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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Funny Conversation About Ada Choi on Weibo


Lawrence Ng: "Let's talk about some happy things. When filming 'Healing Hands', the happiest is [being] with Ada [Choi]. Don't know whether you guys know that Ada is a girl with a personality (mean). She played a doctor; however, in reality, her Cantonese pronunciation is not accurate...too many lazy sounds. Don't even have to talk about English. When hearing her say her lines, I often cannot help but laugh. She and I would fight for fun on set almost every day. In addition, Nick Cheung and Flora Chan...they are also very playful people. Those days are too unforgettable!"

Ada Choi: "Do you want to die? Also, how do you want to die?"

Raymond Cho: "Laughing to death".

Yoyo Mung: "'Fai-lo'? I also heard about the rumour...."

Anne Heung: "I also heard about 'fai-lo'! Also seemed to have heard it in person! Ha ha...."

Personal Note: The origin of the term 'fai-lo' was revealed by Bobby Au Yeung on the last episode of "Behind the Fame". While filming a scene in "Armed Reaction III", Ada recited a line with 'fai-lo' in it, but Bobby didn't know that term. When checking with the script, it was discovered that the term should actually be the English word 'file', but it was written as 「快撈」 in the script. Ada assumed that 「快撈」 was a police term, so she just went with it.

The clip of the 'fai-lo' discussion can be found here (Bobby starts talking about it around 20:25 in the first part of "Behind the Fame").

Hilarious how Yoyo and Anne also heard about the 'fai-lo' incident! :P

*Credits to Weibo


  1. Haha! It's nice that the artists still keep in touch.

    I wonder how is Anne doing after leaving the entertainment circle?

  2. I still get surprised when i see Anne Heung's reply to other artiste on weibo. any idea who she's still friends with? It's too bad I always felt her convincing villain roles ruined her career. Everyone had a bad impression of her because it. The only good lead role was the first one she had in The Legend of Lady Yang with Kwong Wa. After that it was all downhill.

    1. Always see Anne talking to Yoyo, Sonija, Ada, etc. on Weibo.

  3. LOLS!! hahaha i saw the parts with ada and lawrence...haha didnt see the ones with yoyo and anne~ haha nice to see them all still keeping in touch through the use of weibo!!

    isnt anne studying law now? or finished?

    1. Anne works for Loretta Chu's husband.

  4. lol I think it highly possible that Bobby's the one who spilled the beans regarding Ada's mistake! haha He really great friends with Yoyo and Anne and worked with them before!

  5. so funny!! love these interactions, remind me of old tvb days back in late 1990's!

  6. OMG! I love all of these artistes! :D Haha! I too believe that it's Bobby!