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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nancy Wu Responds to Cameo in "The Hippocratic Crush"


Apple Daily Clip


Yesterday, reporters called Nancy Wu about her appearing as an extra in last week's "The Hippocratic Crush". She candidly said, "Ha ha ha! Was just playing...can even recognize? That impressive? I was just playing. Just had the guts to play because only the eyes were not covered". Reporters pointed out that she did not get paid for being an extra. She admitted to not taking pay and said, "Able to play, so do not calculate these things. I also have a good relationship with Tak Gor (producer Poon Ka Tak), and also very familiar with the directors". When asked whether she was visiting Kenneth Ma on set that day, Nancy did not deny but had some stutters: "Actually know many people on set. Just went in...they also filmed in that operating room for many days. Know many colleagues. Just had a break, so went in. Was thinking that only the eyes would be seen, so decided to play". Asked again whether she was visiting Kenneth on set, she said, "Know many people. Visiting many people. Ha ha!"

When asked whether she was still Kenneth's girlfriend when she visited the set, Nancy said, "Won't talk about these. Did not think that the screenshot would be that obvious. Perhaps it is because I have been in this industry for some time...the audience is familiar with my face, so was able to recognize me just from my eyes". She described that filming day as being extremely nerve-wracking and 'was slightly scary'...was afraid that she would not be professional enough when doing the surgical procedure. Fortunately, there were other actors and crew members who previously received guidance from doctors to help, thus was able to successfully finish filming.

"Hippocratic" producer Poon Ka Tak admitted that Nancy cameoed when she visited the set, but emphasized, "To express respect for medical personnel, over 99 percent of the medical personnel were played by our own actors in the operating room...did not use extras. I'm not saying that extras are not good, but they did not receive training. We also did not have enough time to select, so used our own actors in the operating room, which made the production fee even greater. This series is our sincere production".

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Personal Note: Finally a report on Nancy's appearance in "Hippocratic"! :P

"The Hippocratic Crush" Episode 17

*Credits to appledaily

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