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Monday, March 12, 2012

"The Hippocratic Crush" Promotional Event 5


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip

Apple Daily Clip

Him Law @ HWCTV

Tavia Yeung @ HWCTV


Tavia Yeung Reveals That Kenneth Ma Has Lousy Shot

TVB fa dan Tavia Yeung attended "The Hippocratic Crush" friendly basketball game; however, [she] was only a cheerleader from the sidelines...did not compete on the court. She said, "In the series, Kenneth is a basketball expert, but he is very lousy in reality...NG-ed many times before making a shot". When discussing the finale rating, she said, "The finale night will be clashing with the Chief Executive Election...hope to bring up ratings".

Kenneth Ma: Being Friends with Nancy Wu Is Better Than Lovers

Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung went to a high school in Chai Wan to promote the series "The Hippocratic Crush"...also had a friendly basketball game with the students. As for it being discovered that former flame Nancy Wu had cameoed in "Hippocratic" for six seconds, Kenneth said after the game, "She was not visiting me...nothing to do with me". (Would there be a chance of reconciliation?") Kenneth frankly said, "Really don't know. Let nature take its course. Everyone's expectations toward friends and other halves are different. I feel that it is quite comfortable being friends now, but cannot foresee what would happen in the future. Perhaps there will be a time in which it is said that Margie Tsang and I have reconciled". Reporters immediately pointed out that Kenneth never admitted the rumours with Margie. Kenneth immediately clarified, "It was only written about. All rumoured guys and girls can reconcile. Must thank the producer...gave six seconds but made it to the headlines".

Him Law Admits to Losing Basketball Touch Early On

The cast of "The Hippocratic Crush" went to Chai Wan to have a friendly basketball game with students. In the end, the artistes lost to the students. Him Law was fully dressed for the game, but he slipped and fell during the game. Him laughingly said that he lost his basketball touch early on. Luckily, buttocks is fleshy enough to avoid shock. On the other hand, Nathan Ngai, who plays wheelchair-bound Yat Hong in the series, played for most of the game...[he] and 'Tik Tik Jai' Kyle Tse were the best players.

Personal Note: The green tees look really sharp!

Expected Ma Ming to not be good at basketball, as he is an avid soccer player. ;)

Ha ha.... The students made Tavia blush.... Funny how Tavia didn't want that part edited out! :P

"The Hippocratic Crush" Episode 21

*Credits to taviayeung.com, headlinedaily, the-sun, appledaily, 漢華中學校園電視台, and Weibo


  1. MM must have NGed many times because it was actually him shooting the basketball in those scenes!

    @hyn5 What were those students saying to Tavia? It must've been something funny if she didn't want it edited out! Haha!

    1. Ma Ming said that he only got it in once or twice out of ten shots.

      Don't know what the students were saying, but just watching Tavia react was quite funny.

  2. Tavia was saying how she used to like watching bball at school coz of the good looking guys. Muscular guys weren't really 'in' back then. Mainly about looks.

    Tavia: "I like the leng jai's geh (handsome guys)"
    Students: WOAHHHHHHHHH
    Tavia: WOAHHHH! Shh
    Him: She always liked handsome guys!
    Tavia: You kids stop making too much noise! haha Make sister (jeh jeh) red face.
    Students: (said 2 words but I can't hear it here and then they all laughed)
    Him: What? WOAHHH hahahha
    Him: See, shouldn't have said anything haha
    Tavia: See, there's nothing going on, but they still made my face red! Pan the camera over here! This one here is red face! haha

    *Were the students teasing Tavia and Him because Him is considered 'leng jai' when Tavia said she likes leng jai? lol

    1. actually i think the kids said "mien hongggggg!!!" haha aka "RED FACE!!!!!"

    2. omg TAVIA is such a crackup!!!!
      Tavia's like "Back in those days, muscular guys weren't that in, I don't know if they're that IN now either..." .... and then Him just blurts out: "Of course its IN now! Totally!" (because he is muscular) hahahaha oh dear

    3. and if i remember correctly, the reporter is the father of the girl who played the younger Niki in Bottled Passion.

    4. Yes, the interviewer, Bob Lam, is the father of young Niki in "Bottled".

  3. Kenneth&Tavia match sooooo much:D<3<3<3