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Monday, March 19, 2012


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip

Youku Clip


"Silver Spoon, Silver Shackles"

"Highs and Lows"

"The Confidant"

"Ghetto Justice II"

"The Last Steep Ascent"

"Beauty at War"

Kenneth Ma's Tencent Weibo

Michael Miu's Tencent Weibo

Raymond Lam's Tencent Weibo

Kate Tsui's Tencent Weibo

Wayne Lai's Tencent Weibo

Kevin Cheng's Tencent Weibo

Moses Chan's Tencent Weibo

Aimee Chan's Tencent Weibo

Personal Note: Still prefer literal translations of titles....

*Credits to www.myoliewu.org, tvb.com, youku, and Weibo


  1. I wish they would release the full versions of these trailers to us! It's so hard to watch through the actors standing in front of the screen. Seems like only Michelle and Wayne stood apart so we could see from this angle. But anyways, the Qing dramas look great (WAB2, The Confidant). Quick question, is The Confidant filmed partly in Mainland?

    1. Only Michael, Raymond, and Kate moved to the side when the clip was shown.

      The crew of "The Confidant" headed out to Hengdian on today (the 19th). They will be filming there for three weeks.

  2. Ladder to Heaven's English title is something like: "The Last Steep A..ent", so could it be "The last steep ascent"?

  3. Oh Someone posted in Weibo the english names already: The Last Steep Aliment http://weibo.com/1748676723/yaEUv0LjY

    1. Thanks, lizzy. Like "Ascent" more.

  4. i'm really excited for ghetto justice two! as well as silver spoons, silver shackles, and highs and lows!! :) looks very exciting!

  5. hehe can tell when moses REALLY is comfortable... LOLS ada!!