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Thursday, September 20, 2012

tvb.com Interviews with Ku Ming Wah

Ku Ming Wah: So Kei Is a Part of Me

Ku Ming Wah: Hid for Two Years, Not Giving Up Again

Ku Ming Wah: Grateful for Support from All Walks of Life

Ku Ming Wah: Family and Career Are Indispensable

Personal Note: Ku Ming Wah stopped acting after "Gun Metal Grey" and became a dubbing artist. Ku Ming Wah mentioned in an article that Poon Ka Tak could not find a suitable actor to play So Kei in "Divas in Distress", and someone had questioned Poon's decision to cast him for the role. Ha ha.... Ku Ming Wah definitely proved that person wrong! :P

Supporting Ku Ming Wah to win 'Best Supporting Actor'! :)

*Credits to tvb.com


  1. ahhh i really hope he can win this year!!! especially since he's well liked by netizens and this year it's the one person one vote!!! ee!! :) totally supporting him!!

  2. I also support Kei Kei to win BSA! I hope that he will continue to act besides doing VO work. :)

    Producer Poon sure knows how to use green leaves and newcomers! He had a newcomer cast in "Eternal Happiness" and he had S4 in TITS 2003. Him and Mandy are his regular artistes and now he has introduced us to Heung Heung. Am I missing anyone else?

    1. To Guru:

      Flora only acted in "File of Justice V", and she was already leading in her second series, Poon Ka Tak's "Untraceable Evidence".

  3. I can saw that many times TVB's behind the scenes people are wrong! Just like how Elena Kwon's Angela Auntie got so popular, yet during filming the director criticized and said her half English will only gain her maid fans.

    This this Koo Ming Wah once again proved certain behind the scenes people wrong. And I'm glad the producer Poon Ka Tak believed in him!

    When such wrong assumptions happening more than once it's no wonder why TVB can't see talent even if it stares them in the face!

    I hope Koo Ming Wah gets Best Supporting and Matt Yeung or Oscar Leung gets Most Improved!

    1. To sport3888:

      Oh, I never heard about Elena being criticized during the filming process for using English. Angela Auntie definitely stood out!