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Monday, September 24, 2012

Louis Cheung Looks for Ivana Wong to Film Sad MV



Louis Cheung's new song in his new album, "Flower of Life", was able to invite good friend Ivana Wong as the female lead of the MV. Because the two debuted at the same time, they became friends. When meeting, love to laugh and play around, but also no difficulty for the two to film sad scenes...already 'into the scene' once on set. When filming crying scenes, Ivana even did it in one take, causing the workers on set to be emotionally moved...giving a thunderous applause at the same time. To film Louis' MV, Ivana specially used her resting time during series filming to rush back from Mainland; after completing the MV, [she] immediately rushed back to Mainland to continue filming series, causing Louis to be extremely touched.

"Flower of Life" - Louis Cheung

生命之花 - 張繼聰

作曲: 張繼聰
填詞: 小克siuhak
編曲: Goro@Zarahn
監製: 李智勝/張繼聰/Goro@Zarahn

風雨搖 高峰陡峭
兩顆心 冷漠呼呼風叫囂

雲動了多少 分與秒
垂頭淚雨跌落山崗一瞬 花 開 了

*這朵鮮花 順時逆轉 逆時順轉 花蕊也是圓
六瓣相接間貫穿 便重疊永遠
這朵心花 順延未斷 蔓延情亂 接通萬世緣
緣盡愛未完 一刻的心軟

轉世橋 虛空飄緲
兩思憶 燙熱呼呼風裡燒

萌動了多少 歡與笑
抬頭淚眼覺悟甦醒一瞬 花 開 了

Repeat *

靜謐等待 禮待 傷害
唯美泛香堪採 過千載 回頭是最愛
無望金色的分割 還望素雅裡默哀

這朵鮮花 順時份轉 逆時代轉 一切也是圓
白晝昏暗間貫穿 便重聚繾綣
這朵心花 脈輪運算 麥田鳴願 接通萬世戀
緣盡也自圓 一刻的心暖
圓盡也是圓 一點的深遠

Personal Note: The song is quite nice...really like the melody's Chinese element! :) Also, quite like Louis' vocals.

Ivana's one take...good! :)

*Credits to the-sun and goldtyphoonmusichk


  1. Louis is a talented singer-songwriter. The only thing not in favor of him is his bad skin.

    1. To sport3888:

      Can tell that Louis' skin has improved from when he debuted as a singer.

  2. This is a very nice song. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this song. Can you please translate the lyrics to English for me? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

  4. Yes, please do an English translation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!