking forward to 「Oh Baby」! :D

Birthday Messages for Kenneth Ma & Sharon Chan

Friends who recorded birthday messages: Damian Lau, Mary Hon, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Michael Tse, Natalie Tong, Mandy Wong, Oscar Leung, Jazz Lam, Sire Ma, Raymond Wong, Raymond Cho, Shirley Yeung, Queenie Chu, Him Law, Ngo Ka Nin, Charmaine Li, Rebecca Zhu, Lai Lok Yi, Stefan Wong, Fanny Lee, Candice Chiu, Adrian Chau, James Ng, Benz Hui, Ku Ming Wah, Moses Chan, Aimee Chan, Sammy Leung, Samantha Ko, Selena Li, Koni Lui, Edwin Siu, Elena Kong, Benjamin Yuen, Alice Chan, Ella Koon, Ho Lam (son of Gary Cheung), Francis Ng, Man Wai Hung, and Kevin Cheng.

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Personal Note: Thoughtful of Ma Ming and Sharon fans to make a video package for them again this year! :)

Is Selena hinting that she would be working with Ma Ming soon?

Remember Ella saying on "E-Buzz" back then that she believes in horoscopes, but still surprised that she remembers that Ma Ming is an Aquarius! :D

Funny how Aimee forgot what to say! :P

*Credits to 陳敏之官方影迷會 and 馬國明官方國際影迷會

Friday, January 11, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Inbound Troubles" Promotional Clips 4-5

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Kenneth Ma on "Your Face Sounds Familiar"

Kenneth Ma imitated Leon Lai's "Sugar in the Marmalade".

*Credits to Andy S

Joey Meng Promotes Series: Tells Fans to Not Press Wrong Channel



"Scoop" Clip


Artistes Roger Kwok and Joey Meng rode on a tour bus around Tsim Sha Tsui to promote the new series "Inbound Troubles". Roger pointed out that Joey has gained over ten pounds. If she were to gain five more pounds, she would look exactly like Ma Siu Ling. Joey was excited throughout the entire journey, even saying to passers-by over a microphone, "Don't press the wrong channel, everybody! I went to TVB!"

Joey Meng's Tencent Weibo

Joey Meng's Tencent Weibo

《TVB Weekly》 Cover Shoot @ "Scoop" Clip

《TVB Weekly》 Cover Shoot @ TVBE Clip

Personal Note: Quite funny how Joey made sure to tell everybody to watch TVB! :P

Roger was most likely referring to the 'Ma Siu Ling' from the comic "Oriental Heroes" rather than her character from "My Date with a Vampire".

*Credits to the-sun, tvb.com, and ihktv

'Hot Property' Kenneth Ma Not in a Hurry to Date


J2 Clip


When Kenneth Ma attended a radio interview, he revealed that the original cast and crew will film "The Hippocratic Crush II" in February with the addition of Lawrence Ng, Ku Ming Wah, and Eliza Sam. Kenneth also heard that Him Law and Eliza will play a pair in the series, while Kenneth will continue to pair up with Him's real-life girlfriend, Tavia Yeung. As for himself, being 'hot property' in real-life, is still on the market. He laughingly said, "The good ones are already marked by others, but not worried...many opportunities. Will encounter when have to encounter".

Kenneth Ma @ 《娛樂旗艦店》

Personal Note: February seemed so far away when it was first announced that "Hippocratic II" would be delayed to accommodate Lawrence's schedule...now, it's only less than a month away. ;) Can't wait to see Yat Kin and Yue Jai again! :D

*Credits to the-sun and kennethma.org

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Focusing on Master's Degree Courses, Flora Chan Temporarily Has Not Considered Filming Series Again

Flora Chan attended the Hong Kong premiere of "The Grandmaster", where she said that she is temporarily not considering filming again, as she is currently focusing on her studies.

Personal Note: Great to see Flora! Miss her so much! Nice to hear that she hasn't completely ruled out filming series again! :D

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ku Ming Wah Receives Special Treatment from Producer to Keep 'So Kei' Hair



Ku Ming Wah, who made the character 'So Kei' come to life, attended a radio interview. He revealed that he will be filming the sequel of "The Hippocratic Crush' in mid-February, collaborating with Lawrence Ng. The producer treats him very well...understands that the 'So Kei' look can help him accept money-making shows, so doesn't need him to cut his hair for his new series look. In the series, he will play a leisurely and carefree wealthy person. Ku Ming Wah expressed that, apart from the company's work, there are a few outside jobs looking for him. This year will be his first time taking part in the company's Chinese New Year programme. He is already prepared to hand out red pockets on that day.

Personal Note: Poon Ka Tak was the one who gave Ku Ming Wah 'So Kei', so Poon should be more understanding toward his need to keep the hair. :)

Lawrence will have a daughter in "Hippocratic II", and he said that he is looking forward to his scenes with Ku Ming Wah and Louisa So the most, but he will not be playing a couple with Louisa.

*Credits to the-sun

Raymond Lam's Short Film: Episode 4

Starring: Raymond Lam & Eliza Sam

Radio Drama: Episode 1

Radio Drama: Episode 2

Radio Drama: Episode 3

Radio Drama: Episode 4

Radio Drama: Episode 5

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*Credits to 音悅Tai

Monday, January 7, 2013

"The Day of Days" Promotional Clip 2

*Credits to HKLOVE.org

Carol Cheng Denies "War of the Genders" Having Sequel


Carol Cheng and Dayo Wong collaborated in the TV series "War of the Genders", which achieved a high ratings record. There have been rumours saying that a sequel would soon start production. Female lead Carol has denied such a thing: "Will not film series again. Have filmed for many years...have played all kinds of roles. Rather, enjoy having a disciplined lifestyle now". (Allegedly, Dayo wants to film?) Won't film! TVB has so many fa dans...find one in the bunch". She also said that it was a legend back then, so difficult to break again.

Personal Note: Dodo previously mentioned that she would not consider filming even if the male lead was Chow Yun Fat.

*Credits to the-sun

Wayne Lai Hopes to Collaborate with Dayo Wong to Create New Sparks


Sina Clip


Last night, TV King Wayne Lai did location filming for the new series "Will Power". As for reports saying that Dayo Wong, Steven Ma, etc. would be returning to film series, he expressed welcome, really hoping to collaborate with Dayo: "Then it would be much more refreshing...would have many more changes and a sense of freshness with different cast combinations".

Fala Chen Admires Samantha Ko's Devotion

Last night, artiste Fala Chen did location filming at a Thai boxing club for the new series "Will Power". Fala, who was wearing a tank top and shorts, showed off her thin frame. Fala revealed that her character has a tomboy personality, which is similar to herself: "However, sometimes girls have to be gentle in order to be likable". As for Samantha Ko's rape scene being constantly reported recently, Fala expressed her admiration for her devotion.

Personal Note: Didn't expect Wayne to have boxing scenes (he's actually fitter than expected)...wonder if Moses has any boxing scenes, since he lost quite a bit of weight recently.

Fala doesn't have the aura of a boxer....

*Credits to the-sun and sina

Sunday, January 6, 2013

"Friendly Fire" Promotional Event 3



"Scoop" Clip

Artiste Tavia Yeung attended a promotional event for the series "Friendly Fire" the other day. When asked whether she was afraid of Samantha Ko's rape scene stealing the spotlight, she laughingly said, "This is her first rape scene. Happy to have noise!" However, she expressed that her limit of being sexy can only be revealing the shoulders.

Dinner Gathering @ J2 Clip

Dinner Gathering @ ontv Clip

Dinner Gathering @ ontv Clip

Finale Dinner @ J2 Clip

*Credits to tavia.org and the-sun

Steven Ma Has Not Decided to Return to Film Series



Artiste Steven Ma attended a traffic safety event. It is said that TVB executive Catherine Tsang is persuading him to return to film a series in May. He admitted that the two of them have been talking, but has not decided yet: "Catherine is my master...first choice would be to talk with master, but have not talked about the contract details. (Will return?) There are many options now. There are people in Hong Kong and in Mainland looking for me to film series". When asked what condition is missing in order for him to return to TVB, he said, "I am not pursuing money...most important are the script and partner. (Who makes you want to return?) Also want to work with Fala Chen and Tavia Yeung".

Personal Note: Steven said that he should have an answer before CNY. If he is indeed returning, his partner would probably be among his three sisters and Sonija. :)

*Credits to the-sun