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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yat Kin Proposes to Yue Jai


Yat Kin: "Marriage vows...if just read out according to convention, there's no meaning. Must act on it. When young, beautiful and healthy, so certainly love. However, when the other gradually ages, old and defeated, has more and more illnesses, and even watching the other die of old age...so, no longer love then? Since, in the future, will not abandon each other...now should be the same. If just because the other has an illness and not love, then it's not true love. No one knows one's life span. Even we, as doctors, cannot guarantee that we'll live to a hundred. Thus, there is no guarantee of growing old together in marriage vows, but must guarantee that, whether in sickness or in health, must be together".

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Personal Note: The proposal scene was so touching...love Yat Kin and Yue Jai! :D

Only one more episode left.... :(


"The Hippocratic Crush" Episode 24

*Credits to Weibo


  1. Perfect proposal was SO PERFECT! :D

  2. A very memorable scene!! I <3 Kenneth & Tavia!!!

    the last episode will be so sad not because of what will happen in the end, but because it is ending!!

  3. probably the best tvb proposal i've ever seen <3 i seriously do not remember the last time a scene from a tvb series has left such a deep impression on me--to the point that i can rewatch it over and over and still want to cry each time haha. love kenneth and tavia together so much--it'll be so sad when THC ends tomorrow :'(

  4. I rewatched the proposal scene so many times, it's not even funny. -__-

    Tavia's wordless acceptance and Kenneth's teary eyes and smile when she nods yes. <3

    Love the couple so much!

  5. i actually hate this scene and thought it was awful...not the dialogue but the setting they chose. it was extremely rude and inconsiderate of kenneth's character to do that. the couple literally just got married and have not gotten of the stage and kenneth pulls tavia onto the stage and literally stole someone else's wedding and tried to make it his own....seriously tvb? that is not romantic, that is just plain rude!! no body does that, especially if the bride and groom are your friends. you find a different place and time to do that, you shouldn't steal the spotlight from people you care about on one of the most important days of their lives

    don't get me wrong, i do think tavia and kenneth are sweet together and think what kenneth wanted to do for tavia is sweet also, i just don't like how they chose to do at someone's wedding, not to mention that the wedding wasn't really complete yet, given the bride and groom didn't even get to walk off hand in hand...kenneth kind of just jumped in between them and made them move aside for him

    sorry, just wanted to state my frustration over this scene cuz it would've been so much better if kenneth didn't steal someone else's important moment

    1. I completely agree! That was totally on my mind the whole time, I could not believe that Yat Kin just brushed aside the bride & groom to have his proposal..It was completely rude!!

  6. I agree if I'm Kenneth's friend I'll be pissed :P However, it's just a show and you gotta overlook flaws like that. What's more, Kenneth & Tavia are the leads.

  7. OMG! It's official that MM and Tavia are my fav. pairing of all-time! Their acting was very convincing in the episode! You can tell that Yat Kin truly lives Yue Jai! I was touched by their tears! Man those two can cry! <3

  8. ...very much agree with Kenneth's character being rude. I felt sad for the married couple.

  9. Well, people must take Yue Jai's illness into consideration. At least YK didn't rush up during Tong Yuen's and Wing's vows. Also, don't forget that this is only TV series.

  10. First of all, it's a drama. Also, they have exchanged rings and kissed. Yue Jai has rejected Yat Kin's proposal once. I believe Yat Kin used this oppurtunity seeing Yue Jai was touched by the wedding vows, to propose again hoping that Yue Jai would accept him. I'm sure their friends wouldn't mind since they all know that Yue Jai's sick and they will be happy too that the pair gets together.
    It's official for me too....MM/Tavia is now my Fav TVB pairing! This proposal scene is just so touching.

  11. i finished this whole drama over the weekend!
    ah! it was soo touching!!
    cried like crazy towards to the later episodes!
    tavia and keneth make such a good cuple! :D
    love this proposal scene, it's probably the best one i have seen.