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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eliza Sam Labels Christine Kuo as True Goddess



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Apple Daily Clip

Apple Daily Clip


New generation 'Homebody Guy Goddess' Eliza Sam appeared at a shoe show. With regard to being labelled as a goddess, she thanked everyone for their support. As for appearing with predecessor goddess Christine Kuo, would she feel that she has replaced Christine's goddess position? She flatteringly said, "I'm not a homebody guy, but I also think that she is a goddess!" [She] emphasized many times that she would not compare herself to Christine...would only compare with herself.

In addition, she has been recently rumoured with Chin Ka Lok. Did it anger Angela Tong? Eliza immediately had a big reaction, explaining that it's fake! [She] also revealed that Angela called her previously, telling her not to worry, which moved her.

Christine Kuo Sees Eliza Sam as Simple Western Girl


'Homebody Guy Goddess' Christine Kuo appeared at a fashion show in a back-revealing outfit with the new 'Homebody Guy Goddess' Eliza Sam. When asked whether they were competitors, she emphasized that they are good friends...happy for her that she has this new nickname. Does not think that she has been replaced by her, laughingly saying that she has her own position, and emphasizing that both of their personalities and styles are different...not competitors. As for it being said that Eliza's Cantonese is better than hers, she immediately said, "Don't think that hers is better than mine. Both of us are Western girls...about the same".

Christine was not willing to say her winning points, but thought of some special points that the other has in which she does not: "She really likes to smile. Much more simple. (You're complicated?) Ha ha.... I've lived in Hong Kong this long".

Personal Note: Ha ha.... It's obvious that Eliza's Cantonese is better! :P

*Credits to the-sun, mingpao, and appledaily


  1. Eliza is very cute when she speaks! I'm sorry Miss 9 but Eliza's Cantonese is much more fluent and is like miles ahead of yours!

  2. Wow...Christine really doesn't understand the concept of modesty. If it were anyone else, they'd probably say, "Yes, Eliza's Cantonese is quite good. I definitely have a lot more room for improvement."

  3. Haha! Eliza's answer sounded more genuine. I think 我有小小鍾意咗佢! :D And I really like watching her storyline with Chin Ka Lok in DID!