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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

《巨輪》 "Big Wheel" Costume Fitting Pictures


"Scoop" Clip


TVB8 Clip


- 30-episode grand production.
- There will be location filming in Macau for a month.
- The storyline will be about the changes in Hong Kong and Macau from 1980 to 2013.
- The series will touch on important historical incidents (e.g., 1980 Hong Kong Touch Base Policy, 1982 Macau Relaxation of Restrictions on Immigration, 1991 Hong Kong Goldsmiths Shops Robbery, 1997 Hong Kong Handover, 1998 Hong Kong Financial Crisis, 1999 Macau Triads in Power, 1999 Macau Handover, 2003 Hong Kong SARS, 2008 Hong Kong Financial Tsunami).
- The series hopes to bring out a type of faith: as long as there is a dream and the insistence of not giving up, even if there are setbacks, every cloud would still have a silver lining.
- The story is about two brothers (from the same mother, but a different father). In 1980, they illegally immigrated from Foshan to Hong Kong. During this, they lost contact with each other. The elder brother went to Hong Kong by himself, while the younger brother and the mother went to Macau. The two brothers each developed their careers in the two different places. After going through 20 years of different incidents in Hong Kong and Macau, an unpredictable turn of events appears in the two brothers' fate.
- The story will be about Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu's brotherhood. The two will go from 20 years old to 50 years old.
- Ruco will play Kiu Tin Sang (喬天生). He works hard, exerts himself, is ambitious, and is both good and evil. He hopes to achieve status and money. He was born in Hong Kong, but was brought to Foshan by his mother. His biological father refuses to recognize him. He works hard and relies on himself to get into university, becoming a cop after graduation. In order to get a higher position, he only looks for a fast return. In order to help his girlfriend (played by Linda Chung) achieve her dream of opening a shop, he socializes with upper-class people to get investment information. In order to achieve his goal, he has a relationship with another woman, doing many things that Linda cannot accept. He is a police officer in the beginning. He will have a romantic storyline with Linda and Ankie Beilke.
- Edwin will play Law Wai Sun (羅威信), a Macanese person who is actively pursuing his peanut candy business. He has a pure personality. He is insistent toward his ideals and persistent toward his goals. He is obsessed with making peanut candy, going from a cart business to opening a shop. He sees Linda as his ideal mate, silently being her guardian angel. He, Kristal, and Louis Yuen are neighbours in Macau, the three of them developing a subtle relationship. With Kristal's help, his business becomes better and better, becoming the target of those in the same industry. With his skills, he gains everyone's appreciation, constantly expanding his career. Since he grew up in Macau, he looks more old-fashioned. He is Ruco's younger brother.
- Linda will play Rachel Cheuk Ching (卓靜), a girl who returned from Canada. She is a fashion designer. She has ideals and goals. She hopes to create her own brand. She and Ruco love each other. She will go from 22 years old to 42 years old.
- Kristal will play Yiu Man Ying (姚文英). Her actions are crude. Because of work, she and Edwin develop a different relationship; however, after breaking up, she accepts Louis Yuen's pursuit and marriage proposal.
- Louis Yuen will play Lung Fei (龍飛). He likes Kristal. Kristal's immersion and what she puts into Edwin's business bothers him, causing problems in their relationship.
- Louise Lee will play Chow Yuk Mui (周玉梅), the mother of Ruco and Edwin. After having a child with Lee Kwok Lun, he was not willing to marry her. Out of anger, she brought her son with her to reside in Mainland, and ripped up her son's birth certificate. Afterward, she and her second son reside in Macau.
- Lee Kwok Lun will play Kiu Sam (喬森), a cop. He and Louise Lee had a child before marriage, but was not willing to marry her. Afterward, Ruco illegally immigrates to Hong Kong to recognize his biological father, but he does not want to publicly reveal their father-son relationship.
- Susan Tse will play a wealthy businessman's third wife who is out favour. For family honour, she does not let her two daughters (played by Linda and Leanne Li) work.
- Leanne will play Cheuk Ning (卓寧), Linda's elder sister.
- Ankie will play Fa Bei O (花比奧), a Macanese Chinese. She is a domineering hotel CEO. She and Linda are good friends, but she wants to snatch Linda's boyfriend, Ruco. She is Linda's romantic rival.
- Becky Lee will play a cop. She and Ruco grew up in the academy together. She will do taekwondo.
- Ho Yuen Tung will play Yiu Ho Nam (姚浩男), Kristal's younger brother.
- Chun Wong will play Yiu Hang (姚亨), Kristal's father.
- Louis Cheung will play Keung Yung (姜勇), a gangster. On the surface, he is at odds with Ruco. He later causes Ruco to go to prison.
- Raymond Chiu will play Yiu Ho Tin (姚浩天), Ho Yuen Tung's older cousin.
- Gregory Lee will play a CID in the '90s.
- Lisa Lau will play a student in the '90s.
- Derek Wong will play a legal assistant.
- Brian Chu will play the 18-year-old version of Ruco's character.
- Lawrence Ng will play the younger version of Edwin's character.

Blessing Ceremony @ "Scoop" Clip (101712)

Blessing Ceremony @ J2 Clip (101712)

Visit @ TVB8 Clip (112012)

Visit @ TVBE Clip (112212)

Completion Banquet @ TVBE Clip

Completion Banquet @ TVB8 Clip

Completion Banquet @ "Scoop" Clip (020813)

Visit @ "Scoop" Clip (092013)

FYI: The official English title of this series is "Brother's Keeper".

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Personal Note: Everyone definitely looks early '90s! Linda looks like Vivian Chow and Linda Wong from the '90s! :P

Can see that Ruco has a pager...can't wait to see the 'water bottle' cell phones! :P

Like Kristal's look...her wig fits her, and she looks much younger in it.

Louise's look resembles my mom--whether it's the hair, the glasses, or the clothes! :P

Before Moses Chan was pulled out of the series, he was supposed to play Ruco's elder brother. The original storyline doesn't seem to have changed, as it seems that Edwin will be playing Ruco's original role, while Ruco will be taking over Moses' role.

Filming will begin in mid-October.

*Credits to ihktv, the-sun, mingpao, and Weibo


  1. awww the costumes and hairstyles bring back good memories of the 90s!!! hehehe :) can't wait for this!

  2. excited about the cast! also think linda really suits the look of her character

  3. ;( I would've much preferred Ruco to play the role of the younger brother but oh well.

  4. Ruco looks so much like Andy Lau!

    1. I feel Ruco looks more like Alex To especially when he was younger! Ruco look Ruco's appearance is like a combination of Alex To x Andy Lau(the jaw)