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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Interview with Nathan Ngai


Nathan Ngai

NIFC: Can you briefly explain your family status, give a simple introduction of yourself, your personality, and your strong points and shortcomings?

Nathan Ngai: There are three members in my family--my mother, my older sister, and me. Because my mother is from Sichuan, Chongqing, that's why I know Sichuanhua; however, I am not of Sichuan decent. Actually, I was born in Hong Kong. I have liked sports since I was young, and I like ball sports the most. The sports that [I] have come in contact with are soccer, basketball, badminton, bowling, tennis, etc., but I like basketball the most. [I] was the school's basketball team captain in high school. Apart from this, I also like singing. Will often sing for friends, like to impersonate, and make friends happy. My personality is rather introverted...slow-warming. Used to not like to talk, and previously suspected whether I was autistic or not; however, as I got older and came into contact with society, this situation has been slowly changing. I hope that I can continue to do even better! As for [my] strong points and shortcomings, this question is really giving me a hard time. First talk about shortcomings then. Straightforward, don't know how to polish [my] wording, will not use smooth and evasive wording to allow others to take it in more comfortably, and often say the wrong things that make others disgusted; therefore, [I] have very few friends around [me]. I am somewhat lazy. For things that [I] am not interested in, cannot take the effort to go understand it better. However, if it is something that I like, such as working out, no matter how tired or how much pain [my] body is in, I would still insist on working out. As of now, am satisfied with the results from working out. Ha ha! Apart from this, I am timid...would it be considered a shortcoming? (NIFC: ...) I don't know whether ghosts exist or not, but I'm really afraid of ghosts. I'm afraid of dark places, I'm afraid of heights, compassion easily overflows, etc. (NIFC: How can you pursue girls if you are timid?) Yes, I am very shy and timid. [My] face and ears would turn red if I am speaking to girls I am not familiar with, and heart will beat faster. Ha ha! When see pretty girls, would definitely not speak to them voluntarily. So, you guys should not ask too much about relationships later. Ha ha ha! (NIFC: Shutting the front door so fast! We didn't even ask.) Ha ha ha! I think some of the shortcomings are also my strong points...straightforward, not unnatural, persists on goals, confident, generous, etc.

NIFC: Why did you choose to become an artiste? Was this your aspiration from young? How did you enter the industry?

Nathan Ngai: [Being] an artiste was not my aspiration from young. I believe that many people from young want to be in more honourable professions, such as police officers, doctors, and teachers.

To be continued...

Personal Note: This interview was conducted by Nathan's fan club. There should be more parts; however, they will not be posted until his fan club is satisfied with the number of Weibo forwards.

Nathan was in TVB's 23rd Acting Class. "The Hippocratic Crush" is his first more prominent role...quite like his performance in the series so far.

*Credits to 魏焌皓國際後援會NIFC


  1. yeah, thanks for sharing, his acting in THC very quite good as a young actor like him. he will have a bright future. Wish him the best.

  2. Glad to see TVB push out young actors and actresses again. The last time they promote a bunch of new people was S4 and that was a long time ago. Seriously think they should churn out more age varied dramas. Why not have more series where 20+ year olds can be leads? Something about college students' life and recent graduates, younger people. Rather than always focuson on 30 year olds.

  3. To be honest, those young actors/actresses don't really look like they could lead nor do they look memorable. I don't know. Nathan Ngai seems like he can do it. Him Law maybe too. But I don't really see it though. However, I really like on call 36 :)

  4. I'm neutral towards this guy, but his eyebrows are attracting me every scene he appears. Out of the newbies in this drama, I quite like Jing Jing (Candy Chang?), the girl with the glasses.

  5. I always seem to like the newbies most when it comes to dramas, but Nathan really stands out. His acting is really good in The Hippocratic Crush, and I'm liking his character more and more by the scene.

  6. Is it me or does he look like tracy ip. The acting is similar and the way they speak is the same. Not sure if they are siblings but it seems like it.

  7. He is quite good as Yat Hong in "On Call"! I like his eyebrows and dimples!