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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Next TV Awards 2012 Results


"Extra" Clip

"Scoop" Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Ming Pao Clip

Apple Daily Clip


Top 10 TV Artistes
01. Moses Chan
02. Charmaine Sheh
03. Myolie Wu
04. Maggie Cheung
05. Linda Chung
06. Bosco Wong
07. Kenneth Ma
08. Tavia Yeung
09. Kevin Cheng
10. Fala Chen

Top 10 TV Programmes
01. "When Heaven Burns"
02. "Forensic Heroes III"
03. "Ghetto Justice"
04. "The Other Truth"
05. "Lives of Omission"
06. "The Hippocratic Crush"
07. "L'Escargot"
08. "Curse of the Royal Harem"
09. "Yes, Sir. No, Sir!"
10. "Let It Be Love"


Most Promising Male Artiste: Stanley Cheung
Most Promising Female Artiste: Cilla Kung


Most Scene-stealing Supporting Actor: Ben Wong
Most Scene-stealing Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan

Sponsor Awards


Cellbone Transforming Beautiful Skin Female Artiste Award: Suki Chui
GlamSmile Best Smile Artiste Award: Charmaine Sheh
MOISELLE Elegant Fashion Female Artiste Award: Myolie Wu
Toshiba Extraordinary Voice and Character Artiste Award: Linda Chung
Whirlpool Green Star Artiste Award: Moses Chan

Personal Note: Congratulations to all of the winners!

Happy that Ma Ming made it in for the first time! :D

Also happy that "Hippocratic" made it in despite only airing for two weeks before the voting deadline! :D

Nice to see "When Heaven Burns" receive some recognition! :)

*Credits to mingpao and appledaily


  1. wow, raymond and ron r not in this list..suprised kevin cheng got in lower rank than tavia

  2. I think the most promising actress should be Mandy Wong. Cilla Kung is cute, but she can only play little girl roles.

    1. Mandy wasn't nominated in the 'Most Promising' category. Lin Xia Wei, Angel Chiang, and Katy Kung were nominated alongside Cilla.

  3. Mandy should have been nominated.

    1. She was nominated last year but lost to Sire Ma.

  4. The awards are rigged anyway from Next Media, untrusted entertainment news source.

  5. Is this the magazine that KC told to "kiss my ass"?