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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Eliza Sam: The Busier, the Happier


Apple Daily Clip


Yesterday, Eliza Sam, who has had a rise in popularity, attended a mall event. The organizer arranged for a Mainland tourist group to look around, also arranging the tourist members to take pictures with her; she pitifully became a human backdrop. Eliza laughingly said that she has been working constantly recently, but happily busy. "I haven't calculated how much money I have made. If I were to calculate, then there would be no time to sleep". It's no wonder that she, who has been rushing to film "Triumph in the Skies II", filmed overnight and only slept for an hour before attending an event, but still energetic.

Plays Mimi Chu's Younger Version in New Series

When mentioning that "Divas in Distress" had its finale last night, Eliza frankly said that she is not willing to part: "When filming, only attended to my own dialogue and scenes. Re-watching the scene in which So Kei and his father recognize each other now, very touching". When mentioning that she and Mimi Chu, who plays her mother, have a great resemblance to each other, Eliza happily said, "In the series, Mimi, Ku Ming Wah, and I are a family. When chatting with Ku Ming Wah once, realized that we also have a round face". In the new series "Cousin, You Are Good", Eliza plays Mimi's younger version: "One day, in the makeup room, Mimi and I were looking at some younger pictures of her. I gave her some prop pictures to look at, and she immediately laughed at me as being a duplicate".

Would she buy a present to award herself for her popularity? Eliza humbly said, "I still have a lot of room for improvement. Sometimes afraid of reading the dialogue too quickly, and also afraid of going off-key. Must work hard for another two to three years...then be satisfied".

Personal Note: Sad that "Divas" has come to an end.

Ha ha.... Also thought that Mimi and Eliza look like each other! :)

*Credits to mingpao

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