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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wayne Lai Flying Solo for "Rosy Business III": Myolie Wu Replacing Sheren Tang


Lee Tim Sing: "I am just using the 'Rosy Business' franchise again. The story has no relations to the previous two installments".

Apart from the male lead, other members of the main cast, including Sheren Tang, Susan Tse, Ngo Ka Nin, etc. will not be in it.

Lee Tim Sing: "For 'Rosy III', I want to write a young people's love story. This time, the scriptwriters and I want to write about a first love. Every first love is very romantic and very thrilling. I think that new inspirations can come from this. I want to use a new group: Myolie Wu, Wayne Lai, and young siu sang Edwin Siu. The three of them will develop a romantic storyline under the setting of the Great Era".

Lee Tim Sing: "Myolie is the fa dan I want the most! Actually, her acting has always been quite good, but there are some areas in which no one has pointed out to her. Once on set, her 'expending effort' becomes a little too much. In 'Rosy III', I will help her restrain a bit...if a little more implicit, acting will look a lot better".

Lee Tim Sing: "It's very difficult to book Myolie's schedule in advance. This time is our first collaboration. Hope that, in my hands, Myolie will have a different colouration. She already expressed to me that she is very willing and anticipating this time's collaboration".

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Personal Note: Milking the 'Rosy Business' franchise now.... 囧!

So much for using female newcomers....

Myolie, Wayne, and Edwin portraying a young love story?! 囧!

*Credits to nddaily


  1. Good choice lee tim sing!been waiting for myolie,Wayne and lee tim sing to collaborate! Can't wait!!!

    1. Me too, but I rather they don't call it RB3. I'm so glad it's not Christine or JJ!!

    2. Ya I rather them not callg this rb3..if they were to all this rb3 then ppl will start comparingwith the previous 2 installments..omg ya! Lucky not Christine Kuo..I can't stand that girl although she's really pretty and attractive..but CANt act

    3. Yes this is much better than having JJ or Christine Kuo. Love the cast now!

  2. What happened to him denying that it was Rosy 3? lol

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to Lee Tim Sing working with Myolie, especially since he said that he will work with her on her weaker areas. Every actor should always continue to improve. :)

    1. Looking forward for Myo's new collaboration with him too. Glad he thinks highly of Myolie and is willing to improve of her weaker areas.

  3. I thought that LTS said that this was not going to be part three? Is he eating his words or did he forgot what he said before?!

    I don't know about this because I've always felt that Sheren was the real soul of RB and NR.

  4. Sheren was the reason I watched RB. Not really fond of Myolie and Edwin so I'll skip this. Guess TVB's just going drag the franchise to the ground.

  5. "Myolie, Wayne, and Edwin portraying a young love story?! 囧!"

    My first reaction as well. First love.. young people? Eh what?

  6. This is so confusing! Didn't LTS deny plans for RB3 just recently? I wonder what this round of rumours is going to lead to now...

    And surely LTS can't be so blinded as to not realise that Sheren was the heart of the RB franchise? If there's no Sheren, they shouldn't call it "Rosy Business 3". Just give it a new title, sigh.

    1. Yes i agree with u, it's Sheren that was mesmerizing in RB. Myolie acting is okay, it does nothing for me, don't know why she won best actress last yr. Well good luck to LTS and Myolie.

  7. I'm so pleased to hear about Lee Tim Sing's kind words for Myolie and really hope he can help take her acting to a whole other level!

  8. These people are not young especially Wayne