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Monday, September 24, 2012

"Divas in Distress" Finale Dinner


"Scoop" Clip


Chin Ka Lok Happy to See High Ratings: Laughs at Producer for Being Daring

Chin Ka Lok and a group of artistes watched the finale of "Divas of Distress" while eating hot pot. Chin Ka Lok said that the series is very popular...expressed being excited to see a group of colleagues constantly working hard. He laughingly said that the producer is very daring, unexpectedly using him as the male lead. However, [he] also did not forget to praise Ku Ming Wah's outstanding performance, and also thought that Mimi Chu and Chung King Fai's relationship was very touching.

FYI: The final two episodes of "Divas of Distress" averaged 33 points, and peaked at 36 points.

Personal Note: Ha ha.... Out of everyone who could have gotten a champagne shower, it had to be the producer! :P Funny how Ku Ming Wah was still holding the cork when he was clarifying that he was not responsible for popping the cork! :D

Chin Ka Lok was already the lead in "A Bride for a Ride", so don't consider it daring for Poon Ka Tak to use him again. Liked his performance in here, as there were more layers to Chong Ka Long. :)

Ha ha.... Eliza only knew the first few words of the theme song of "The Return of the Condor Heroes"! :P

Overall, I enjoyed the series, but don't consider it to be a great series. Didn't like how the series was supposed to be about Chin Ka Lok being caught in between his mother and mother-in-law, as it only happened in the first few episodes. There were some sweet parts in Him and Mandy's storyline, but it was draggy and unrealistic. Also didn't like the ending, where the end of the world theory was brought up out of nowhere. However, liked the series for some of its standout characters.

"Divas in Distress" Episode 21a

"Divas in Distress" Episode 21b

"Divas in Distress" Episode 22a

"Divas in Distress" Episode 22b

 *Credits to ihktv and headlinedaily


  1. i have to agree with what mandy said, it's rare that every sub plot/relationship gets the same amount of screen time and development, even though i personally was most interested in Mandy and Him, the other plots like Heung Heung, So Gei, and Mimi all had equal character and plot development...quite rare actually!

    1. To Rachel:

      There were some sweet parts in Him and Mandy's storyline, but I actually liked their storyline the least, as it was too draggy and unrealistic.