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Thursday, April 10, 2008

TVB 'Flower' Dans II


Melissa Ng - Melissa and lilies both possess purity and majestic beauty. Her low-profile manner and tendency to repel negative news and rumours with other male artistes define purity. Her low-profile attitude even hid away the fact she was secretly married in 2003. Even with the nickname of 'Beauty' (美人), her beauty is not arrogant, but rather gentle and elegant.

Myolie Wu - Jasmine flowers represent good humour and friendliness. Myolie's comedic abilities can range from different genres of series from "Wars of In-Laws" and "To Grow with Love" to "Wars of In-Laws II". If she can improve on her crying abilities, there is no doubt that TVB will name her the next 'fa dan'.

Bernice Liu - The sunflower is a great representation of Bernice's bubbly attitude and character. Her smile is like the sunshine; it is very infectious. Bernice also emits an active and healthy vibe through her westernized roots.

Yoyo Mung - The simplicity of the daisy flower is the most definitive characteristic to describe Yoyo. Her characters do not require any special attributes because the beauty of Yoyo's roles is best expressed in a subtle and effortless manner.

Tavia Yeung - "牡丹雖好,還需綠葉扶持" means "Peonies are nice, but they still need the leaves and stem for support". In other words, it means, "Even one person with great abilities cannot succeed without the abilities of others for support". However, do not underestimate the versatility of Tavia's acting skills. She is able to control her acting and emotions very well. Also, peonies symbolize Chinese art and of the 'small flowers' Tavia is the only one that possesses ancient beauty which is similar to Ada Choi.

If TVB actually acknowledges Tavia, she will definitely be tomorrow's 'fa dan'.

The second part "TVB Flower Dan" is based on my favourite 'fa dan'.

*Pictures from wikipedia


  1. I am sad that you did not include my favorite Charmaine Sheh

  2. To Anonymous:

    I've mentioned before that I didn't do one on Charmaine or Gigi.

    You can click on this one to read what type of drinks did sandalls base them on. http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/2008/09/dong-ka-fa-dan-hot-coffee.html :)

  3. how about linda chung!

  4. To Anonymous:

    I've listed Linda in the new generation of Fa Dans. You can check out this post: http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/2009/07/five-flavours-of-new-tvb-fa-dans.html

  5. i think if tvb give Tavia a chance she will become a wonderful Fan da!
    because she have skill and talent<3
    She has made ​​me cry many times, though she only gets "small" roles, she goes on karate for something big! like MR <3
    now Charmaine is gone, it will be a great choice too do Tavia to the new Fan da!!xD

    i don't understand why miss lok doesn't like tavia! it pissed me up!
    she always talk about Fala, kate, myolie or linda will be the next fan da... why not tavia?what is her problem with Tavia?

    the 4 is really good, but tavia is just better! so easy too see!

    she's cute, funny and has a lot of energy! I've noticed when she is interviewed with moses, ron, ray, Bosco or steven is always fun and very relaxing<3

    I hope that it is not just me who can see her potential and her hard work!<3

  6. I'm starting to think that sooner or later, Tavia might leave TVB. Honestly, she is my favorite one out of all the other "future fa dans" next to Charmaine. Now that Charmaine is out of TVB, Tavia would be the most compatible candidate to be TVB's Number One Sister (although she said she didn't mind not having that title)

    Tavia should have MUCH MORE recognition for her acting. She works way more and harder than all the other "fa dans". Not that I hate the others or anything but Tavia really deserve atleast this for her hard work or the "Best Actress" award that is sometimes given out to the wrong people.

    TVB, or should I say Ms. Lok doesn't notice Tavia and really give her the awards and recognition she deserves. I wouldn't be surprised if one day she leaves TVB. I've heard that other stations are paying a close attention on her.

    I swear Ms. Lok is biased against the the actors and actresses who made their way up themselves. Notice how Linda, Myolie, Fala, etc are all former pageant girls? While Tavia, Nancy, etc are from TVB acting class(s). I'm not only defending Tavia but all the other talented actresses who actually made their way up themselves. I like Myolie, Fala, and Linda, but I still dislike the "picking favorites" thing that TVB is playing.

    I hope it isn't just me who is seeing this.

    1. Of course, you're not alone. Tavia is the BEST at TVB right now in term of ACTING!!!! She's simply the BEST!

    2. I get your point, don't worry. As of this moment, Tavia is my favorite Fa Dan from TVB.
      And like you mentioned, I really hope TVB promotes other artists besides the already promoted Myolie, Kate, Linda, etc. I'm not saying they're bad, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to use other fresh face artists; it can be use as a way for the inexperienced to get more exposure to acting. (the same can be said for the siu sangs)