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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ron Ng Shows Skills: Climbs Bridge in Pursuit of Ruco Chan



"Scoop" Clip

Apple Daily Clip


The day before, Ron Ng and Ruco Chan were doing location filming in Shing Mun River for the new series "ATF Counter-terrorism". Eddie Kwan, Lee Ka Sing, etc. were also present. The storyline arranged for Ruco, who plays an undercover, to hold a bag of explosives while avoiding the police's pursuit. During this, he encountered Ron, who was off duty, and Ron joined the pursuit. The two of them climbed a bridge, and there was also an explosive scene. The scene was thrilling and exciting.

Personally Experiences Everything Without Body Double

During filming, Ron personally experienced everything and had no body double. While climbing up and down the bridge, citizens were worried for him. Ron expressed that he was filming with wires, and had taken safety measures, so he personally experienced everything; however, he scraped his arm. Originally, the director arranged for him to rehearse as a warm-up, but Ron suggested to film it in one take because he was already tired from running during the previous pursuit scenes, where there were five or six NGs.

Jumping into River Scene Cancelled

In this scene, Ruco was required to climb a bridge. There was also an explosive scene and a jumping into the river scene; however, because the water level of the Shing Mun River during filming was rather low, the jumping into the river scene was cancelled to prevent the occurrence of an accident. The only thing that they can do is re-shoot this scene.

Personal Note: Not surprised that Ron did it in one take, as he has done many action scenes in previous series.... :)

Glad that Ruco does not have facial hair for his undercover look.... :P

*Credits to mingpao, the-sun, and appledaily


  1. I'm glad that you translate this article. It seems you are liking Ruco and Ron. Haha!! Looking forward to this series anyway!

  2. here's the clip of the filming!

    explosion scene quite scary. Ruco should've wear ear plugs, I was wondering what would've happen if that bag exploded closer ><" Especially after that Selena incident... Glad they took precautions and didn't allow Ruco to jump. I'm confused was the water level low or was it the water temperature low? Low water level as in not enough water sounds more dangerous ><"

  3. Ruco Chan's quite flexible and athletic.

  4. To Anonymous:

    Have always liked them. :)

    To sport3888:

    What Selena incident are you referring to?

    The water level was lower than usual.

  5. Ron and Ruco are like Spider-Man doing those wire scenes!