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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Green Leaf - Tsui Wing

綠葉篇 - 徐榮

Artiste Name: 徐榮 Tsui Wing
Date of Birth: August 7, 1974
Height: 183cm
Origin: Northeast China, Shandong
Marital Status: Married
Family Members: Wife and a son born on February 2007
Interests: Martial arts, heavy-metal rock, and soccer


Tsui Wing graduated from TVB's 13th Acting Class in 1998. Many graduates from that year are more known in TVB. Graduates who are still active include Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Mat Yeung, Meini Cheung, Jones Lee Chung Hei, David Do, Wong Chun Sun (Ken in "Forensic Heroes I & II"), Hui Ming Chi, Raymond Chiu, and Bond Chan. Non-active graduates include Anson Leung (in movies), Olivia Fu (in/was in children programmes), Anna Yiu, and Ka Chun (now enrolled in Beijing's Acting School). During his interview for TVB's Acting Class, Tsui Wing performed martial arts, Nan Quan (South Fist), in front of the teaching instructors.

Tsui Wing's first big role was given by producer Jonathan Chik in 2004's "Blade Heart", playing alongside Adam Cheng. Then, he also starred in Chik's "The Dance of Passion" in 2006, playing Yim Kwok Gei. In the same year, Tsui Wing captured the audiences' attention for his role in "CIB Files" (another series produced by Chik). He and Gregory Lee played Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB) officers. The two of them would make an entrance by rolling in on the ground or kicking down doors. These gestures were memorable to the audience.

Tsui Wing's breakthrough role came from 2007's sitcom "Best Selling Secrets" as Kau Chun. Tsui Wing captivates the character very well, playing a sycophant assistant who is impudent and shameless. He bullies the weak and relies on connections. However, all of those traits are acts to survive in the working world. Deep down, Kau Chun is a loving person who cares for those he loves. His character is loyal and faithful to his boss, Diana (Elvina Kong). For her, he would fight to his death to protect her and not care for his own safety. The role of Kau Chun has really brought out Tsui Wing's acting abilities.

In 2008, Tsui Wing also received a gold medal for servicing TVB for ten years with his other classmates.

Personal Note: I think Tsui Wing is a good actor. He doesn't look bad, he has a great frame, and he also has nice sideburns. I think he is very good at yelling scenes. Not many actors are able to do that without a bit of exaggeration.

As for the other four graduates in the TVB 13th Acting Class picture, I don't know their names.

*Picture from appledaily


  1. This is such a nice writeup hyn5! I love Tsui Wing especially after his role in BBS as Kau Chun! Kau Chun was such a well written role and Tsui Wing acted it perfectly! I really would like to see him take on the male lead role soon! Really would rather see him than all those young actors. Don't know why but I feel like he has this sincere personality and he has this handsome outlook no doubt! He appearance is really unique and is definitely the type of actor TVB lacks!

  2. To sport3888:

    It's quite unfortunate that his screen time in "Some Day" is not comparable to that of "Best" and "Pedder", as "Some Day" only focuses on a few characters.

  3. yea i thought he filmed a series with Charmaine where they had a kissing scene, which series is that? I wonder if his role is bigger in there.

    I like wish TVB would promote Tsui Wing to male lead status!

  4. To sport3888:

    That series is "When Heaven Burns". I don't think his role is that big in there because he was filming "Off Pedder" during that time period.

  5. David To was not in the picture because to my knowledge, he was the first one in the class to be heavily promoted. He was arranged to be in acting and hosting gigs right away.