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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Wax and Wane" Full MV

"Reunion" - Ron Ng

團圓 《團圓》 主題曲 - 吳卓羲

作曲: David Kong
填詞: 張美賢
編曲: Fergus Chow
監製: 鄧智偉

我說過 明晨風雨或天晴
伴你走 追索幸福這路徑
雖不固定 沿路欣賞優美風景
我與你 從前相約無憑證
鏗鏘歡笑與夜星 拼貼最好光景

前行什麼的試煉 讓滄海變做桑田
任世間驟變 我的將來已留位置 跟你說舊年
成全未改的志願 曾離別過相信可團圓
無論心底的理想 有多遠

我聽說 難求一切是公平
不信命 仍是真心等你給反應
我見過 前頭懸崖和絕嶺
便成熟了 交出了真誠 擦亮眼睛

前行什麼的試煉 讓滄海變做桑田
任世間驟變 我的將來已留位置 跟你話當年
成全未改的志願 曾離別過相信可團圓
留在心底的理想 誰也未變

前行什麼的試煉 讓滄海變做桑田
任世間驟變 我的將來已留位置 跟你話當年
成全未改的志願 曾離別過相信可團圓
來讓心底的理想 實現 到哪地哪天
只知道 熱燙的心仍未變

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Personal Note: Surprised that there were rearrangements done at the ending of the song, as TVB's compositions tend to repeat.


  1. Ron looks so handsome in the video.

  2. He looks very mature now, he's a grown man.

  3. A very good song and MV but Ron ruined the song. He can't sing.

  4. Ron is so cute with Kate <3

  5. Ron Ng cant sing.

    Eason can sing this theme song better.

  6. love the background, RoKa is so sweet :x
    Ron sings not the best, but it's ok.

  7. This song doesn't have intensity, it doesn't fit the drama.

  8. I also agree the song feels more like a subsong and yes Ron still can't sing ><" The one for Rosy Business fit well cause of Chai Gau and 4th Mistress's love for each other as main characters. The main characters here are more between Roger and Sunny and conflict between two familys so it doesn't make sense.

  9. Theme song is way too similar to Triumph's...

    Just started watching this drama and it's not bad. It's corny, cliche, and nothing we haven't seen before, but still very entertaining and enjoyable nonetheless. Roger Kwok's character is very attractive! Toby Leung and Florence Kwok's characters make me smile :) Him Law is also a cutie. x)

  10. I really like the starting piano melody...

  11. i thought that Kate Tsui was singing the sub...wonder when would that come out

  12. To Addy:

    Don't find this song similar to the theme of "Triumph" whether in melody or arrangement. There's just a utilization of the piano in both songs.

    To Eva:

    Kate does sing the sub song. It will most likely be played later on.

  13. maybe it just me but I think Ron has improved it's much better then his previous ones and I do think coming from him he did his best cause still in my opinion he's more of an actor rather then a singer. If you have someone who is a singer to sing this, of course it's gonna be hella good, heck they're singer but coming from someone in my opinion whose rather an actor not more of a singer, it's not bad.

  14. I disagree hyn5, the beginning of this song is so much like the "Triumph In The Skies", the rest of the song is like American slow country song....

    The TVB theme version cut really sucks as you can hear Ron singing is weak. Ron still sucks at singing...

    Ron and Kate, they have common theme; They suck at singing! TVB stop giving these theme songs to TVB actors/actress who can not sing!