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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eliza Sam Praises Christine Kuo's Fairy-like Beauty



ontv Clip



'Princess Heung Heung' Eliza Sam did a catwalk for a fashion show. Christine Kuo, who has been used by the public as a comparison recently, was also at the event. Eliza said that she does not mind being compared...thinks that work is currently going well, so must cherish it. When taking a picture together, she did not remove her overcoat. Doe she think that she is not sexy enough? She said, "I don't think that I'm sexy. Even if wearing a bikini, it's because of the plot. (Think that figure is not good enough?) It's not bad, but think that t-shirt and jeans are even sexier!" Does she think that Christine is sexy? She sees her as a goddess, even praising her fairy-like beauty.

Christine Kuo Humbly Says That She Must Learn from Eliza Sam

Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam both did a catwalk for a fashion show. When taking a picture together, [Christine] suddenly removed her overcoat...seemed to be stealing the limelight. Regarding Eliza praising her as being beautiful like a fairy, she also praised her back: "She is also. She is very sweet. (Do you mind the public comparing the two of you?) I don't mind. If there's comparison, then there's improvement. I'll do my best with a normal heart. (Netizens say that Eliza is better than you?) Well, the majority thinks that it is so...she probably is really better than I am, so I must learn her good points". She, who is tall, even thinks that she is not tall enough!

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Personal Note: He he.... Christine finally admitted that Eliza is 'better'. :P However, from the clip, can tell that Christine's speech has improved.

In Ming Pao's report, Christine said that the organizer arranged for the models, including herself and Eliza, to remove their overcoats to show off their one-piece dress inside when taking pictures, but there may have been miscommunication, so not everyone removed her overcoat.

*Credits to the-sun and gztv


  1. In every article that I read about the two, they are always reportedly praising one another lol. It's good to hear them complimenting each other (and obviously they have no choice but to praise in front of reporters) but doing it too much kind of comes off as fake imo.

    They both seem like friendly artists' nevertheless.

  2. I agree with Eliza's comment..Christine's appearance does pull off a fairytale-like beauty (im guessing when she said fairy-like she meant fairytale..)

    1. Eliza said that Christine looks like a fairy (仙女, which is basically a goddess). Don't think she meant fairy tale at all (fairy tale = 童話).

  3. Eliza may not be as pretty as Christine, but Eliza is indeed very cute!