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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kenneth Ma Wants to Have a Daughter


TVB8 Clip

ontv Clip

stheadline Clip

Ming Pao Clip


Artiste Kenneth Ma was doing a recording for the programme "Daddy, Where's Mom", saying that his fatherly love is overflowing. Although his family has some nephews, he thinks that it is more difficult to take care of boys. On the contrary, the little girl he interacted with in this programme is very quiet. The two interacted for a morning, and he already received a self-made card from her, which he finds sweet.

Kenneth, who is partial to having a daughter in the future, was asked if he would show favouritism. He said, "My father taught me that you have to dote on your daughter because you do not know whether your daughter would marry well or not, so would definitely surrender when facing my daughter. Sons have to support their family, so must be stricter".

Regarding going to Toronto with Kate Tsui for a stage performance during the Lunar New Year, he expressed that this is this year's best gift because the pay is abundant: "I will go for five to six days. Originally thought about staying, later going to Vancouver to visit former classmates, but the timing is not right, so forget it!"

"Daddy, Where's Mom" Episode 4

*Credits to 香港無線TVB8, the-sun, stheadline, mingpao, and gztv

Monday, January 25, 2016

《幕後玩家》 "Behind-the-Scenes Player" Blessing Ceremony



Date: January 25, 2016

Temporary Chinese title: 《幕後玩家》
Pinyin title: Mok Hau Waan Ga
Temporary English title: "Behind-the-Scenes Player"
Producer: Joe Chan

Attending Cast: Bosco Wong, Edwin Siu, Louis Cheung, Priscilla Wong, Alice Chan, Luk Wing, Kandy Wong, Moon Lau, Gloria Tang, Jacquelin Ch'ng, Yoyo Chen, Claire Yiu, Sarah Song, Fung So Bor, Chun Wong, Lee Ka Ting, Yu Yeung, William Chak, Chloe Nguyen, Leo Lee, Jan Tse, Celine Ma, Ricky Lee, Ching Ho Wai, Lee Sing Cheung, Sunny Dai, Snow Suen, Ice Chow, Gloria Chan, Kerry Chan, Judy Tsang, Au Oi Ling, Raymond Tsang, Timothy Cheng, and Kimmi Tsui.

Time: 14:30
Place: Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room


TVB8 Clip

TVB8 Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Ming Pao Clip

stheadline Clip

East Week Clip

HotTV Clip

Youku Clip

StarsYes Clip

StarsYes Clip



- 35 episodes long.
- Bosco Wong, Edwin Siu, and Louis Cheung are like brothers. They take on the world together, setting up a public relations (PR) company together and working for the wealthy.
- Bosco will play Chun Sing Hoi (秦昇海), the quick-witted boss of a PR company who stops at nothing to make his company into a commercial empire. He is both good and evil. He has a wife (played by Katy Kung) and a daughter, a mistress (played by Moon Lau), and an ambiguous relationship with Priscilla Wong. He originally had a happy family, but he actually has secret lover Moon. When he reaches a certain position, he begins to want to become a wealthy person. There will be a 'king maker' plot line. Because Luk Wing's family owns an enterprise, Bosco hopes to help him move up the ranks; if he is able to become a popular person beside him, then he can be a motherly model of the nation. However, he later discovers that Luk Wing is unable to do as he requests, so he decides to do it himself. When he has the ambition of wanting to become the king, he begins to lose his family and his friends.
- Edwin will play Fung Chik Yin (馮汐然), whose family owns a noodle shop. He and Louis have known each other since they were young; it was not until work that they re-encounter good friend Bosco. When he was in school, he had dream lover Priscilla. They actually dated before, but because she had to study overseas, they were forced to break up. The two later meet again, and also get married. There is a scene where there is an imitation of many classic movie characters, and saying many love declarations, but they do not develop a step further.
- Louis will play Tim Yau Tin Hang (游天恆), who has a wicked tongue but is kindhearted. He has always hoped to be able to find love; in the end, Gloria Tang appears, melting his heart. He lives at Edwin's place. Although he has his own room, he always sleeps with Edwin.
- Priscilla will play Ku Sing Seung (顧成雙), who has a weird illness. After returning to Hong Kong, she has insomnia, and she has to hug Edwin in order to be able to sleep, but they are not a couple. In the middle, they return to being friends. Although she and Edwin are a pair, she gets entangled with Bosco, beginning a complicated triangular relationship, and adding turbulence to their brotherhood.
- Katy will play a virtuous housewife and author who later develops depression.
- Alice Chan will play Ku Sing Fan (顧成勳).
- Luk Wing, Priscilla, and Alice share the same father but different mothers. He is originally a useless youngster, but is later discovered to have a talent in helping out with the business, so Alice feels that he is a threat to her.
- Kandy Wong will play a single mother. She was 18 years old when she gave birth to her son. She has a romantic storyline with Luk Wing.
- Moon will play Emma, Bosco's mistress.
- Gloria Tang will play Chin Ka Yan (錢嘉欣), Louis' disciple. She does many odd jobs, such as construction, but is later brought into the PR company by Louis. She and Louis have a romantic storyline.
- Jacquelin Ch'ng will play a wild anchor. She always gets into trouble, so she needs Bosco or Louis to help her resolve her problems. Her main partner is Louis. She does not have a romantic storyline. She is Bosco's elder twin sister.
- Yoyo Chen will play Lam Shu Yu (林書榆).
- Sarah Song will play Bonnie (思).
- Snow Suen will play Cheung San Chau (張晨秋), a sexy PR.
- Gloria Chan will play Bosco's younger sister.
- Timothy Cheng will play a psychiatrist.

Visit @ TVBE Clip (012816)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip

Visit @ TVBE Clip (020316)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip

Visit @ TVBE Clip (020616)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (031116)

Visit @ "Extra" Clip (031116)

Visit @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (031416)

Visit @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (032816)

Visit @ J2 Clip (040116)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (040116)

Visit @ Pearl Clip (040216)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (040616)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip

Visit @ J2 Clip (050616)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (050716)

Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip (052416)

Completion Banquet @ Pearl Clip (052516)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Two Steps from Heaven".

Personal Note: Sounds like "The Ultimate Addiction" 2.0....

*Credits to 狂愛TVB, 香港無線TVB8, the-sun, mingpao, stheadline, eastweek, bastillepost, youku, Yes娛樂, gztv, 娛樂最前線e-news, lovebosco.net, LovingTBB, and Weibo

"Short End of the Stick" Promotional Clips 1-9

"Short End of the Stick" Promotional Clip 1

"Short End of the Stick" Promotional Clip 2

"Short End of the Stick" Promotional Clip 3

"Short End of the Stick" Promotional Clip 4

"Short End of the Stick" Promotional Clip 5

"Short End of the Stick" Promotional Clip 6

"Short End of the Stick" Promotional Clip 7

"Short End of the Stick" Promotional Clip 8

"Short End of the Stick" Promotional Clip 9

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*Credits to edwinsfc, alaxelcheung, nancywu.org, and TVBUSAofficial

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clips 1-13 & TVBUSA Trailer

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 1

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 2

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 3

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 4

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 5

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 6

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 7

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 8

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 9

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 10

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 11

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 12

"K9 Cop" Promotional Clip 13

"K9 Cop" TVBUSA Trailer

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*Credits to lovebosco.net and TVBUSAofficial

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kenneth Ma Not Filming "Hot Pursuit"


Pearl Clip

TVB8 Clip

ontv Clip

ontv Clip

East Week Clip


"Buzz Stop" Clip

Kenneth Ma went to Wong Chuk Hang to serve as a guest taster for the new TVB programme "3 Hungry Sisters", in which Samantha Ko, Selena Lee, and Paisley Hu treated him to abalone. Regarding this, he said, "Have known Selena for ten-plus years, but have not tasted her cooking. (You can also cook?) I am okay with simple ones...stir-frying vegetables, frying an egg, but actually, I have very high expectations toward food. If it does not taste good, would rather not eat to save the quota". However, Kenneth also admitted that he would add points for girls who are good at cooking.

Regarding it being said that he has been arranged to be the first male lead over Ruco Chan in the new series "Hot Pursuit", Kenneth revealed that the latest news he received is that he is not taking part in this series: "The company has many plans in progress. Perhaps they have to see how they should place the artistes. I don't know, so waiting for the company to arrange it". Is it because he has not renewed his contract, so he has lost out on the role? Kenneth emphasized that there is a length of time before his contract expires. At the moment, still discussing the details with the company. He expressed that, after completing "Inspector Gourmet" in May of last year, although he has only guest-starred for two episodes in "ICAC Investigators 2016", he has actually been attending commercial events and filming advertisements to earn extra income. Perhaps it is because everyone sees that he has been quiet, thus thinking that there are problems with his contract.

When programme host Selena mentioned Kenneth, she originally wanted to say, "I have known Kenneth for ten-plus years", but she misspoke by saying, "I ate Kenneth", causing everyone to burst into laughter.

"3 Hungry Sisters" Episode 2

*Credits to 馬國明官方國際影迷會, 香港無線TVB8, the-sun, eastweek, gztv, and mingpao

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gallen Lo Returning to TVB to Film Series in March


Gallen Lo has agreed to film the series "Conspiring with Spies", in which he will play a shopping mall big shot, the CEO of a large company. The character is both good and evil. This series only has 20 episodes, so there only needs to be two-plus months of filming.

Gallen, who was in Shanghai, admitted that he would be returning to TVB for work in the beginning of March. He laughingly said, "Because the genre and the role are very good...also like it myself. There is no schedule conflict. In addition, indeed have not filmed series in Hong Kong for a while. It is also time to film one. (You are very loyal!) Saying this is too kind. When I returned to Hong Kong last year, Wong Wai Sing told me about the concept of this series...very not bad. Returning to Hong Kong to film, can also see my friends and my son. Fortunately, this time's filming is not considered long!"

Allegedly, Gallen's role this time is tailor-made for him. Producer Wong Wai Sing said in an interview, "Well, definitely very suitable for him...that's why [we] looked for him! Actually, have always kept in contact with him, but he was previously filming in Mainland, so there was no opportunity for it to work out. (Gallen has looked at the script?) There is no script yet, but have discussed the story and the role. He also finds it very interesting!" As for the female lead, Producer Wong frankly said that it has not been finalized. When asked whether Gallen had a female star he wanted to collaborate with, he revealed that he did not have any requests: "In my heart, there are some candidates, but still not finalized. For Gallen, there would certainly be even more freshness if they have not collaborated before".

Fred Cheng and Jacqueline Wong will be taking part.

Personal Note: Gallen did not even cross my mind when Fred said that he would be working with a heavyweight veteran who has not filmed for TVB in a while. Now hoping for a good female lead!

*Credits to the-sun and hk01

"Inspector Gourmet" Theme Song

"Tempted Heart" - Jinny Ng

誘心人 《為食神探》 主題曲 - 吳若希

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

做夢原是最高境地 現實毋用迴腸盪氣
有些苦 快落糖 領略簡單滋味
浪漫原是女人專利 畫著濃淡 神情亦美
在我天空飛 直到舉止都滲出韻味

*為難在有效日期 捉緊色香味
如放膽湊近十毫釐 相差千百萬里
贈你驚喜 讓你歡喜 以心去調味
甜言在制造日期 總芳香旖旎
徘徊著靠近又逃離 飄忽所以神秘
嚐過一口 快收起 誰抵抗 誰誘餌

活著難道要講演技 伴著還是全情入戲
願這呼吸 在世間找不到可以對比

Repeat *

為難在有效日期 捉緊色香味
如放膽湊近十毫釐 轉身可會忘記
贈你驚喜 讓你歡喜 誘心這甜味
何妨在最後限期 專心的賞味
讓你走新鮮的氧氣 供給千百樣美
還會想起 再想起 才跟你 在一起

"A Time of Love 2016" Theme Song


"Love" - Jinny Ng

愛 《愛情來的時候2016》 歌曲 - 吳若希

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

細碎的仍然在意 尚記得閒談那句子
愛笑的傻孩子 開始有心事
每首歌凝留在耳 在腦海徘徊三個字
為我點綴人生 存在的意義

*從來全無後悔唯有愛 值得花費時光去靜待
緣份無從避開 無從預賽 沒法去刪改
完全無遺力氣迷信愛 就算斷崖都會有花開
難摘才越精彩 仍付出慷慨
教人妙想天開 如淒美意外 (有時流淚了 仍是放不開)

勇敢的傳情達意 就算很平凡很幼稚
是我將來重温 甜蜜小故事

Repeat (*)

從來全無後悔唯有愛 值得花費時光去靜待
緣份無從避開 無從預賽 沒法去刪改
如能憑著運氣尋到愛 就算浪遊千里也應該
頑石沉落深海 疑慮都超載
愛人和被愛 逾越所有障礙

*Credits to 星夢娛樂

Monday, January 18, 2016

"Speed of Life" Opening Theme Video

"Same Pace" - Justin Lo

同步 《鐵馬戰車》 主題曲 - 側田

作曲/編曲: 徐洛鏘
填詞: 楊熙
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

邁步突破是你亦是我 路上突變再多仍路向未忘 勝利在那方
自問站了道理的一方 就合著眼勇闖全賴你在旁 繼續點火

前事徐徐掠過 人面匆匆閃過 全部擦過 瞬間撥起猛火

凝聚眾人圍城能衝破 一個人如何能闖過
雨滴匯聚便成河 萬人同步哪怕抵擋
如何才能醒覺 一眾人無人能擊破
若眼光向前齊集同一方 遙遙路途亦不需怕夜寒

進與退也要一起附和 在陣裡缺乏哪個也不可

Benjamin Yuen, Natalie Tong & Sisley Choi on "The Green Room"

Promotional Event 1 @ "Extra" Clip (011416)

Promotional Event 2 @ TVBE Clip (011816)

Promotional Event 2 @ TVB8 Clip

Interview @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (011816)

Premiere Dinner @ TVBE Clip (011916)

Promotional Event 3 @ TVBE Clip (012416)

Promotional Event 3 @ TVB8 Clip

Interview @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (020116)

Promotional Event 4 @ TVBE Clip (020216)

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*Credits to tvb, tvbdrama.se, 張美妮蕃薯會, 娛樂最前線e-news, and 狂愛TVB

Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Speed of Life" Theme Song MV

"Same Pace" - Justin Lo

同步 《鐵馬戰車》 主題曲 - 側田

作曲/編曲: 徐洛鏘
填詞: 楊熙
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

邁步突破是你亦是我 路上突變再多仍路向未忘 勝利在那方
自問站了道理的一方 就合著眼勇闖全賴你在旁 繼續點火

#前事徐徐掠過 人面匆匆閃過 全部擦過 瞬間撥起猛火

*凝聚眾人圍城能衝破 (圍城如何衝破) 一個人如何能闖過
雨滴匯聚便成河 萬人同步哪怕抵擋
如何才能醒覺 一眾人無人能擊破
若眼光向前齊集同一方 遙遙路途亦不需怕夜寒

尚幸遇到是你亦是我 路上遇到痛楚仍路向未忘 勝利在那方
自問站了道理的一方 就合著眼勇闖全賴你可從旁 繼續點火

Repeat #*

進與退也要一起附和 在陣裡缺乏哪個也不可

Repeat (*)

*Credits to 張美妮蕃薯會

Monday, January 11, 2016

"Love as a Predatory Affair" Opening Theme Video

"Love Chain" - Stephanie Ho

愛情食物鏈 《愛情食物鏈》 主題曲 - 何雁詩

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

男共女 我與你 情和愛 最銘記 卻要賭氣
行盡了 數百里 無名次 有勇氣 未見得 空歡喜

人生難得一知己 有著靈犀無須捉摸心理
遺失人氣 尋到自己 平凡中 有福氣
人生難得找到你 繼續純真無須辛苦演戲
難解難分 緣消緣起 藏玄機 贏得到偏想輸給你

Jason Chan & Kitty Yuen on "The Green Room"

Samantha Ko & King Kong on "The Green Room"

Promotional Event 1 @ J2 Clip (010916)

Promotional Event 2 @ TVBE Clip (011116)

Interview @ "Buzz Stop" Clip (011116)

Promotional Event 3 @ J2 Clip (012016)

Promotional Event 3 @ TVB8 Clip

"Neighborhood Food War" Visit @ J2 Clip (012216)

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*Credits to azdrama.biz, TVBUSAofficial, and 娛樂最前線e-news

Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Love as a Predatory Affair" Theme Song

"Love Chain" - Stephanie Ho

愛情食物鏈 《愛情食物鏈》 主題曲 - 何雁詩

作曲/編曲: 張家誠
填詞: 張美賢
監製: 何哲圖/韋景雲

男生的品味 膚淺得要死
如果公主病 美貌也會博得 最歡喜
憑肉眼 作標記 無耐性去知道 心底希冀
誰又信 有公理 如沒有我的矮小怎墊高 她的美

*人生難得一知己 有著靈犀無須捉摸心理
遺失人氣 尋到自己 平凡中 有福氣
人生難得找到你 繼續純真無須辛苦演戲
難解難分 緣消緣起 藏玄機 贏得到偏想輸給你

誰不想驕傲 高高天際飛
如不支倒地 當天摔低那點 再企得起
男共女 我與你 情和愛 最銘記 卻要賭氣
行盡了 數百里 無名次 有勇氣 未見得 空歡喜

Repeat *

迴腸盪氣將結尾 從頭於原點 尋找你

人生難得一知己 有著靈犀無須捉摸心理
無驚無險 做好自己 平凡中 有福氣
人生難得找到你 繼續純真無須辛苦演戲
無聲無息 提升自己 尋玄機 從低處可以高攀你

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Speed of Life" Promotional Clips 1-6, TVB Europe Trailer & TVBI Trailer

"Speed of Life" Promotional Clip 1

"Speed of Life" Promotional Clip 2

"Speed of Life" Promotional Clip 3

"Speed of Life" Promotional Clip 4

"Speed of Life" Promotional Clip 5

"Speed of Life" Promotional Clip 6

"Speed of Life" TVB Europe Trailer

"Speed of Life" TVBI Trailer

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*Credits to 張美妮蕃薯會, tvb, and 狂愛TVB

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Top Ten Highest Rating Series



1. "Ghost of Relativity" 27 points
2. "The Empress of China" 26 points
3. "Brick Slaves" 25 points
4. "Noblesse Oblige" 25 points
5. "Smooth Talker" 25 points
6. "The Fixer" 25 points
7. "Eye in the Sky" 25 points
8. "Madam Cutie on Duty" 25 points
9. "With or Without You" 25 points
10. "Lord of Shanghai" 25 points

2015 Lowest Rating Series
1. "Angel In-the-Making" 22 points
2. "Every Step You Take" 22 points
3. "My 'Spiritual' Ex-Lover" 23 points