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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eighth Round: Team MengMa - Tango/Paso Doble

[Nancy Wu and Nathan Lee scored an average of ten from the judges, not 9.5.]

"Strictly Come Dancing II" Eighth Round (B)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

TVB finally airs the eighth round of dancing, but it is not aired on the Lifestyle Channel, not Jade.

Like I mentioned in my previous post ("Strictly Come Dancing II" Eighth Round), the TVB host was Derek Lee and the guest judge was Lau Dan.

Nancy Wu and Nathan Lee did a contemporary/jazz routine on the seventh night. On the eighth night, they did "The Chorus Line", a Broadway routine. From this Broadway routine, Nancy and Nathan received their first perfect score of ten from the judges.

As for Team MengMa, they did a marvellous Tango/Paso Doble routine. The music for the dance was fantastic, and they received an enthusiastic response from the audience. Teacher He (Hunan host) even said to Ma Ming when they were done, "You did it!" Ma Ming was very excited because he was jumping up and down. He said he was scared to death because they weren't getting it during practice. Later, Teacher He told the audience to applaud for Ma Ming; the camera showed the artistes clapping and screaming. Even though the camera did not show Nancy, you can hear her scream very loud. It is the same scream from his first dance.

Teacher Chou: "The trust between the two of you has improved and is becoming stronger and stronger. Also, I feel really touched and want to laugh because how did you (Ma Ming) finish that routine?! You're not supposed to be able to finish that! How did you finish?! Congratulations!"

Lau Dan's comment was very funny because he was explaining how Ma Ming was looking down at his feet during rehearsal. He said that, in the tango, the male is supposed to look very confident and the head is supposed to be held back. He even asked for a close-up to show what he meant. At the end of the show, Teacher Yang said that Lau Dan was the most professional guest judge they had on the show.

I can't wait to watch the ninth round because Team Success scored another perfect ten on their Argentine Tango from the judges, while Team MengMa receive 9.75 on their cha cha/jive.

*Credits to tvb and tudou

《法證先鋒II》 "Forensic Heroes II" Special

TVB aired the last episode of FHII yesterday. It ends with Madam Leung (Yoyo Mung) and Tim Sir (Bobby Au Yeung) getting married. Dr. Koo (Frankie Lam) sees Sharon Chan (cameo appearance) catching the wedding bouquet, wearing Ting Ting's (Linda Chung) shoes. Madam Ma (Charmaine Sheh) gets a phone call from the hospital saying that Ivan (Kevin Cheng) has awaken from his coma, and the whole cast runs off to the hospital.

In between airing the last episode, TVB also aired a "Behind the Scenes" and "NGs/Bloopers".

"Forensic Heroes II" - Behind the Scenes

"Forensic Heroes II" - NG/Bloopers

Obviously, the funniest NGs are Bobby's mistakes because, in the series, Tim Sir is supposed to be a walking encyclopedia. His bloopers include using the wrong chemical name, his voice goes up a notch after re-doing the the scene numerous of times, using hand gestures as a cover-up because he has forgotten his lines, etc.

Also, Bobby even NG-ed while looking at the line. He just laughs it off with his contagious giggle.

"Just like when a rainbow appears after a storm, it gives you strength". He was supposed to say "hope", but Bobby caught himself making that mistake.

Bobby's NGs are so funny, especially when they were at the crime scene where Madam Ma's brother was kidnapped.

Take 1: "I believe that, at the time, the two kidnappers were already in the room beating on Ma Kwok Ming (Kenneth Ma)".

Florence Kwok, Charmaine, and Kevin Cheng were laughing because Madam Ma's brother's name is Ma Kwok Wang. After Bobby said, "Ma Kwok Ming", he had his hands on his hips, indicating that he had finished his line and was waiting for the next person to speak.

Take 2: "I believe that the two kidnappers were beating on Ma Kwok Wan".

Bobby looked at Charmaine and noticed that she was already laughing, so he ended up saying the wrong name. Bobby is the best!

*Credits to tudou and sehseh

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Nancy

Nancy Wu Ting Yan

Nancy Wu
"Hello, I am Hong Kong TVB's Nancy, Siu Ting. I was born on September 9, 1981. In 1999, I joined "TVB8 International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship" and placed third runner-up (fourth place). In the same year, I entered "TVB's (magazine) Cover Girl Competition" and took home three titles, including first place. I was later enrolled in TVB's 18th Acting Class. My classmates included Lai Lok Yi, Oscar Chan Kwan, and Vin Choi.

My first major role was Coco Ling in TVB's 36th Anniversary series "Triumph in the Skies" in 2003. I was very fortunate to work with many experienced actors like Francis Ng, Flora Chan, and Joe Ma.

Other than "Triumph", my other most satisfied characters would have to be Wan Wan in "Twin of Brothers" and the recent Ha Fei Fei (fourth wife) in "The Silver Chamber of Sorrows". I really enjoy the feeling of filming ancient series because it showcases another side of me. In acting, many people tell me I am missing a chance to become a TVB leading female artiste. Actually, I think the title of 'Female Number One' is not that important as long as you fulfill your duties as an artiste and be yourself. I also believe that some things need to depend on luck, timing, place, and people in order for chances to be in hand's reach.

Recently, I have accomplished another satisfied feeling and that is taking part in the second season of "Strictly Come Dancing". Even though I have eight years of training in Chinese dance. Taking part in SCD was an eye-opener and a great challenge overall. Other than gaining knowledge about ballroom dances and Latin dances, I have gained a tremendous amount of friendship from the show. I really hope TVB will cast the ten of us in a series together. As for my Korean dance partner, Nathan Lee, I know that he was supposed to take part in the first season of SCD, but fate played a great part and had him take part a year later and had him partnered with me. Haha.... Even though we did not become 'Dance King' and 'Dance Queen', the perfect scores in our "The Chorus Line" Broadway routine and our Argentine Tango has made Team Success even more perfect. Thank you, Lee Sing Yuen, for all the support and care!

After dancing, I am now busy filming Poon Ka Tak's new series with Sammul Chan, Chin Ka Lok, and Louisa So. Thank you to producer Poon for always casting me in his series. I will do my best and will not let you down. I should go study my lines now. Bye bye!"

Representative Works: "Triumph in the Skies", "Twin of Brothers", "Face to Fate", "The Silver Chamber of Sorrows", and "Strictly Come Dancing II".

Personal Note: In the second pic, you can actually see Nancy's features. As for her acting, she is known for her evil role in TOB. She played it extremely well. I can't think of another TVB girl to be cast for that role. A fact that many might not know about Nancy is that she sang the demo version for TVB's "Love Guranteed" in Mandarin called "If the World Comes to an End". Also, in 2009, she, Kenneth, and Myolie will be getting their gold medals for serving in TVB for ten years...that is pretty exciting!

*Pictures from nancyway

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"So You Think You Can Dance" - Chelsie & Mark

Chelsie and Mark dance a lyrical hip-hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo.

"Bleeding Love"

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kate Tsui 29 Years Old

Kate Tsui celebrated her birthday (June 19, 1979) with her fans after the promotion of "Speech of Silence". Her fans gave her a gold medal and a figurine of her when she won HKFA's 'Best Newcomer'. Her fans also gave her a big birthday card filled with artistes who have worked with Kate in the past and present.

Kenneth Ma wrote, "Happy birthday! Good luck!!!"

The other name I can see is Claire Yiu. She signed it as KaKa, but I cannot make out what she wrote.

Last year, fans from KTO made a scrapbook of artistes holding their birthday wishes.
Bernice Liu: Dearest Kate, Best Wishes & Happy Birthday!
Bosco Wong: To Kate Tsui, Happy B-day. Remember me for ??? (I cannot read)
Stephen Chan: Dear Kate, A year wiser! Happy Birthday!!
Chin Ka Lok: To Dear Kate, Happy Birthday!
Claire Yiu: Sweet Heart, Happy Birthday!!! Wish you get more and more pretty and happiness. Love you always, KaKa
Joey Yung: Dearest Kate, Happy Birthday, Fit Fit Fit! Dance Dance Dance!
Kenneth Ma: Kate, Happy Birthday, hope you hurry and find love love la!
Kenny Kwan: To Kate, Happy Birthday! You are very hot!
Kevin Cheng: To Dear Kate, Best Wishes!! Happy Happy Birthday!
Kwok Fung: Energetic and Cute Kate, Happy Birthday! Wish you forever youth and forever health and a successful stardom!! Smile and laugh forever!
Linda Chung: Dearest Kate, Happy Birthday... See u @ work... May all your b-day wishes come true...
Lai Lok Yi: Kate, Happy Birthday. Forever happiness.
Matthew Ko: Purple Mountain, Happy Birthday. Wish you the best.
Michael Tse: Kate, great dancing. Happy birthday, birthday happy.
Michelle Yim: Kate: You dance beautifully. Your short hair is very beautiful!
Poon Ka Tak: Dearest Kate, Happy Birthday!!! Reach new heights!
Raymond Lam: Dearest Kate, Happy Birthday!
Ron Ng: To Kate, Happy Birthday! 生日快上
Sammul Chan: Remove Paper Mountain, wish you find “Rain Red” (son in TPOG)
Selena Li: Dear Kate, Happy Birthday! All the best. Hope u get lots of gifts & a boyfriend, too! Haha!
Shirley Yeung: Kate, Happy Birthday!
Stephen Huynh: Happy Birthday Kate! I wanted to wish you become more and more pretty and slimmer but I can see that you already become it. So now wish you all happiness!!!
Steven Ma: Kate, Happy Birthday!
Tracy Ip: Dear Kate, Happy B-day!
Vivien Yeo: Dearest Kate, Happy Birthday to u Happy Birthday to u Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Ha Pei Bun Day to U!
Wayne Lai: To Kate, Happy Birthday!
Winnie Shum: All the best!
Yan Ng: Kate, Happy Birthday! Let’s go and buy undercover together!!
Yau Nai Hoi: ??? (cannot see)
Ong Yi Hing: Kate... Happy Birthday!

*Credits to katetsui.org