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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kenneth Ma Cries Out Acting Abilities: Audience Full of Likes





Last night's episode of the series "The Hippocratic Crush", starring Kenneth Ma, talked about his doctor character not being able to save his younger brother, 'Yat Hong' Nathan Ngai, blaming himself, breaking down, and bursting out crying. The tear-provoking storyline touched netizens, supporting him for being able to compete for TV king, becoming hotter property.

Kenneth, who is regarded as the industry's 'Hot Property', has received the support of netizens to compete for 'TV King', seemingly becoming even more 'hot'. When he accepted a phone interview yesterday, he said, "Thanks for the audience support, but do not dare taking the credit. It's the editors who wrote it very well...everyone's chemistry. As for awards, taking things as they come. It's only March now; there are many grand series coming up. Already very happy with people feeling that I have the qualifications to compete for TV king". When asked whether there are hopes to film a sequel, he said, "Tommy (TVB Executive Tommy Leung) jokingly said that, with such good feedback, must film a sequel. Certainly hope for the original cast!"

In addition, Kenneth expressed that he will leave romance to fate when he attended an event yesterday. As for his reconciliation rumours with Nancy Wu, he said, "Thanks to the media for boiling...helpful for the series. He also highly praised Nancy for being a good girl with many pursuers. On the other hand, Selena Li filmed "All Things Girl" yesterday. When asked whether she was interested in competing for 'Hot Property' Kenneth, she laughingly said, "Wait and see. We are good friends...have known each other for a long time".

Candy Chang's First Onscreen Kiss Edited Out

Newcomers Candy Chang and Nathan Ngai, who play a couple in "Hippocratic", are well-received by the audience...both standing out. When the two accepted an interview yesterday, they were asked whether there was a chance for them to become a couple in reality. Candy said, "Consider it!" Nathan said, "No one knows what will happen in the future". Candy also revealed that her first onscreen kiss went to Nathan, but was unfortunately edited out in the end.

Kenneth Ma: More Important to Make Money Than Date

Kenneth Ma attended an opening ceremony for a fashion shop, gaining the support of many fans. He expressed that the most recent two episodes of the series "The Hippocratic Crush" averaged 33 points...hope that the ratings increase again. Afterward, will have dinner and watch the ending with the cast and crew; he and Tavia will pay the bill: "Recently, many viewers scolded that the endings for series were not good. I believe that it won't be this series. The ending is quite good; it is an open ending. (Foreshadowing a sequel?) Hope so". He also admitted that the series has brought him many money-making opportunities.

As for romance, he frankly said to leave it to fate...make money above all else. However, he highly praised former girlfriend Nancy Wu as being a good girl with many pursuers. As for reconciliation rumours, he laughingly said, "Thanks to the media for boiling...helpful for the series. Rumours are fine with me".


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Personal Note: Happy that the cast of "Hippocratic" and the series itself are well-received by the audience! :) Hope that the ratings will continue to rise! :D

What?! Candy and Nathan had a kiss scene?

He he.... Funny how Selena's news was included in here! :P

Happy White Day, everyone!

"The Hippocratic Crush" Episode 23

*Credits to kennethma.org, the-sun, gztv, TVBUSAofficial, and Weibo


  1. Kenneth and Tavia have become my favorite pairing in TVB! <3

    1. me too:D I LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH<3<3<3

    2. Me four! Lol! Their chemistry is amazing, natural, subtle, yet quite explosive. :P

      They're the only reason why I'm looking forward to 3 Kingdoms. xD

  2. Yat Hong shouldn't have died and been with Jing Jing. :( Too bad their kiss scene was edited out.

    1. I too think that it's a pity that their kiss scene was edited out. Any idea why?

    2. Apparently, the scene didn't look good, as Jing Jing's actions were quite terrifying; thus, they just kept the nose-to-nose.

    3. Thanks for clarifying hyn5!

  3. i realize that tavia usually has really good chemistry with her co-stars...my fave is definitely kenneth-tavia but ruco-tavia come in as a close second! hopefully, kenneth and tavia will film more series together as lovers :D

  4. MM's modesty makes me think of Gallen! I agree with you hyn5! The cast is good in here!

    I also think that MM and Tavia are becoming my fav. On-screen couple!