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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Charge! Thin Salary Army" Visit @ "Scoop" Clip


Personal Note: So much laughter on the set! :D

Ha ha.... Florence and Stephen called themselves 'seniors', while Kristal, Louis, and Ruco are referred to as 'children'! :D

Funny how Kristal said that Ruco's jokes require more thought in order to understand them! :P

Wonder how Louis' ping pong skills match up to Ruco, who formerly represented HK...would like to see that match! :)


  1. Me too! haha I find it funny how Ruco's like ask Kristal too.
    Louis: She knows table tennis too?
    Ruco: No, ask her to keep score.
    Both: laughs

    I find it warm and yet feel so sorry for Kristal. She complained on weibo that Louis didn't let her leave after she finished filming and forced her to go to the next filming location. Must've been really tired =P