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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Three Kingdoms RPG" Celebration Dinner


J2 Clip

"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip


Making Money Is More Important for Kenneth Ma Than Competing for Awards

Last night, artiste Kenneth Ma attended the celebration dinner for the TV series "Three Kingdoms RPG", which was treated by TVB Chairman Norman Leung. As for it being 'one vote per person' to choose this year's TV king, would he be confident in winning an award? He said, "A normal heart! (Not enthusiatic about awards?) More enthusiastic toward making money! (Would you be pushing for votes?) Will not! Looks disgusting".

Raymond Lam: Viewers Voting for TV King Increases Ratings

Last night, artiste Raymond Lam attended the celebration dinner for the TV series "Three Kingdoms RPG", but he showed up 45 minutes late. He explained that he was late because of rushing to film a movie, even hurting his left index finger when showering. TVB will be having 'one vote per person' to choose this year's TV king. Would he, who has many fans, have even more confidence in winning an award? He said, "Confidence would be slightly higher. Also, this system is quite good...can attract more attention from viewers. If there are more viewers, then the ratings would naturally be high".

Personal Note: Never heard of any rumours about "Three" having a sequel.... o_O

When asked about whether Ma Ming and Tavia had ideas for future collaborations, funny how Ma Ming said that he just wants to pair up with Tavia! :)

Ha ha.... The J2 commentary mentioned that Ma Ming is some industry people's choice for TV king for his performance in "Three", but it's obvious that Ma Ming would be running for TV king with Cheung Yat Kin...even Linda Chung and Bosco Wong mentioned "The Hippocratic Crush"! :P

Raymond is frequently late; however, this time, he hurt his finger while rushing to the dinner, and it looks quite painful.

*Credits to kennethma.org, the-sun, and Weibo


  1. can't blame ray due to his busy schedule!

  2. Aww! So cute how Tavia was nudging MM! :)