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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lawrence Ng Filming Series for TVB: Not About Money



When Lawrence Ng went to watch a stage drama, he revealed that he would be taking part in the sequel of the TVB series "The Hippocratic Crush": "Filming next year in February. Successfully discussed it when bumping into [Virginia] Lok at Eric Tsang's birthday. (Conditions?) Okay! But not for money. Doing it for TVB...also have benefits for myself". Who is the female partner? He expressed that it has not been finalized yet, but would be a female star whom he has collaborated with before. As for whether it was Ada Choi, he said, "She is very busy. Hope that there's a chance in the future!" He also revealed that he has discussed the matter of filming series with CTI; however, cannot appear on other television stations for a year after filming series for TVB, laughing at himself for not being a productive artiste, so it doesn't affect him.

Lawrence Ng's Partner in New Series Is a Heavyweight

Last night, artistes Lawrence Ng and Patrick Tang attended the final showing of the musical 《風之后》. Lawrence expressed that he specially went to support Wylie Chiu, and also revealed that he would be taking part in the sequel of "The Hippocratic Crush" next year in February: "Earlier, at Eric Tsang's birthday party, when bumped into Virginia Lok, so successfully discussed it. The sequel will have the original crew, but keeping the female lead a secret first. She collaborated with me before, also a heavyweight, and did not get married yet".

Lawrence Ng Has No Fate Collaborating with Ada Choi in New Series

Lawrence Ng watched the stage drama 《風之后》. He revealed that he would be taking part in the new series "The Hippocratic Crush II" next year. Ada Choi does not have time in her schedule to take part...no fate collaborating again. The company is currently planning to look for a heavyweight actress, but still not confirmed yet...only know that she had collaborated with him before.

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Personal Note: Unmarried, heavyweight female artiste who collaborated with Lawrence before....

Would love for Lawrence to pair with Ada; however, as long as he doesn't interfere with Yat Kin Tau and Yue Jai, doesn't matter whom he pairs with.

*Credits to the-sun, orientaldaily, and headlinedaily


  1. female lead?? Does that mean he is going to be the male lead of the series instead of Kenneth?? That's just screwed up man. I agree..as long as he doesnt interfere in Yu Jai and Yut Kin, but it wouldnt be THC2 if Tavia and Kenneth aren't the lead no more...without Lawrence, I think Tavia and Kenneth can carry a THC2 as leads just as fine.

  2. hmm a "heavy-weight" that collaborated with Lawrence before...could it be Charmaine Sheh?
    Wow if so then Charmaine and Tavia will be in same series again. But then Charmaine might be a bit too heavy weight since I think TVB wants to keep Tavia as female lead. Wonder who it is.

  3. Oddly it does sound like Charmaine the first time I read it... her schedule may fit and she is set to film another series since she still has the per series contract on her. Wouldn't that just ruin the series like how Kevin and Charmaine were inserted into FHII and it wasn't the same. Anyways not quite sure about Lawrence's track record of female co-stars but I would suppose most of them are married already. Perhaps Yoyo Mung? She's not married yet...Or her could be just throwing us off completely.

  4. Take a note, Jessica and Lawrence filmed together in the Mainland series, 电视剧新都市人 last year and I really hope they could work together in TVB series.

    1. To Alec Nguyen:

      Lawrence and Jessica also collaborated in 1996's "Outburst".

  5. It's interesting that the first series was used to promote some younger actors, but then they add 2 "heavyweights" to the sequel even though it's not needed.

    My guess would be Charmaine since she's not married and is already planning to film another tvb series anyways.

  6. I agree! Stay away from Fish head!

    Can either Maggie Shiu or Joyce Tang be in On Call 2?

    1. i think heavyweights good acting not married and only film with lawrence in 1985 once hit tvb series , it is tvb earlie 80/90 best actress star KATHY CHOW ,HOI MEI FROM TORONTO NICK SUPPORT HOIMEI