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Monday, September 3, 2012

Bosco Wong Does Not Mind Playing a Couple with Myolie Wu


J2 Clip


Bosco Wong, who has obviously lost weight, returned to Hong Kong after completing a [Mainland] series in Kagoshima, immediately returning to TVB City for a costume tryout for the new series "A Good Heart Goes Haywire". Bosco said that, as of now, he will focus on work, but does not mind collaborating with Myolie Wu in series to play a couple. When asked whether he would feel awkward if they were to encounter one another in TVB City, he said, "Would not look the other way. We're friends. Would also greet each other".

As for the 'one vote per person' to chose the TV king and TV queen, Bosco also expressed approval...thinks that everyone is not only able to take part, but can also know audiences' real choice. He also said that, last time (the Miss Hong Kong Pageant) was only an accident...no one wanted it to happen. This year, the ratings of Bosco's starring series "Witness Insecurity" were ideal..has a chance in running for TV king; however, he said, "I actually feel that Kenneth Ma is the favourite because he did well in 'The Hippocratic Crush', and it also had good ratings". Bosco said that he knows that, as of now, Kenneth is the highest in public opinion; he also supports him, but also has confidence in himself.

Personal Note: Bosco has lost so much weight! His frame is so small, which makes his head look big. Also, hope that that's not his costume for "Heart".

Ma Ming is currently the highest in public opinion? Bosco must have read yesterday's Sing Tao article (馬國明挾民意有力問鼎視帝), which mentioned him being a contender for 'TV King'.

*Credits to headlinedaily, ihktv, wenweipo, appledaily, and the-sun


  1. I also vote for MM! :D

    You're right, hyn5! Bosco looks very thin!

  2. Glad he knows where he belongs and that ma ming is the fantastic audience choice. I vote ma ming!