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- "The Forgotten Valley" Opening Theme Video
- "Come with Me" Week 5: averaged 18.3 points.
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- "My Ages Apart" Week 9: averaged 26.1 points, peaked at 27.5 points.
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Clip from "Divas in Distress" Episode 5

After getting pranked by Seung Ying Hung, Miu Sing Hor takes care of her husband and does the household chores.

Personal Note: Such a hilarious scene! Miu Jeh was so rough on her husband even when he was not feeling well, and it was so funny watching her do the chores! :P

"Divas in Distress" Episode 5

"Divas in Distress" Episode 6

"Divas in Distress" Episode 7

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"Divas in Distress" Episode 9

"Divas in Distress" Episode 10a

"Divas in Distress" Episode 10b

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