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Monday, March 12, 2012

"Beauty at War" Visit


"Extra" Clip

Personal Note: During the filming of "War and Beauty", remember Bowie having to stick his script on Charmaine's back, while Charmaine and Gigi also had their scripts nearby, so not surprised that Sheren and Ada are challenged by the difficult dialogue despite having a lot of ancient filming experience.

He he.... Funny how Ada said that she's not used to standing, as she often plays empress roles and concubines! :D

Ada's costume looks like the one she wore in "The Dance of Passion".

Christine Kuo doesn't want to get dubbed over, but her Cantonese is still bad! o_O'


  1. Pardon my ignorance.. Why is Christine's cantonese bad? She isn't a native hker??

  2. ooh sorry, it's christine kuo, i christine ng in mind, then i watched the video and realized it. sorry :/

  3. really? i dint know that they had to stick their scripts behind someone's back

  4. erh i did rather see rosy business 3 with sheren and wayne than these big drama.