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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did You Know...?

Things you might not know about TVB:
(Listed below are not obviously known to most people.)

- Sir Run Run Shaw is more fluent in English than in Cantonese.
- Stephen Chan's stage name was Wai Ka Ching during the time he was a DJ. His siblings are not Wai Ka Fai (producer, director, and screen-writer) and Wai Ka Hung.
- Virgina Lok worked at ATV before.
- Jessica Hsuan calls Tommy Leung '老爺'.
- Ha Ping's godson is Gordon Lam.
- Bak Yan's goddaughter is Louisa So.
- Amy Kwok named Wayne Lai's son.
- Lee Sing Cheung was Nancy Wu's instructor in TVB's Acting Class.
- Roger Kwok and Gallen Lo were roommates.
- Louis Koo was Gallen Lo's best man at his first marriage.
- Myolie Wu is a fan of Wong He. She wrote him fan mail when she was 15 years old.
- Kenneth Ma named his first Donald Duck plush Tommy. He named his second one Tommy II.
- Kenneth Ma and Kenix Kwok were neighbours.
- The crew of "Healing Hands II" believed that Moses Chan and Yoyo Mung were dating.
- Tavia Yeung had a crush on someone in the next classroom while she was in TVB's Acting Class.
- Nancy Wu took Selena Li's spot at "Strictly Come Dancing II", while Grace Wong took Bernice Liu's spot.
- Bernice Liu's elementary teachers highly recommended that she and her siblings not speak Cantonese at home to improve on their English.
- Myolie Wu's English name is derived from her Japanese name, Miyori, which was given to by her stepmother.
- Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung would hold hands when shopping together.
- Flora Chan's daughter, Mira, shares the same birth date as Ada Choi.
- Kiki Sheung knows how to drink because of Bobby Au Yeung and Michael Tao.
- Kara Hui was the first 'Best Actress' winner at the 1st Annual Hong Kong Film Awards in 1981.
- Al Wai calls Sheren Tang '大頭雯'.
- Wu Fung's English name is Bowie.
- Flora Chan enjoys to hit, nudge, or punch the male co-star she likes (as a friend).
- Melissa Ng learned Mandarin watching Taiwan TV series with her mother when she was young.

*Information is collected over the years from watching TVB, reading magazines, and some are firsthand sources.


  1. so interesting, i know some of them.
    always enjoy your posts, really unique

  2. for flora when you say "like" do you mean romantically..? haha...
    as much as i like seeing her & moses together i still see them having only a sibling relationship... i dont know why...

  3. To Noah: I'll try to a little harder to post something you never knew before. Ha ha... :)

    To mare: Flora does that to a lot of her male co-stars. For example, Gallen, Moses, Bowie, Nick, Jacky Lui, etc. :D For me, I love Moses and Flora as a couple. Flora would have to be my favourite of all time Moses pair up. :D

  4. haha!!! i saw you added the friend thing... :P
    totally guessed it since your fav. mo series is FM... ;)

  5. by the way Hyn, i always think Tavia's crush back then is Ron, since he took dancing class next door, right?

  6. To mare: Ha ha... Totally love "Family Man!"

    To Noah: I would guess that person would be Ron. Ha ha...

  7. I didnt know some of them...but the most surprise one is "Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung would hold hands when shopping together." They didnt had any rumors.

  8. To KLCB: Yeah, I don't know why there were no sparks between the both of them. Ha ha...

  9. Hi Hyn5! I'm finally back from Italy.
    Nice postings and updates and everything! :D

    Most of the Did You Know's I didn't know at all.. But I knew about:
    - Amy Kwok named Wayne Lai's son.
    - Nancy Wu took Selena Li's spot at "Strictly Come Dancing II" and Grace Wong took Bernice Liu's spot
    Myolie Wu's English name is derived from her Japanese name, Miyori, which was given to by her stepmother.

    The rest I didn't know at all.. Al Wai .. is that Wilson Tsui? And I didn't know about Kara, she's a great actress..! Good she won that award!

  10. Nice to see you back, Lizzy!
    Yes, Al Wai is Wilson Tsui. I think he's a great actor. He he...

  11. mmm very interesting

  12. and btw how did u know this stuff?
    : )

  13. Most of this was collected over the years of watching TVB. And the Bernice ones are second-hand source. ;)

  14. Added the Myolie and He one on July 12th. She is probably going to start mentioning it in interviews soon because BF3 is airing. ;)

  15. After doing some research, I've changed the Stephen Chan one. His stage name was Wai Ka Ching when he was a DJ. :)

  16. @hyn5: Finally had time to read your special posts.

    Haha.... Did not know that the crew of HHII thought that Moses and Yoyo were a real couple. Really love their chemistry. Wish that Moses would pair up with actresses closer in age.

  17. To Guru:

    Also like Moses and Yoyo together. Also, have always wanted Moses to collaborate with Jessica (she even expressed it before), but doubt it's ever going to happen, since they film for opposite sides.

  18. wow the HH2 cast thing is hilarious! haha but I have to agree that Yoyo and Moses' chemistry was really great in that drama! They really gave off a couple feel!