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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yoyo Mung in "Elite Brigade II"

"Elite Brigade II" Episode 5

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Yoyo Mung Transforms into Firefighter: Trained Hard for Sliding Down Pole

Yoyo Mung plays a female station officer in RTHK's "Elite Brigade II". In order to handle the action scenes in the series, she especially trained with a fitness instructor before filming. She had also learned how to slide down the pole, and was praised for learning it convincingly. She was also satisfied with the bold and heroic look when wearing the entire firefighter uniform.

Personal Note: Yoyo has always handled action scenes well, so it wasn't different this time around. :D

Nice to see Timothy Cheng in such a cool role...definitely different from his roles in TVB series! :)

"Elite Brigade II" Episode 1

"Elite Brigade II" Episode 2

"Elite Brigade II" Episode 3

"Elite Brigade II" Episode 4

*Credits to RTHK and the-sun


  1. I still need to watch this episode, think it's the final one. I didn't know Yoyo was going to be in this series but she's very convincing as a firefighter. I wish this sequel was alot longer. The last one was 8 episodes and this time it's only 5. But then the budget did seem alot bigger since they had film that airplane crash scene.

  2. I like how Timothy Cheng has been given important good roles in both Elite Brigade one and two! In the first one he was a Paramedic Firefighter, this time he's a Firefighter along side Yoyo Mung. All HK tv stations should be like RTHK's dramas, how they're not bias and gives everyone equal opportunities! Rather than stereotyping everyone and always using the same people in lead roles.

    I also like how Kelvin Kwan has been given lead roles in both parts. Really has potential in acting.

    Lawrence Chou looked familiar yet I can't seem to remember where I've seen him. His acting was great in the case with Kelvin as well. Didn't know he used to be a singer and has been a movie actor for a while.

    1. Lawrence Chou is mostly in lower-budget Indie films. The first movie I remember seeing him in was 2001's "Merry Go Round" (he was also in "Merry-Go-Round" with Ella Koon). Last year, he was in "Big Blue Lake" with Leila Tong.