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Friday, March 23, 2012

"Ghetto Justice II" @ FILMART 2012

"Ghetto Justice II" FILMART Trailer

Kevin Cheng & Joe Chan on "The Green Room"

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Personal Note: The producer talked for most of the interview.

Wong Si Fu's nickname in here is Law Yau (short for Law Ba's girlfriend).... o_O


  1. Law Yau = butt as well AHAHAHAHA

  2. actually Law Yau also means "luk yau yip" the fruit people usually use for shower after they get out of jail lol

  3. the best trailer among all

    1. There are still three more trailers to air! Don't be so quick to "judge"!

    2. well,just my piece of opinion..why so serious?! hahaha..anyway..idc XD

  4. 這個名字有點。。。身為女朋友都不想別人叫做屁股(羅友)!