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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clips from "Divas in Distress" Episode 17

So Kei and Lo Yuk Fan meet and fall in love.

Chong Ka Long and Heung Nai Hing catch a lecher posing as a lifeguard.

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Personal Note: So Kei and Lo Lo's bickering reminded me of Leslie Cheung and Teresa Mo in "All's Well End's Well". :P

They way that Otto Chan said "Maybe you don't believe it, but me, too" was quite funny! :P

"Divas in Distress" Episode 17a

"Divas in Distress" Episode 17b

"Divas in Distress" Episode 18a

"Divas in Distress" Episode 18b

"Divas in Distress" Episode 19a

"Divas in Distress" Episode 19b

"Divas in Distress" Episode 20a

"Divas in Distress" Episode 20b

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