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Friday, July 13, 2012

Kenneth Ma Seeking Victory Through Despicableness


[Excerpt translated from a review by film director Patrick Kong]


Watched a few episodes of "Three Kingdoms RPG"...feel that it still has enough entertainment value. The first episode explained the unaccomplished homebody Kenneth Ma, who only knows how to play games, accidentally falling into a time spiral, going back to the Three Kingdoms. His knowledge of the Three Kingdoms entirely relies on game strategies. Creating laughs when going to the ancient era is expected. However, the fun part of this character is that it is victorious in not having baggage. His self-created 'HK Guys' 18 Styles' is very humourous and accordant with the times! I have always stressed that Kenneth is TVB's most underestimated actor. He is suitable for good and evil. When portraying comedy, is even lively and adorable. If not portrayed by him, the attraction of the series "Three" would definitely have a great deduction. That boldness in letting himself go when portraying a rascal sense is something that all TVB siu sangs do not dare to imitate. That proves that, sometimes, must be despicable enough and free enough when performing comedies. On the contrary, Raymond Lam is still chok when portraying Zhuge Liang...knocked down by Kenneth by a wide margin in every partnering scene...not able to strike back at all.

Personal Note: Have always preferred Ma Ming playing characters with comedic elements! :D

Zhuge Liang is a well-mannered character, so never expected him to have many antics, but don't think that Raymond is chok at all in here...like his portrayal as Zhuge Liang. :)

*Credits to headlinedaily


  1. Kenneth, you have done a wonderful job! So entertaining because you are a well-rounded artist that nothing can stop you to fully develop each character nicely with great impact.

  2. Don't know if it's the director or the actor's problem but Raymond's portrayal of Zhuge Liang pales in comparison to Takashi Kenishiro in the two movies of Red Cliff 1 & 2 with Tony Leung as Zhu Yu!

    I dislike Raymond's acting and usually avoid his series so I don't have to complain. His acting is still bearable at least. The only thing I dislike his his wife's scenes those are so boring.

    1. Besides the fact that TK's Zhuge Liang is better IMO TK is more handsome looking! :)

  3. Haha! Most despicable = MM :P That's so funny and so true! I agree with Patrick Kong! But I also don't think that Raymond's Zhuge Liang is "knocked down" by MM's character. I really like it when Raymond plays more mature roles. :)