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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" @ FILMART 2012

"Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" FILMART Trailer

Damian Lau, Tavia Yeung & Kenneth Ma on "The Green Room"

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Personal Note: He he.... Carlo is still immersed in Tavia and Ma Ming's pairing in "The Hippocratic Crush"! :P

Funny how Damian said that he obviously does not have bed scenes with Ma Ming! :D Ha ha....

He he.... Ma Ming didn't remember telling gags when he, Rebecca, and Bella filmed a water scene. :)

Now, everyone calls Rebecca 'Morning Zhu'! :P

It seems that JJ's character will not be marrying into the family....

Looking forward to this series! :D

*Credits to tvb.com


  1. Thanks for sharing the clips hyn!

    I like Kenneth's nickname for Rebecca. It is indeed quite sweet and also easy to remember, no wonder everyone calls her that now.
    A bit off-topic, but I heard that Kenneth's nickname "Ma Ming" was first called by Michelle Ye. Is that true?

    I really like the clip of Kenneth and Rebecca at the filmart. It is cute how he was "jealous" of Ron. I think I'm already liking this couple before I have actually watched the series.

    Hehe, Tavia thought Carlos was hinting that she is getting older when he actually meant that it was very common for men at that era to marry much younger women.

    Damian seems like a good senior, who would often give advice to the newcomers. I'm having more confidence with this series because of his participation.

    1. Know that Ma Ming got the nickname during "Triumph in the Skies", but not sure if Michelle was the first to call him that.

    2. Okay, I see. Thanks for your reply.

  2. Carlo is a fan of "On Call" too!

  3. LOL is that raymond lam on the last clip with the peace sign? LOLOL!