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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kenneth Ma @ Cha Siu Yan Radio Interview


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Admits to Going on Dirty Sites, Rejects Being a Fake Person, Kenneth Ma Denies Nancy Wu Making a Cameo to Salvage Relationship

Kenneth Ma, whose popularity is high due to the broadcast of "The Hippocratic Crush", accepted Cha Siu Yan's CRHK interview. Regarding Kenneth being called this generation's erotic man due to previously revealing that he would browse dirty sites, and former love Nancy Wu making a cameo as a nurse in the series because she wanted to get back together, Kenneth frankly admitted that he does not want to pretend to be pure. He said, "Doesn't pretending to be pure make people feel even more so that you are fake? (Did you guys date? Did Nancy cameo as a nurse for six seconds because she wanted to get back together?) At that time, the magazine asked me. I admitted having dated her previously, but have broken up. As for her cameo, it was because the set of the operating room was too realistic that it became TVB City's attraction. Many artiste friends would also come visit the set while taking the opportunity to see it. That day, Nancy just came, so the directed invited her to cameo". Kenneth also pointed out that he and Nancy separated due to incompatible personalities, not because of her having 'Princess Syndrome' like it was rumoured.

It has also been rumoured that he has been pursuing Tavia Yeung. He laughingly said he frequently jokes with familiar colleagues. Perhaps it is because he frequently praises Tavia as being beautiful, which makes people misunderstand. When asked whether Him Law pursued Tavia during the filming of the series, he answered, "When filming the series, I also did not know. Also did not call me when they went on a BBQ date. I just knew through the media reports".

*Credits to singtao

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