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Friday, March 16, 2012

Ending Scenes in "The Hippocratic Crush": Yat Kin & Yue Jai

Yat Kin: "From this day forward, for richer or for poorer, in happiness or sorrow, in sickness and in health, I am willing to love you all my life, to protect you, and to never change for the rest of my life. Do you?".

Yue Jai: "Didn't I answer last time?"

Yat Kin: "You didn't say it last time. I want to hear you say those three words".

Yue Jai: "But shouldn't you say those three words to me?"

Yat Kin: "The three words 'I love you', I can say it to you many, many times, but the three words, 'Yes, I do', I want to at least hear you say it once".

Yue Jai: "Yes, I do".


Yue Jai: "The most important is to grasp the present".


Cohabiting with Tavia Yeung? Him Law: Very Unfounded

"The Hippocratic Crush" actors Him Law, Mandy Wong, and a group of behind-the-scenes staff members had a dinner gathering to watch the series' finale together. As the series is broadcasting after the chief executive election debate, the actors also hope that it helps push the ratings, and also expressed wanting to film a sequel.

Tavia Yeung Gives Credit to Those in Front of the Camera and Behind the Scenes

Male lead Kenneth Ma and female lead Tavia Yeung did not appear, but Tavia was also very nervous about the finale. The night before, she already saw that her Weibo had over 10,000 messages, supporting Yat Kin Tau and Yue Jai to have a happy ending, and she was very moved. She expressed, "A series having good results is thanks to the collaborative spirit of those in front of the camera and behind the scenes. 'On Call' has roused our 'love', which has been frequently forgotten. Because of love, we must cherish even more! Continue to work hard in the future". Her fans also hope that 'Hippocratic' quickly films a sequel.

Since the broadcast of "Hippocratic", the reaction has been good. When Him was asked whether he would show his muscles to celebrate the series' good ratings, he said, "My most muscular time has already passed. Have to wait until summer to get fit before seeing people". Is it because his rumoured girlfriend, Tavia, does not allow Him to show his figure? He immediately laughingly denied, and also clarified about him taking Tavia's eight characters to see whether their marital fate matched. He said, "I also do not know Tavia's eight characters. Treating the reports as helping promote the series. After reading it, just laughed. Also, I do not have marriage plans now. Focusing on work".

As for whether Him and Tavia are cohabiting in their Tseung Kwan O love nest, he also denied the reports: "The rumours are unfounded. I am currently at Tai Po. Very used to it [there]. Will not move. Although going to Tseung Kwan O for work is quite far and labourious, I really like living at Tai Po, so I do not have plans to move to Tseung Kwan O. Also, Tavia and I are good friends, so why would we be cohabiting?"

Personal Note: Enjoyed the series overall and satisfied with the ending! :D

Have wanted Ma Ming and Tavia to pair up for the longest time ever, but didn't think that they matched physically back then. Love them in here! They have become my favourite couple of this generation! :D

"The Hippocratic Crush" Episode 25

*Credits to wenweipo and Weibo


  1. Perfect ending! =)

  2. MM/Tavia have also become my fav couple of this generation!Great series and thank goodness...it was a good enough ending!

  3. Love the drama and the ending.