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Thursday, June 30, 2011

"The Other Truth" Promotional Event 2


"Scoop" Clip

TVB8 Clip

For the first three episodes of "The Other Truth", the ratings peaked at 32 points.

Personal Note: Surprised that they mentioned that Ruco was a singer after he debuted in the industry (especially since the topic of singing was not discussed during the interview)...thought that they would mention that he was from TVB's Acting Class instead....

He he.... The host also wondered if Ruco would become 'the second Raymond Wong'.... ;)

There was most likely a mistake in the TVBE commentary, as the 'bouncing' gag sounds like something that Louis Yuen would say rather than Wayne Lai.... o_O

Not a fan of what Aimee wore at this promo event.... 囧!

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*Credits to tavia.org and taviayeung.com


  1. Tata is very playful! She most definitely the best female co-star!

  2. HYN5 I was also confused I wonder if the reporter mixed up the name. You sure it was Wayne Lai Yiu Choeng not Louis Yuen Siu Choeng? O.o Anyway if it's Wayne I'm really surprised.

  3. The video from ENews reported it to be Wayne Lai whereas the video from Scoop reported it to be Louis Yuen. I think it should be Louis Yuen since he is also acting in The Truth.

  4. To sport3888:

    Doubt that it was Wayne who said the 'bouncing' gag comment. In the TVBE commentary, they probably just made the assumption, since Louis and Wayne have the same nickname 'Cheung Jai'.

  5. awww don't understand mandarin... can someone do a translation about the Ruco and Tavia part for the TVB8 clip pls pls pls??!!! =D

  6. lol in that TVB8 - what the hell was Tavia thinking/doing when she suddenly grabbed Raymond's lips and pegging it??? Fully scared him!!! hahaha