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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Moses Chan - Full of Silly Air (Ming Pao 2000)

The reporter remembers meeting Moses Chan for the first time. It was during the filming of a beach scene in "Healing Hands II". On that day, Moses talked to the reporter for a little while and then had to return to his position to resume filming. Moses unexpectedly handed his personal belongings, including his wallet and keys, to the reporter whom he had just met. For a person to easily trust another person, not only for an artiste, but even if it is a regular person, it is very difficult to see in today's modern society.


Later, when talking to other artistes about Moses, they all said that he is full of silly air, and he is very easy to bully, which is an opposite to his tall and manly appearance. Moses believes that he is a rather agreeable person, and he does not mind minor matters. That is why he gives off that (silly) feeling. Other than that, the difference between Moses and other artistes is that he is rather low-profile. "I have always treated being an artiste as a profession. Other than essential promotional events, I rarely take the initiative to go out to promote myself. I go back and be myself on regular days". Moses now works at TVB City, and he takes the subway and transfers onto a bus. He is no different than the average person.


Moses' popularity has increased because of "Healing Hands II". Once an artiste has gone popular, rumours are bound to follow. Outsiders (audiences) believe that he and Yoyo Mung are a real couple. At first, Moses replied with a few cool laughs and then said with ill-humour, "Who is Yoyo not acquainted with? She is basically a guy because she is very playful. She can be crazily playful after knowing you for two or three days. I don't even know how I got this love rumour. Because I'm popular? It is because she is popular! Ha ha.... Then I should really thank her for bringing me this (popularity)".

Personal Note: After reading that Oriental Daily article about Moses and Tavia's rumoured relationships, I had to pull my personal stash of Moses info (this Ming Pao article) to clarify. The Oriental Daily article said that Moses had to avoid Yoyo during "Healing Hands II" because, apparently, she liked him and asked for his phone number? Also, the chronological order of his rumours is all off. The order should be Yoyo, Flora, Sonija, and then Bernice. Oriental Daily was also off on Tavia's chronological rumours. Hers should be Timmy Hung, Ron Ng, Mr. Lam, and then Mr. Yeung. I guess Oriental Daily just wanted to name three.

(My secret stash of Moses! Ha ha....)

We Are Family

(Mike, Daniel, and Moses)
Thanks to Yan @ MC Hall for the picture!

The boys were lengthy when they were kids. No wonder they grew up to be very tall men! His brothers didn't change much in appearance since they were young.

Moses Chan
Baby Moses with his mother.

His brother, Mike (two years older than Moses), and his mother watching Moses in Macau.

Moses hanging with his brother, Daniel (one year older than Moses).

Moses Chan
The boys still look the same. Moses is being tickled by Mike.

Personal Note: Mr. and Mrs. Chan sure gave birth to some good-looking children. All three are good-looking! Well, of course Moses looks the best! Ha ha.…

Moses has a great relationship with his older brothers. It seems as though he is always hanging with them. I remember Flora and Ada making fun of him for it when they were on "Celebrity Close Up". There were times when the two ladies would call up Moses, but he would say that he is busy or having dinner with his older brother. Flora and Ada would get frustrated and say, "Then tell him to come, too!"

*Credits to Yan @ MCHall and mingpao

Moses Chan & Tavia Yeung @ on.cc Article


Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung view each other as a 'good catch', but there are no sparks between the two.

Moses: "Tavia is a hardworking girl, and she is a person who holds onto her principles. If a guy were to date her, he should be relieved to do so because she will certainly play her position (as a girlfriend). Plus, she is very suitable for guys. Don't be fooled by her 'tomboy' side because she actually has a young, tender girl side. She is a person who is loyal to love".

Tavia: "Moses is very honest. In the eyes of the audience, he is a good actor, and in my eyes, he is a bigger brother whom I can express my feelings to. He is very considerate, and he is mature. He does not like to go out, and he is very faithful".


陳 豪 與 楊 怡 在 幕 前 是 一 對 鬥 氣 冤 家 , 但 私 下 互 相 欣 賞 , 更 視 對 方 為 「 筍 盤 」 , 對 愛 情 睇 法 及 追 求 亦 相 當 一 致 , 認 真 夾 到 痹 !

重 視 內 涵 不 愛 金 龜

雖 然 陳 豪 與 楊 怡 被 視 為 圈 中 「 雌 雄 絕 緣 體 」 , 不 過 兩 人 同 樣 追 求 真 摯 愛 情 , 更 異 口 同 聲 認 為 外 表 、 身 家 絕 非 重 要 。 陳 豪 認 為 愛 情 最 緊 要 是 感 覺 , 而 楊 怡 就 重 視 男 方 內 在 美 , 誓 要 覓 得 理 想 對 象 。

為 求 婚 後 生 活 安 逸 , 圈 中 不 少 女 星 都 努 力 「 釣 金 龜 」 , 希 望 嫁 入 豪 門 。 不 過 楊 怡 認 為 有 錢 並 非 一 切 , 寧 願 找 個 老 實 男 人 , 也 不 要 「 金 龜 」 。 她 說 : 「 當 然 每 個 女 人 都 想 身 邊 另 一 半 有 經 濟 能 力 , 不 過 呢 方 面 對 於 我 講 唔 係 第 一 。 我 首 要 條 件 反 而 係 睇 對 方 心 地 係 咪 善 良 , 最 緊 要 係 好 人 同 埋 對 家 人 朋 友 好 , 對 我 真 心 , 一 條 心 就 已 經 足 夠 。 如 果 只 係 有 錢 , 但 係 心 地 唔 好 又 花 心 話 , 絕 對 係 虛 有 其 表 , 好 唔 全 面 。 」 而 陳 豪 就 認 為 真 愛 不 會 受 種 族 、 外 形 及 人 品 影 響 , 更 不 會 受 圈 內 或 圈 外 人 所 束 縛 , 最 重 要 是 感 覺 , 所 以 他 會 憑 感 覺 去 追 求 心 中 所 屬 。

唔 急 結 婚 互 笠 高 帽

陳 豪 與 楊 怡 同 樣 相 信 緣 分 天 注 定 , 縱 使 已 屆 適 婚 年 齡 , 但 他 們 未 有 急 。 陳 豪 表 示 : 「 以 前 諗 住 三 十 歲 早 結 婚 , 點 知 之 後 做 藝 人 , 所 以 呢 心 急 唔 , 要 等 命 運 安 排 , 未 知 結 婚 對 象 幾 時 先 出 現 。 我 遇 到 適 合 對 象 會 唔 會 公 開 ? 應 該 唔 會 , 因 為 我 性 格 比 較 低 調 , 唔 鍾 意 將 私 生 活 公 開 , 保 持 神 秘 感 。 」 而 楊 怡 原 本 希 望 在 三 十 五 歲 前 結 婚 , 可 惜 事 與 願 違 , 所 以 現 時 一 切 隨 緣 。

兩 人 在 《 家 好 月 圓 》 中 首 次 正 式 合 作 一 拍 即 合 , 縱 使 他 們 經 常 在 公 眾 場 合 互 嘲 , 不 過 私 底 下 互 相 視 對 方 為 「 筍 盤 」 。 陳 豪 更 大 讚 楊 怡 是 專 一 的 好 女 孩 : 「 楊 怡 係 一 個 默 默 耕 耘 女 仔 , 而 且 佢 會 堅 守 原 則 , 如 果 同 佢 拍 拖 一 定 好 放 心 , 因 為 佢 一 定 會 安 守 本 分 , 而 且 係 好 順 得 個 男 仔 。 咪 睇 佢 平 時 好 男 仔 頭 , 其 實 佢 都 有 小 鳥 依 人 一 面 , 係 一 個 忠 於 愛 情 人 。 」 而 楊 怡 亦 大 讚 陳 豪 是 絕 種 好 男 人 , 她 謂 : 「 陳 豪 個 人 好 正 直 , 觀 眾 眼 中 係 個 好 演 員 , 我 眼 中 係 一 個 可 以 傾 訴 哥 哥 。 佢 個 人 好 體 貼 、 細 心 兼 且 成 熟 穩 重 , 又 唔 鍾 意 去 蒲 , 夠 晒 專 一 。 」

謝 絕 緋 聞 以 身 作 則

做 藝 人 最 重 要 形 象 健 康 , 這 樣 才 會 受 大 眾 歡 迎 。 陳 豪 與 楊 怡 的 緋 聞 寥 寥 可 數 , 難 怪 容 易 「 入 屋 」 。 不 過 近 日 被 傳 與 「 燈 箱 大 王 」 拍 拖 的 楊 怡 , 令 她 惹 來 不 少 麻 煩 。 雖 然 楊 怡 認 同 緋 聞 會 令 人 氣 上 升 , 但 就 絕 不 希 望 以 緋 聞 博 見 報 。 她 謂 : 「 我 同 意 緋 聞 係 會 令 人 氣 升 , 所 以 唯 一 輸 蝕 係 較 少 新 聞 。 但 作 為 藝 人 希 望 可 以 以 身 作 則 , 傳 遞 正 面 訊 息 , 用 演 技 留 住 觀 眾 個 心 , 所 以 我 冇 後 悔 過 揀 呢 條 路 。 」

雖 然 陳 豪 與 廖 碧 兒 被 外 間 認 定 為 情 侶 , 但 他 表 示 謠 言 止 於 智 者 , 認 為 藝 人 言 行 舉 止 應 特 別 小 心 , 絕 不 可 以 行 差 踏 錯 。 故 他 盡 量 減 少 與 異 性 單 獨 約 會 , 經 常 與 異 性 保 持 距 離 , 以 絕 緋 聞 。

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Why would Moses and Tavia have an article out of nowhere? It has been over half a year since "Moonlight Resonance" finished airing, and they are still mentioned as the arguing couple! Ah Ka and Ah Yuet 太深入民心喇!

*Credits to on.cc

Friday, February 27, 2009

TVB 2009 Managed Artistes (Female)


More to come....
Update 1: Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Yoyo Mung, Nancy Wu, Louise Lee, Shirley Yeung, and Sonija Kwok.
Update 2: Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, and Mandy Cho.
Update 3: Grace Wong, Leanne Li, Yoyo Chen, and Suki Chui.

Personal Note: Without a doubt this, this year's artistes pictures are the best looking by far. However, how come some of the female pictures are from last year's anniversary? All of Charmaine's, Tavia's main one, and half of Myolie's are not done by Zing. I think my favourite so far is Tavia's!

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*Credits to 狂愛TVB