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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"The Last Steep Ascent" @ FILMART 2012

"The Last Steep Ascent" FILMART Trailer

Moses Chan & Aimee Chan on "The Green Room"

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Personal Note: The commentary in the trailer is very reminiscent of the lyrics of C AllStar's "Ladder to Heaven"!

Don't remember Moses inserting so much English before....

Moses didn't say much about his character....

Interested in the story, but still don't like the fact that Moses is being much younger than Maggie in here.


  1. Thanks for sharing these clips hyn5!

    I don't like the choice of the cast either. If Tim Gor wanted Maggie to be the female lead he should have found a younger male lead and if he wanted to use Moses he should have found an older female.

    Moses inserting more English nowadays is probably due to Aimee's influence. She still can't speak longer sentences without having to insert some English in her speech.

  2. The music from the trailer sounds like Wish and Switch's themesong.

    1. My sister also said the same thing when we first watched the clip.

  3. The commentary does sound like the lyrics to "Ladder to Heaven"! BTW it's one of my fav songs! ;)

  4. Before reading everyone's comment... I was thinking that Moses was using loads of english too. He used more than Aimee!

  5. looking forward to this drama so so much!!!
    Moses & Maggie can finally reunite after 8 years since War and Beauty!!!

  6. Tim Gor should have hired Raymond Wong to play Moses' role in this series. He looks younger than Maggie but has the same maturity as her.
    Moses is miscast.