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Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Triumph in the Skies II" Info


Temporary Chinese title: 《衝上雲霄II》
Pinyin title: Chung Seung Wan Siu Yi
Temporary English title: "Triumph in the Skies II"
Producers: Au Koon Ying & Joe Chan

- 40 episodes long.
- The story will be a continuation of the first installment.
- There will be location filming in England, France, Qingdao, and Taiwan.
- Myolie Wu will play two characters: Zoe and a new character. Zoe has passed away. The new character is a mechanic who is not good at communicating with others; she will have a romantic storyline with Ron Ng, but he is slightly resistant to having a relationship with his 'sister-in-law'.
- Fala Chen will play a pilot; she will have a romantic storyline with Francis Ng and Julian Cheung. Francis has an attachment to his dead wife. Fala's ex-boyfriend also passed away, and she also has an attachment to her ex-boyfriend. Julian bears a resemblance to Fala's ex-boyfriend.
- Kenneth Ma will have a romantic storyline with Elena Kong.
- Nancy Wu and pilot Him Law will play a pair.
- Airport staff member Toby Leung and Stefan Wong will play a pair.
- Ron and Kenneth will be promoted to First Officer.

Personal Note: Typical, old-fashioned storylines! Original characters dying, new characters resembling original characters.... 囧!

*Credits to 狂愛TVB and ihktv


  1. The Francis-Fala-Chilam triangle - I'm predicting Chilam and Fala will end up together. It makes sense for Francis to end up with no one bc he's still not over Zoe.

  2. Wow, Kenneth and Elena? Elena looks very mature for kenneth =\ And I thought tvb liked to match ppl of the same rank up? I think Myolie has a higher status than Ron in tvb, they couldve easily matched Myolie with Francis or Chilam, they're in a love triangle afterall =(

  3. omg dont really love any of these pairings except for nancy and him

  4. What happened to Rebecca Zhu? Wasn't she suppose to be with Ron or something? I understand storyline changes, but it seems like she's not even second line in the drama from the current information.

  5. Looking forward to Ma Ming and Elena pairing.I think it's gonna looks interesting.

  6. aww i kinda hoped that bosco would make a small appearance in the sequel because i thought he was paired with nancy in the first. can't wait for this to come out though - the most anticipated of the year! :)

    1. Really? You still anticipate this after knowing these details about the series? TVB has officially ran out of ideas!

  7. Somehow doesnt sound interesting. Having two resembling characters is too unbelievable! And it sounds like Fala is the first female lead.

  8. I am disappointed in TVB's old-fashioned plot with the two characters look-a-like idea! And why so many love stories? Does every department in the airport need a love story? But then the pairings are different, I didn't expect MM to pair up with Elena, Nancy to pair with Him or Toby to pair with Stephan. Are the Elena + MM pair and Nancy + Him pair going to be an older female with younger male relationship?

    Fala definitely looks like the first female lead with her character in between Fancis and Chilam. I guess TVB thinks that Myloie is in a high enough status that they can push another fa dan higher? That was the case with Myolie in part one right? She had equal amount of screen time as Flora did and Zoe ended up with Sam in the end.

  9. @Guru: Good point! I guess no one complained back then bc Flora's Belle was annoying, lol

    Seems like Fala will be back in the race 2013.

    1. So they are using Myolie to push Fala's status.

      Let me guess

      2011 - Myolie
      2012 - Tavia?
      2013 - Fala?

  10. Omg a character resembling a character who died no unrealistic! They should've just kept her as the same role!

    I like how they didn't make predictable pair ups. I like how Kenneth x Elena and Nancy and Him are together. Looking forward to Nancy x Him the most. Seriously don't get why there are so many couples as well not everyone has to be together with someone.

  11. Ugh how I wish Michelle, Sammul, and Bosco would be back in the second one. Don't think I'm going to watch this if the original S4 isn't there.