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Monday, March 19, 2012

"The Hippocratic Crush" Filming Sequel: Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma Excited


J2 Clip

Tavia Yeung: "This good news is that everyone's anticipation for a sequel...we will be filming it...very quickly".

Kenneth Ma: "Have decided to film it".

Lai Chi San: "Would it be the original cast? The same characters or what?"

Tavia Yeung: "Actually, the original cast...I think that it'll most likely be...hopefully can".

Kenneth Ma: "Should be trying for the original cast".

Tavia Yeung: "However, really don't know about the storyline yet".


The final episode of "The Hippocratic Crush" averaged 37 points, and peaked at 39 points (approximately 2,470,000 viewers). The entire series averaged 31 points (approximately 1,970,000 viewers). Chairman Norman Leung will be treating the cast and crew to dinner next Wednesday.

Kenneth Ma just found out that the original cast will be filming a sequel. Although he still does not know when filming will begin and whether the characters will be continuing on, he believes that it will still be a hospital setting.

When Kenneth was asked whether he was confident in becoming a housewife killer like Lawrence Ng's Dr. Ching Chi Mei in "Healing Hands", as well as filming a number of sequels, he said, "I am Cheung Yat Kin; there are differences to Ching Chi Mei. Hope that my girlfriend is still Yue Jai (Tavia Yeung). Believe that it would also be very enjoyable to watch us portray a couple for another 25 episodes...do not want it to be like Ching Chi Mei's girlfriends...all dying".

Personal Note: Wonder when the sequel will actually start filming, as Ma Ming is scheduled to film "Triumph in the Skies II".... Guessing that it will film at the end of the year....

Excited for the sequel...can't wait to see Ma Ming and Tavia in another modern series together! :D

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, and tavia.org


  1. kinda scared if they do because earlier there were reports about nancy wu might come in (well she was asked her opinion and she said she didn't mind) , but I bet fans will retaliate... obviously i will!

  2. @huama really?! as much as i love nancy wu as an actress, i want the original cast to stay, especially the kenneth-tavia and ben-mandy couples!!

  3. aww its so cute that ma ming still wants tav as his gf in the sequel!!! so excited too!

  4. "Hope that my girlfriend is still Yue Jai (Tavia Yeung). Believe that it would also be very enjoyable to watch us portray a couple for another 25 episodes..."

    YAY I am glad Kenneth says that because that must be what the bulk of THC fans are thinking too! :D

  5. This is one of the cases where I really hope it will be an indirect sequel. The ending to THC was very satisfying. No need to open it up and make it more complicated.

    Totally fell in love with the Kenneth and Tavia (Yat Kin & Yu Chai) so I'm quite excited to see them again! :D

    And thank you Kenneth!
    "Hope that my girlfriend is still Yue Jai (Tavia Yeung). Believe that it would also be very enjoyable to watch us portray a couple for another 25 episodes...do not want it to be like Ching Chi Mei's girlfriends...all dying".

    Thumbs up! Totally agree. Read my mind! xD

  6. I hope it's an indirect sequel as well. Otherwise, they might just kill off Tavia in the middle of the sequel and find yat kin tau another girlfriend, just like Healing Hands, where they kill off Ada choi's character in the middle of the sequel and have him hook up with yoyo mung's character.

    They should keep the tavia/kenneth and mandy/ben pairing though. Also, we can see Nathan and stay alive this time. I'm still sad about the short relationship between nathan and candy. :(

  7. Kenneth must have been a tvb fan, because I hated that about healing hands too!! If they keep the coupling, then we'll have a lot of 明怡 shows coming up!!!!! Another golden couple in the making? I want a sequel to TOT too; that was one show I thought the open ending didn't work well...

  8. I'm excited abt the sequel because it means Tavia/Kenneth might pair up again. I don't want Yue Jai to die in the sequel though...maybe an indirect sequel might be better.
    Aww...Kenneth still wants Tavia as his love interest in the sequel. Totally agree with Kenneth...definitely enjoyable to see them portray a couple again...haha...hopefully this time we get to see them kiss. AND yes, don't want Yue Jai to die !!!

  9. IMO I think that Yat Kin and Yue Jai are successful is because the roles were played by MM and Tavia. I can't think of any other actor or actress to play these roles professionally and emotionally. Credits and applause to the scriptwriters too! :)

    1. Scriptwriter Suen Ho Ho said that Ma Ming and Tavia were confirmed early on for the series. Then the characters were created according to them, which is why they were a perfect fit for the roles. :)

    2. So, it was tailor-made for them?

    3. Really?! That's even better! So the scriptwriters wanted them from the beginning? Yan guang du dao! :D

  10. This drama is very good and hopefully both Tavia and Kenneth will still be couple.

  11. Agree. Kenneth & Tavia is perfect chemistry couple. Their roles are so enotionally which requires both act compliment and be matched.