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Monday, September 3, 2012

Joey Meng Kisses Roger Kwok: No Need to Report to Husband



Joey Meng and Roger Kwok were in the TVB City church filming "Cousin, You Are Good". The two filmed three kiss scenes consecutively. When talking to Joey about it being difficult to escape kissing, she laughingly said, "A piece of cake! (No need to report to your husband?) No need to. Marriage is once in a lifetime. It makes sense to kiss". Then Roger said, "It's just dessert!"

Louis Cheung: "@IvanaWong @JoeyMeng Two beauties...all-nighter for over 20 hours...still this beautiful! Admire! Admire!"

Joey Meng: "Incredible! Close to filming without sleep or rest for over a week. Not only know how to smile, but smiling this brightly. Indeed 'Cousin, You Are Good'! [praise][mighty][surrounding][applause][fireworks]"


Joey Meng: "Back then, only knew that he sings well. After collaborating, then found out that he is also a dubbing, dancing, and comedic expert. Every appearance would make everyone explode into laughter. Louis, we love you to death! [haha][haha][haha][drool][make a face] @LouisCheung"

Louis Cheung: "I am also lucky to collaborate with you [love you]! Heroine, thank you for not capturing a monster like me [make a face][secretly laugh]".

Personal Note: Roger looks very tired, and he seems much thinner than when he and Joey were filming at Disneyland.

Ivana and Joey look very cute! :)

He he.... Louis making reference to Ma Siu Ling! :P

*Credits to headlinedaily, the-sun, mingpao, and Weibo


  1. Hehe! I saw Louis post that gif in Weibo! Ivana and Joey are very cute!

    Ooo, Joey gets to show her legs off in that wedding dress! :)

    1. To Guru:

      Ha ha.... I didn't even notice that it was a wedding dress that shows the legs. The skirt actually resembles her wedding dress in "Vampire III".

  2. 嘩! 蚊蚊好靚呀!